News: FPV.Skydive is available on Mobile (Android/iOS)

by Oscar
Fpv.skydive Android Ios Simulator Construction Site

Orqa released a mobile version of my favourite free FPV simulator – FPV.Skydive on Android and iOS! It might not have as much content as the Steam version, but it’s really convenient as it means you can play it on your smartphone and practice flying everywhere you go!

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Using your radio

You can connect your radio transmitter to the simulator via a USB OTG cable. I have tested the Radiomaster Zorro and TX16S MKII on my Android phone and both work flawlessly. However it didn’t work on my Jumper t-lite (V2 ELRS version) my phone simply didn’t detect it.

Get an OTG cable here (affiliate link):

In my case, I simply connect the radio to my phone using an OTG cable, and the radio is detected right away in the app and I was able to calibrate it. Really straight-forward.

Alternatively you can also use the virtual joysticks displayed on the screen (mode 2). It works but it’s not as efficient as a real radio for practising flying.

I have been told you can connect to the FPV.Ctrl radio from Orqa via Bluetooth wirelessly. However when I tried the Bluetooth (BLE Joystick) on ExpressLRS TX module, unfortunately it didn’t work as the sim doesn’t detect the joystick. So maybe Bluetooth only works on the Orqa radio.

For iPhones, since OTG doesn’t work, you are probably only left with the option to use the FPV.Ctrl radio via Bluetooth I supposed (though I haven’t tested it), or just use the screen virtual joysticks to control.

If nothing works for you, here’s another solution. With Orqa Bluetooth JR Module, any radio with a JR module bay can use Bluetooth and let you connect your radio with your phone. Get it here:

Simulator Features

Like the Steam version, FPV.Skydive is completely free! Just search for it in Google Play or Apple App Store to install.

Fpv.skydive Android Ios Simulator Main Menu

Currently there are 3 maps – a stadium, a construction site, a canyon.

When using a radio to control the drone, there’s almost no latency, similar to how it feels on a PC.

The physics is pretty good to be honest, good enough for training and build up muscle memory and flying skills.

Really love this app, it doesn’t require the latest and most powerful hardware to run, allows more people to be able to practice in simulators.

A little Demo

Here I will show you how I connected my radio to my phone, and how to calibrate the controls.

Using Your FPV Goggles as Screen

Your phone’s OTG-USB-C can output video to other display devices, however it’s occupied by the radio if you are flying with it. So Orqa has an FPV.Play dongle that does breaks out the USB connection for the radio as well as an HDMI connector to connect glasses or other screens at the same time. Get it here:

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Akhil 7th July 2022 - 3:21 pm

I tried with Qx7 it’s not working. But it’s not my cable or OTG issue, coz it’s working with Freerider and other simulators.
The FPV.SkyDive always showing as connected even though nothing is connected!

Disos 14th May 2022 - 6:56 pm

Maybe after you review new controller you could add here compatible controllers, because it’s good option who travel often, because I bought betafpv literadio 3, but it’s not working, sad :(

Tim Castagna 17th April 2022 - 8:17 am

Can’t seem to get it to connect my transmitter with iOS. Tried multiple cables, transmitters and restarts. Any ideas?

Oscar 17th April 2022 - 9:16 am

Apple devices don’t support OTG so it’s unlikely to work.
Get a cheap Android phone.

Srdjan 22nd April 2022 - 3:54 pm

Srdjan from Orqa here. The iOS devices are very “special” when it comes to this.

We had a great deal of trouble before we made our gear work for FPV.SkyDive on iOS, but we managed to do it eventually. Happy to say that both FPV.Ctrl and FPV.JR Bluetooth module work nicely with the FPV.SkyDive on iOS.

Check it out:

Mark Tournier 7th May 2022 - 11:05 pm

I would love actually see a video of someone connecting to an iPad or iPhone with the Bluetooth module. I purchased it when it first came out for this very reason. Followed all instructions several times using latest version of OpenTx with my Radiomaster Tx16s. It does connect to Bluetooth on my IPad and iPhone but it does not show up on Fpv.Skydive. Works with an old android tablet I have. Only thing is the Android is old and Fpv.Skydive just crashes. Great game if you want to use touchscreen. Disappointed though that I purchased a product that doesn’t perform as stated. I’ve searched the internet several times, YouTube, Fpv sites, and even the Orqa website. Connects but doesn’t work. Any help would be great!