Introducing A30 Battery Connector for 1S LiPo: Competitor for BT2.0, Successor to GNB27

by Oscar
Gnb A30 1s Lipo Battery Connector Shape Size Dimensions

Gaoneng (GNB), a prominent manufacturer of LiPo batteries for FPV drones, has recently unveiled a new battery connector, the A30. Specifically designed for 1S LiPo/LiHV batteries, this new connector targets the tiny whoops market. However, it prompts the question – why introduce another connector into the already populated marketplace? This article will delve into the unique features of the A30, unpacking why GNB has made the strategic decision to promote this new connector.

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The Shortcoming of PH2.0

The traditional PH2.0 connector, often used in 1S tiny whoop drones, suffers from high resistance. As motors are getting more powerful and the demand for current is getting higher, manufacturers have been trying to come up with solution – namely, new battery connectors that exhibit lower resistance. Before A30, the marketplace offered BT2.0 and GNB27, both popular choices for power-hungry 1S micro FPV drones. These alternatives of PH2.0 demonstrated effectiveness, providing significant reductions in voltage sag, improved power delivery, and even extending flight time.

Read more about BT2.0 and testing here:

Lipo Battery Connector Testing Size Compare Bt2 Ph2 A30 Xt30 Gnb27 1s Micro Fpv Drone Tiny Whoop Performance

The GNB27’s Possible Successor?

It’s curious to note that the GNB27 battery connector, a product of Gaoneng, is possibly being replaced by another one of their creations – the A30. What could be the rationale behind this?

Sub250 Whoopfly16 Tiny Whoop Fpv Drone Gnb27 Lipo Battery Options

GNB27 Connectors

Essentially, the GNB27 is considered heavy and bulky for 1S whoops. While it does offer even lower resistance than the BT2.0, the additional weight counteracts the benefits of reduced resistance. Consequently, the advantage it provides is insufficient to justify its use for 1S whoops. Therefore, BT2.0 has managed to retain its position as the go-to choice for 1S tiny whoops.

The signs are quite evident – GNB might phase out the GNB27 connector in favor of the A30. This is further supported by the fact that they have emptied the product page for the GNB27 on their Alibaba store at the time of writing this article.

Looking Similar to the BT2.0

Upon first glance, you might find the A30 similar to the BT2.0. Indeed, the new A30 and BT2.0 do share almost identical dimensions and similar design. Just have a look at their drawings.

Gnb A30 1s Lipo Battery Connector Shape Size Dimensions Compare Specs Bt2.0

Therefore it’s reasonable to hypothesize that their performance might mirror each other too. Of course, I’ll need to confirm this after some testing. The similarity isn’t surprising, considering the successful run of BT2.0 that has progressively dominated the tiny whoop community’s battery market.

Update (Jun 2023): I tested these connectors against the BT2.0, and indeed they have similar performance.

Due to the similar shape and size, BT2.0 and A30 could be compatible. However, there’s protrusion in the A30 male connector – a small, raised section inside the connector, which might prevent the use of BT2.0 batteries. However, a quad fitted with a BT2.0 connector should be able to use A30 batteries.

Update (Jun 2023): After testing, I can confirm the A30-M is compatible with BT2.0 male connectors, meaning drones with BT2.0 connectors can utilize batteries with an A30-M connector. However, A30-F is *potentially* compatible with BT2.0 female connectors, depending on how rigid your A30-F connector is. You could force it if the plastic is flexible, but doing so might risk damaging the plastic part of the connector.

Fun Fact: GNB has gone against the conventional battery connector gender for their A30 connectors. Traditionally, battery connectors with pins are referred to as male, while those with holes are called female. But GNB has opted to use the opposite gender for the A30 connectors. I can see how this is going to cause confusions, so always remember this little fact when dealing with GNB’s A30 connectors!

Where to Buy?

If you’re considering an upgrade for your tiny whoops and micros using 1S batteries, the A30, similar to BT2.0, could potentially offer a performance boost over the traditional PH2.0. You can purchase them here:


For those who prefer the BT2.0 connector from BetaFPV, you can find it:

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Phil 11th July 2023 - 1:00 pm

What is the compatabity between GNB27 and the new GNB A30? Some content creators have stated that A30 batteries will fit on a gnb27 equipped quad but that gnb27 batteries will not fit an A30 equipped quad.

GAONENG Frank Ji 28th November 2023 - 6:44 am

GNB27 and GNB A30 cannot be compatable. They are different connectors.
If your drone with GNB27 Female, your battery must with GNB Male.
If your drone with A30 Female, your battery much with A30 Male.

But there is a little compatibility between BT2.0 and A30 connectors.
If your drone with A30 Female, your battery can be both A30 male and Bt2.0 male.
If your drone with Bt2.0 female, your battery can only with Bt2.0 male.

ignafiltro 2nd July 2023 - 1:00 pm

Most people would probably like to know that A30 and BT2.0 connectors are essentially compatible.
Some people have tested them, A30 battery side connectors will easily fit on to BT2.0 ESCs and A30 ESC housings easily give way for BT2.0 batteries even with the notch. So this might actually be the reasoning. Also it seems like GNB27 tolerances are all over the place as I’ve seen reviews of connectors not fitting together properly or not making contact. They might just wanted to take advantage of that and start over.

Phoenix 22nd May 2023 - 4:09 am

Agreed with Andy. BT2.0 is a big upgrade over PH2.0, but unless this is a similar performance bump, I’m not going through the hassle of resoldering my whoop and all my batteries again.

I just don’t get why they aren’t using BT2.0. If BetaFPV won’t play nice with licensing, just make knockoffs. It’s hardly frowned upon in China.

Andy 20th May 2023 - 7:12 pm

The only connector I’ll support is an open, royalty-free, a 10 year commitment to a design. It’s a stupid connector. I’m not switching out all of my batteries, pigtails, and buy new chargers.
Gaoneng should’ve made a compelling announcement and brought in other manufacturers to discuss the why and if other manufacturers are adopting the change.

John Hendry 22nd May 2023 - 1:31 pm

Andy’s post makes good sense. I have owned both the original GNB27 connector and the second generation or GNMB27V2 and like others often found the GNB27V2 to be too loose due to manufacturing issues and must say I was surprised to see GNB fail at designing a simple battery connector as I find their high C rated 1S batteries to be excellent. And seeing that GNB is copying the BT2.0 but making it so only the battery side is compatible with the BT2.0 reminds me of when Frsky was on a roll dominating the FPV TX market but then let all the steam out of their Horus radio sales by making them non-compatible with TBS Crossfire (which with OpenTX helped Frsky grow so popular) in favor of their poorly supported R9 LR system Frsky was almost giving away when announced. Still use Crossfire but never used the low cost Frsky R9 TX or RXs I purchased at very low cost thankfully. It’s one thing to be able to be creative and design something new and original… but another to attempt to copy and steal the idea and then fail at doing so. Hopefully the GNB A30 which is now the correct size for it’s amp rating works consistently and is of the same high-quality material as BetaFPV’s BT2.0 I have been using with excellent results adding considerable flight time to a 20.5g quad using a GNB HV 530mAh 90C lipo.