Review: Runcam Hybrid 4K HD/FPV Camera

The Runcam Split Hybrid is a “dual-camera” system which offers up to 4K HD recording and low latency high performance FPV feed. In this review we will take a look at the specs/features and how it performs on a mini quad.

Where to Buy Runcam Hybrid Camera?

Banggood: (price dropped to $89.99 with coupon: BGBCBG10)

It comes with the following accessories:

  • 3-pin silicon cable
  • plastic cover for the SD card (prevents ejection)
  • M2 nylon screws, standoffs and nuts


Closer Look at the Runcam Hybrid

The Runcam Hybrid uses the same concept as the Runcam Split – a camera module and a processing module which are mounted inside the quadcopter frame, connected by a strong ribbon cable.

Compared to a similar product, the Caddx Tarsier, which is a dual-board design, the Runcam Hybrid is more compact as they managed to do it with just a single PCB board. I also like how they position the two lenses as close as possible so what you see in FPV is what you are filming.

There are two lenses: the one on top is a M10 lens for recording HD footage, the one on the bottom is a M8 lens for low latency FPV feed.

Runcam Hybrid 4K HD/FPV Camera

The camera module is 19mm wide, which is equivalent to a micro FPV camera. That means you can mount the Runcam Hybrid in any frame designed for micro cameras without an adapter. However it’s quite a bit taller than a normal micro camera, almost as tall as a full size camera, so make sure your frame has room for that.

Runcam Hybrid size comparison full size micro fpv camera

The processing module is a 20x20mm board that you can mount directly on top of your FC stack. However it’s slightly bulkier than a typical 20x20mm board, with 29x29mm size, so make sure you have enough space in the frame.

Here are the dimensions of both the camera and processing modules.

Comparing to the Runcam Split Mini 2S side by side, the Runcam Hybrid is actually smaller even though it can now produce 4K footage.

They changed the type of ribbon cable too, which appears to be stronger. But it will take some flights to determine if this is a better solution.

Runcam Hybrid size comparison split mini 2s

I don’t know if it’s possible to remove the ribbon cable to replace the PCB module and camera module. I don’t want to damage the camera too early :) will check with Runcam first.

How to Change Setting?

You probably have spotted that there is no USB port or WiFi module on the Runcam Hybrid. How do you change camera setting then?

By scanning QR code!

It’s the same technology used in the Runcam 5, which I have been using a lot. I am feeling confident about this tech because it works well and easy to use.

You just need to download Runcam’s App on your smartphone, change the settings you want, generate the QR code, and scan it with the camera. It gets easier the more you do it :)

Firmware Update

New camera firmware can be loaded through the SD card.

UART Control

You can connect the camera to a UART on your flight controller, set it up in Betaflight and you can start and stop recording with a switch on your radio.

SD Card Recommendations

Supports SD card up to 128G.

  • U3 for 4K 30FPS, 2.7K 60FPS and 1080p 120FPS
  • U1 is enough for the rest

See my SD recommendations in this post.

What Happened to the Rest of the Review?

The sample I received is not working properly, waiting for a replacement. I will update the review once it gets here and tested.

10 thoughts on “Review: Runcam Hybrid 4K HD/FPV Camera

  1. ClayFPV

    Damn, a m10 lens… I’ve built a 3 incher and it can carry a session5 but, I am really looking forward in doing some IR footage again, as I did with my runcam split back in the day. has the tarsier a m12? I really would like to buy the Hybrid, it is the only one that would fit my 3 inch barely. also the 2 lenses are great for something like IR footage, as the fpv feed stays normal… any sources where to buy m10 lenses? or information if the IR block on this cam is on the lens or the sensor?

  2. Jerrod

    They list the HD lens as M10? that can’t be right can it? could you please confirm Oscar? I have also emailed runcam but have not heard back yet. I’ve never heard of M10 lens being used before, would certainly make finding replacements harder!

  3. Michael S.

    Oscar, can you pls check if the Runcam Hybrid is more GPS friendly than the Split?
    Mounting a GPS Antenna closer than 10cm to a Split leads to ZERO Sats once you turn on the Split.
    Wondering if there is the same problem with thy Hybrid?
    As long as digital systems don’t support a proper OSD, I think many people will stay with analog. I need a home arrow and Home Distance in my Wing, also Speed, Altitude and consumend mAh. Which digital system offers this in it’s OSD? I own a Connex Prosight for many years now, but the OSD is just crap. Only shows Voltage, and this only up to 4S. Useless in a Long Range Setup.

  4. Robert Landrum

    I think the reason most FPV flyers are still using analog is the overwhelming nature of the switch.

    There are problems with the digital systems, and a hybrid fallback-to-analog style system is probably going to supplant the work DJI has done, which will see more adoption. Right now, the loss of signal scares most experienced flyers. They’re used to flying with limited information. That sudden dropout is unacceptable to flyers that are used to seeing the world gradually go to static.

  5. Mark Pfeifer

    After seeing digital FPV video, I’m having a hard time getting excited about anything analog….I feel it’s just going to outdated in a year or so.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Just like buying any product, there is a chance of a defective one :) this shows that Runcam doesn’t send out “special” sample to reviewers, but the ones they would normally send to customers :)


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