Review: Eachine Goggles Two

by Oscar

The Eachine Goggles Two is review by IntoFPV member “Tom BD Bad”. Many thanks to BangGood for providing this item for the review.

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At a glance

The Eachine Goggles Two has been my go-to recommendation (based purely on the specs) for people starting out in FPV. For $150, though as much as 3 times the price of the cheapest FPV goggles available, provides far more than 3 times the benefit IMO. And now having used them I cannot recommend them enough.

These FPV goggles, I believe, are the cheapest that offer a 1080p HD screen, HDMI port, as well as the dual ‘Diversity’ antenna receiver system. So despite the speed that RC technology advances, these features should future proof them, at least for a while.

Packaging and Delivery

Eachine are continuing to provide good quality boxes with colour pictures, quality protection for the product and an easy to follow list of the product features. The packaging for the Eachine Goggles Two follows this trend with the addition of a mascot to the logo that I quite like, he looks a bit like Woody Woodpecker’s lesser known cousin, the Punk! These FPV goggles were originally shipped in late January, but the 1st delivery was lost! BangGood kindly offered the recently upgraded (with DVR) Eachine VR-D2 Pro goggles as a replacement item to review, but I had my heart set on the HD screen of the Goggles Two. Both sets of goggles had their shipping status updated within 3 days by BG so I do not hold them responsible for any delay in delivery.

Ease of use

Very straight-forward, clearly labeled buttons on the side of the unit provide simple control of channel selection, scan function, fine tuning and switching from HDMI to AV. Accessing and navigating the on screen menu becomes second nature within minutes due to placing the buttons in a most instinctive place. The foam pads add comfort and block out any light leakage, but make sure you figure out where, and how, they should attach and bend, before you remove the tabs to expose the adhesive. The battery comes partially charged and is provided with some velcro, used in conjunction with the battery strap the battery remains secure in position at the back of the head. The placement of the battery acts to counterbalance the weight of the main unit,to maintain a balanced and comfortable fit.


The diversity system comes with a omni-directional circular polarized antenna and a patch antenna. It would automatically switches to the antenna with best signal. Full HD 1920 x 1080px offers incredible image clarity and compatibility with the latest and most popular ‘off the shelf’ aerial photography rigs such as the DJI Phantom. Well suited to users of FPV sims such as ‘Hot Props’ and ‘DRL Simulator,’ as well as gamers, and movie buffs, the HDMI input offers connectivity with the latest High Definition hardware to offer the ultimate immersion. These goggles are suited to FPV racers and acro pilots too as there is no ‘blue screen’ on the AV input which maintains the image stream though areas of interference


As you may have noticed, there has been very little said about these goggles here, that has been negative, and there is a very good reason for this… There is very little negative to say! The inclusion of a DVR would have been nice but considering the teething problems of the in-built DVR on the original Eachine VR-D2 goggles think the exclusion was necessary, for the time being at least. The other things I would have liked to see is the option to connect the screen to a tripod, like the Eachine EV800 goggles, and an AV output for a ‘buddy box,’ but these exclusions are far from a deal breaker.


I have already hacked my goggles and fitted an Eachine Pro DVR, annoyingly the DVR seems to be faulty causing the screen to flicker while using the DVR ‘video out.’ I have discovered that the flickering screen is only when using the ‘video out’ from the DVR, and that it does actually record without the interference, I am simply unable to change any options, as the screen is always flickering when viewing the DVR menu.


In short, these goggles are amazing! Light, comfortable, feature packed and future proof, the Eachine Goggles Two are great for pilots of any experience level. The wide range of HD compatibility should allow these goggles to retain their resale value for anyone who can’t get to grips with flying FPV. In reality though, the many uses for these goggles will make anyone considering selling them on, think very carefully before letting them go.

Mod: Adding DVR

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Elias andere 21st August 2022 - 8:32 pm

hello. For family reasons leave saved for 4 years!!!! and my entry into the hobby was suspended.

Now my children are a little older and I am curious to use these with the HD Zero Vrx. Any goggle with HDMI is supposed to work… I hope you can help me with this question!!!

Obviously later I would buy some fatshark or something like that…..

The idea is to start flying!!!

Greetings from Mexico.

Oscar 22nd August 2022 - 1:31 pm

Wait until the HDZero Goggles come out in Sep/Oct this year supposedly (built-in HDZero)! Personally I don’t like attaching the module to a goggles, it’s cumbersome to use.
Hopefully i will be doing a review and have coupon codes too

lorne cunningham 24th May 2021 - 5:45 pm

my goggles connected yesterday but not today have a rolling screen my sons beta goggles connect right away

Twisted FPV 13th June 2019 - 11:06 pm

Flickering is caused by the DVR using NTSC and you’re probably on PAL. Switch it and no more flicker when in DVR OSD

Eddy 25th June 2017 - 8:14 am

Did you test these on a computer? When I plugged mine in to my graphics card, in the graphics settings it says its 720 (native), not 1080p.

would you be able to confirm it’s actually a 1080p panel inside?

Eddy 25th June 2017 - 2:13 am

When I plug these in to my computer/graphics card, it says it’s 720p (native), but lets me select 1080p.

Are you able to confirm they actually have a 1080p display inside?

RenārsV 20th June 2017 - 12:47 pm

Great review.

How did you attach the DVR to the goggles? I have trouble finding how to open the goggles to get electronics to solder on the DVR recorder. Mind creating a guide maybe?

Patrick 21st June 2017 - 10:35 am
check this Link

Tim 17th June 2017 - 3:33 pm

Hi,could these be used with the parrot sky controller 1?
Many thanks

Amok 20th June 2017 - 9:59 am

Yes, there is a hdmi input