How to Use ExpressLRS Bluetooth Joystick

by Oscar
Expresslrs Bluetooth Joystick Lua Script Ble

Your ExpressLRS TX module has Bluetooth, and you can use it to connect to your computer to play FPV simulators without connecting the USB cable. I will show you how to set it up in this guide.

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Get a Bluetooth adapter for your PC (affiliate link):

Make sure your ExpressLRS TX module is running at least V2.0 firmware, or just update it to the latest version. You will also need the latest LUA script (named “ExpressLRS”, not the old “ELRS”), which has the option to enable Bluetooth (BLE Joystick).

In the ExpressLRS LUA script, select “BLE Joystick”.

On your PC, search for Bluetooth Device, you should see “ExpressLRS Joystick”. It should pair without password.

Expresslrs Bluetooth Joystick Pc Windows Bt Device

You can confirm it’s working by going to “Game Controller”, you should see “8 axis 0 button gamepad” that’s the radio we just paired. Click “Advance” and you should see the Axes and sliders reacting to your stick movements.

Expresslrs Bluetooth Joystick Pc Windows Game Controller

If you open an FPV simulator now, you should be able to use your radio wirelessly. You might need to calibrate the sticks and switches first.

The only annoying thing is, whenever you want to make a change in your radio, you have to exit the LUA script, which turns off Bluetooth on the ELRS module. And the range is only about 3 meters, any further the commands becomes very unstable.

When it comes user experience, the Frsky XSR-Sim dongle is better. But the ExpressLRS BLE joystick is free so it’s worth a try.

Another great option is to use Betaflight FC and your receiver for a wireless connection.

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Charlie 22nd April 2024 - 8:15 am

This is great! I got FPV skydive on my smartphone, flying it with my controller over bluetooth. Hoping the cables and converters arriving in the next few days will alow me to play it in my goggles. I’ll then have a very small setup for training while in hotels ect.

Ryan Burgett 1st November 2023 - 1:47 pm

You don’t have to close the Bluetooth connection to make changes. Simply HOLD the RETURN button instead of tapping it.

Karel 24th October 2023 - 11:58 am

Thanks for this – came to look for range as I was getting very choppy controls in the sofa about 3m away.
It’s a great solution though – and free indeed i can just move to a closer couch

Arkadii 2nd September 2023 - 5:20 am

Oscar, regarding the dongle,

There at least 4 projects exists, so you can easily build a dongle out of the cheap components. The first one project is actually a project of mine. I have recently built a wireless joystick receiver for myself for like $20.

Check it out:

GizmoChicken 2nd September 2022 - 5:53 am

I have the 4-in-1 version of the Zorro, which I use in conjunction with a Jumper Aion ELRS TX module. But NOT with a simulator. Rather, for use with a simulator, I use the Zorro’s internal 4-in-1 TX and connect to a FrSky XSR-SIM wireless USB dongle.

Although I greatly appreciate having the ELRS Bluetooth joystick feature as an option, if I’m being honest, I still much prefer (and probably always will prefer) using my FrSky XSR-SIM wireless USB dongle with simulators. Simply put, the FrSky XSR-SIM offers a better experience compared to using the ELRS Bluetooth joystick feature.

What I’d prefer even more: an ELRS-based USB dongle for wireless use with simulators. Then, I could finally be done with D16!

The above in mind, I hope that, with some encouragement from the ELRS community, some brave manufacturer can be convinced to make an ELRS-based USB dongle for use with simulators. Ideally, such a USB dongle would use an ELRS receiver that could be flashed directly using the ExpressLRS Configurator (that is, not SPI-based).

I’ve written to a few manufacturers, but without much response. But if more who want this feature provide encouragement, maybe at least one brave manufacturer will take on the risk of bringing such a product to market.

Craig 23rd June 2022 - 7:32 pm

Mine only works within about 15cm range of my laptop, so I think the TX module (Happymodel in my case) is underpowered for bluetooth use.
So if you’re having trouble finding the device in Window, then that may be the problem.

Diego 24th May 2022 - 10:48 pm

Is there a way to get the buttons working?

will 23rd April 2022 - 2:51 pm

I followed these steps to the end and windows able to detect 8axis0button joystick but nothing in steam.

Jumpstartfpv 21st April 2022 - 9:01 am

What is the added latency though?

Nacho 10th April 2023 - 10:13 am

latency is unusable

Celes 17th April 2022 - 8:02 pm

My cheap usb adapter teoretical v5.0 but i think its 4,0 didn’t find ble joy/express joy. Mobile find it without any problem but freerider and orqa sim didn’t support it ☹️

Adico 13th April 2022 - 1:49 pm

i have a tp-link ub400 dongle and it can’t find the joystick under windows 10. it must be bluetooth version 5 or is it ok with version 4 also ?

Oscar 13th April 2022 - 6:13 pm

I am using a $5 V4 adapter and it works fine