FuriousFPV True-D Diversity Receiver Module Firmware Upgrade

FuriousFPV has recently released a V2 firmware for their True-D diversity module for the Fatshark Dominator FPV Goggles. In this post we will talk about how I flash new firmware on my old module.

What’s New In the New V2 Firmware?

Here is my review of the True-D module with previous firmware.

Improved “Working Channel” mode

  • Ability to move channels
  • Ability to delete channels

New feature – Smart Search

It scans through all channels, and return the frequencies that are broadcasting, in the order of priority based on signal strength. Then you are allowed to also scroll through these channels.

Improved Receiver Switching Algorithm

  • More precise antenna selection, and faster video switching speed
  • Reduced noise
  • Ability to show RSSI value

Boot-Up Screen Logo Customization

A logo of your choice will appear on the screen at start-up. However it looks to me that it’s not user customizable yet. There are limited options available, which are available on the firmware download page.

If you want to change logo, you will need to re-upload the firmware.

Here is our “IntoFPV” logo, firmware is available for download.

How To Update True-D Firmware

First of all, can old/existing True-D module update to new firmware (V2)? The answer is yes by using a FTDI cable. New module you buy in the future should already come with the new V2 firmware. However if you already own the module and wish the update the firmware yourself, this guide might help you. (Warning: I take no responsibility for damaged module during firmware flashing)

furiousfpv-true-d-diversity-module-v2-top-plastic furiousfpv-true-d-diversity-module-v2-back

There are many Youtube videos out there showing you how to update True-D diversity firmware, so here is basically just a sum up. There are more than 1 way of flashing, one way is using XLoader.exe (this guide), another is the using OSD_Config.exe by FuriousFPV.


You will need this FTDI232 adapter (only $3!). And in this guide we are using Windows 10.

1. Download Firmware


2. Open Xloader.exe

Xloader.exe is located in:


3. Load Hex File, and Xloader Settings

Find the .hex file “True_D_REV_2.0” inside the folder FIRMWARE_TRUE_D_REV_2.0


Set Device to ATmega328, and Baud Rate to 57600. Make sure you choose the COM port of your FTDI adapter.


4. Connect FTDI Module with your True-D module

Remove the white plastic piece from the module, and you should see the 6 pins next to the antenna connectors.

furiousfpv-true-d-diversity-module-remove-plastic-shell furiousfpv-true-d-diversity-module-ftdi-pin-out

Pinout is DTR,TX,RX,VCC,CTS,GND (from left to right). TX and RX should match on the FTDI and True-D, i.e., TX to TX, and RX to RX.

On the FTDI module you can select 3.3V or 5V. I use 5V because when I chose 3.3V, it doesn’t power up the module.


Screenshot from FuriousFPV’s tutorial video

When you plug in your FTDI module to your computer, a new COM port should appear in Windows, if this is the first time you use this FTDI module, make sure you install the necessary drivers first.


Screenshot from FuriousFPV’s tutorial video

When FTDI and True-D are connected correctly, you should see a solid green LED on the true-D and it should power up like normal.

5. Flashing

On Xloader, select the COM Port of the FTDI, and press Upload.

FTDI lights will start blinking rapidly indicating that it’s talking to the True-D. Flashing will take a minute, when it’s finished, it will say “done” at the bottom of Xloader.

Note: Do not remove connection, or power down devices during firmware upload, it might damage your True-D. If it get stuck at uploading it could mean your TX and RX connection are reversed, or these pins are loose. Double check and try again.

Update (16/Nov/2016): I’m having trouble flashing one of my units, when using XLoader, it simply gets stuck at uploading, and FTDI adapter LED doesn’t flash (no data activity). When using OSD_config, it returns an error saying “Failed to talk to bootalder”. I am looking for a solution and when I manage to fix it I will come back and update on this page.

Update (20/Nov/2016): Some people having issues of “failed to talk to bootloader”, or stuck uploading error, was able to flash their modules by performing “timing trick). Basically, if you are using XLoader, you should hit upload as soon as you power up the module, and if you use OSD_Config, you should load the firmware file as soon as you power up the module.

However so far only modules of Rev01 and Rev02 confirmed they were successfully flashed their module with timing trick, Rev00 are still having this issue. You can find the Rev version under the screen, it’s printed on the PCB. See comments here for detail.

11 thoughts on “FuriousFPV True-D Diversity Receiver Module Firmware Upgrade

  1. Steven C Grenon

    I have the rev 00. Cant get it to update to rev 2. You should give me a replacement , or a proceedure that works.

  2. Chris

    we updated the module for my friend and I, for me it worked perfectly but not for him. Somehow now his reception is crazy short compared to mine. We calibrated it 4 times and no luck, he cant even go futher than 15 meters.

  3. Mike

    I flashed using the the ISP pins and the USBasp tool after the module failed updating via FTDI method and was not responding with no LEDs or OLED display – so if you find yourself in the same boat don’t stress and use that method instead

  4. Leandro D Da Silva

    I was trying for days with the FTDI and no luck.
    But then I tried with the arduino nano and it worked if you press the reset bottom at same time you load the firmware.
    I could update 2 modules (rev02) with this code:

    void setup() { // this sets the output pins

    pinMode(13, OUTPUT); // Pin 13 has an LED connected on most Arduino boards:

    void loop() {
    digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // set the LED on
    delay(1000); // wait for a second
    digitalWrite(13, LOW); // set the LED off
    delay(1000); // wait for a second

    trueD ARDUINO


    Good luck nerds!


  5. Mark

    I used OSDConfig and was able to flash 2.0 to my FuriousFPV module. BUT – I *had* to load the CH341SER driver beforehand, otherwise all I was getting was “Unable to talk to bootloader”. Once I loaded the driver, it worked.

    Question – Is the TrueD firmware the “same” as LaforgeFPV? I’d love to get button integration like Laforge apparently has as of August 2016.

  6. ErickS

    Hi. About the problem stated on the update (16nov), that issue will leave my unit unusable, at leas till find the fix? or I could still using it? Thanks !

    1. Oscar Post author

      Mine is still working, so it looks like the flashing process failed and couldn’t start sending the module the new firmware so it shouldn’t be affected.


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