Turnigy 7in1 Mega Watt Meter and Servo Tester – Review

by Oscar

As I am building my DIY motor thrust measuring station, I was looking for a decent yet simple watt meter. This is an essential tool if you as you progress in the RC hobby. Check out my post about tools and equipment for multirotor.

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I came across this Turnigy 7in1 Mega Meter from Hobbyking, that is able to do a lot of useful things all by this compact device. I was sold by the specification, and the affordable price. For $40 you get the following features:

  • Battery Cell/Voltage Checker
  • Battery Internal Resistance Checker (check Lipo battery health)
  • Watt Meter (Amps/Watts/Volts)
  • Servo Tester
  • Optical Tacho (give you motor/propeller RPM figure, used in Thrust calculator)
  • Temp Gauge
  • Thrust Calculator
  • Battery Internal Resistance Meter

First impression is the quality is actually not bad. There is a temperature probe, input/output wires and a cable for checking lipo internal resistance provided. You need to solder your own connectors to the wires.

turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester (1) turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester (5) turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester (3)

turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester (4)

However there are a few drawbacks about this unit.

  • It can’t run servo tester and watt meter at same time, if you want to test your motors with watt meter, you will need an external servo tester to control the ESC.
  • The servo tester doesn’t have centre servo option, it’s got a knob, but it takes some effort to turn it exactly 1500us.
  • Quite a few people complained on the product page that their unit has a faulty voltage reading, in the watt meter page. However mine seems fine, maybe a quality control issue.

Here is the manual for my future reference.

turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (1) turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (2) turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (3)

turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (4) turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (5) turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (6)

turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (7) turnigy-mega-meter-watt-servo-tester-voltage-checker-manual (8)


Here are the spec.

  • Dimensions: 95.3mm x 72.8mm x 21.5mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • LCD Screen Size: 52mm x 30mm
  • Max Input Voltage: 60v
  • Voltage Display Resolution: 0.001v
  • Max Current: 100A
  • Shunt Resistance: 0.001ohm
  • Displayed Resolution A: 0.01
  • Temperature Resolution: 1 Celsius / 1 Farenheit
  • PPM Signal Output: 750uS ~ 2150uS
  • Prop Blade Measuring Range: 1~5
  • Prop RPM Range: 1~60,000 RPM
  • Includes:
    • Instructions
    • Power Leads
    • Temp Sensor Lead

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sebas 28th March 2023 - 4:17 am

Hola, se puede calibrar??
yo tengo uno pero la medicion es erronea.
Hello, can it be calibrated?
I have one but the measurement is wrong.
thank you.

Dwight Edman 18th February 2022 - 11:08 pm

+What are those cable connectors called. I have the meter but no cables. How can I make them and what is the nature of the other temp and servo connector cables?

Jean Pelletier 10th January 2020 - 8:01 pm

Where can I buy the mega meter, Hobbyking don’t have

Oscar 13th January 2020 - 4:35 pm

It’s quite an old product and probably discontinued. Just search for “power meter” and there should be newer versions.