Review: Radiomaster WT01 Wireless Trainer Module

by Oscar
Radiomaster Wt01 Wireless Trainer Module

The WT01 Wireless Trainer module from Radiomaster eliminates the need for a cumbersome cable that runs between two radios. This makes flight training much more enjoyable, or if you just want to give other people the experience of flying, it’s very useful.

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Also, if the master radio doesn’t have a trainer port, you can’t use a cable. In that case, this wireless dongle comes in handy!

Radiomaster Wt01 Wireless Trainer Module Radios

However, note that the “master” radio DOES NOT have a direct connection to the model. The model only connects to the “student” radio, and so when the “student” radio lost connection to the model, even the “teacher” radio won’t be able to re-gain control.

It’s NOT a redundancy system, only a teaching system where the “master” radio can take over control when needed.

Where to Buy?

It comes with two adapters in case you are not using an OpenTX radio, such as Futaba and spektrum radios.

Radiomaster Wt01 Wireless Trainer Module Unbox Accessories

What Radio Does It Support?

The connector works with Futaba, Spektrum and OpenTX radios with a trainer port. The wireless module supports Frsky D8, D16 and  SFHSS protocols.

For example, it works with Frsky Taranis, Jumper T16, Radiomaster TX16S and T8 series.

How to Use WT01 Wireless Trainer Module?

The Radiomaster WT01 Wireless Trainer module, is basically a radio receiver with a cable that plugs straight into a radio’s trainer port. Therefore it’s very easy to use.

It has a built-in battery, a full charge will last up to about two hours. It can be charged via USB-C. Note that the four green LED also act as battery level, which is handy.

Radiomaster Wt01 Wireless Trainer Module Led

It has wireless connection and 4 servo outputs as well.

Radiomaster Wt01 Wireless Trainer Module Servo Usb Connectors The manual explains how to set up trainer mode pretty well. Anyway here I will summarize it.

Radiomaster Wt01 Wireless Trainer Module Manual Instructions

In this example, I will be using the TX16S as the “instructor” radio, and the T8 Lite as the “student” radio.

Radiomaster Wt01 Wireless Trainer Module Radios

The setup is exactly the same as using a cable, the only difference is you need to bind the “student” radio to the wireless trainer module first. It’s just like binding the radio to a typical receiver.

Power on the trainer module by holding down the button, but DO NOT let go until the LED starts to double flash slowly. This indicates it’s in binding mode. The module will automatically detect which protocol your radio is using (D8, D16 or SFHSS), so don’t worry.

Now, put your “student” radio in bind mode.

The trainer module LED should flash rapidly to indicate a successful bind. You can press the button once to exit Binding mode.

Once it’s bound, connect the module to the “instructor” radio’s trainer port.

In the “instructor” radio:

  • Go to Model setup, scroll down to Trainer, Mode, and select “Master/Jack”
  • Go to Special Function, create a new function, and assign a switch to “Trainer”, and choose “Sticks” as its parameter. Finally, enable this function (check the box at the end)

Here’s how it works.

When the instructor wants to take over control, one can simply flip that switch and the instructor will have full control of the sticks.

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Christian Salcedo 22nd February 2023 - 1:02 am

So if I want to pair a Spektrum radio, I can plug the dongle to the Spektrum and bind my Radiomaster Zorro 4-in-1 via SFHSS, right!

Rohit 18th August 2022 - 3:05 pm

Hi Cedric,

I ordered this wireless trainer after reading your article. and I was not able to bind it with a Spektrum transmitter. Doesn’t look like it supports the Spektrum DSM/DSMX protocols. You mind want to update your article to reflect the same.

Oscar 18th August 2022 - 3:55 pm

I think you misunderstood the article. According to the manual you can plug the module into a spektrum radio, but the receiver can only bind to frsky D8/D16 and SFHSS transmitters.

Sandy Jain 24th March 2022 - 5:37 am

Oscar I think you have got it wrong. The Student radio connects to the master radio that is connected to the model.
Its the master that has the option to give control to the student. I dont think the student will have the presence of mind to flick a switch in an emergency.

Cedric 25th April 2022 - 8:19 am

I was thinking the same, and totally agree with you!

Alexey 1st February 2022 - 11:36 pm

Is there a solution to have a trainer mode with TBS Tango 2?