5V 12V Adjustable Voltage BEC Output ESC Distribution Connection Board

by Oscar

Received this power distribution board from GearBest. Although not as powerful as the other PDBs I saw earlier, but given the cheap price, it’s good enough for an average quadcopter build. I think it’s useful for someone who use ZTW Spider ESCs, that doesn’t have a BEC. So they can power their FC and radio using this board.

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The board is also handy since you can use the 5v for the flight system and the 12v can power the FPV gear.

Because it’s the same size as the KK2 or Crius AIO (50mm), it fits perfectly in frames such as the Diatone FPV250. Some people turn this board upside down, and runs the wires through the big hole in the middle. That way it makes a nice clean build.

Don’t forget to measure voltages when powered up for the first time, in case it’s set to a higher voltage which might fry your devices.

banggood power Distribution Board connection

Here is the spec of this Power distribution board from the seller:

  • Max.support 100A current
  • With dual channel BEC output distribution board
  • Support 6S lipo battery input
  • 1CH 12V output, 1CH adjustable, support 3-20V adjustable
  • Each BEC support 2A stable output

This board is also available on Banggood, but Gearbest has lower price.

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Johnathan 8th September 2015 - 3:02 pm

Hi Oscar

If it is like the other “CC3D” boards it is only a buck regulator and not a buck boost regulator. That means it only regulates down and not up so if you put a 11-12 volt 3S input it won’t provide regulation and won’t provide 12 volts for an 11 volt input. It is really designed to provide 12 volts when using 4S or higher voltage batteries.

I have been looking for a handy board like this for 3S but so far this is the best I have: pololu.com/product/2577


Tom 26th March 2015 - 3:43 pm

Hi Oscar,

Thanks you for your posts. Time and time again as I research my first build (mini h) I end up back on your site. Thank you!

Quick question… I’ve order this for my quad, but I’ve read a few comments on other sites that say this board may not be compatible with s3 lipos…. Thoughts?

Also If I run my FC off this PDB bec I can disconnect the bec wires off my esc? I haven’t been able to find an answer on this.


Oscar 27th March 2015 - 10:28 am

HI Tom

I have briefly used this board a couple of times with 3S and 4S, both works fine. But I do think there is a quality control issue over this product as I have heard the same feedback.
I had this board sent to me for review, so the quality might be over average :)
Yes if you are powering FC with your this PDB, you will have to disconnect all power wire from ESC BEC.