Review: Happymodel Bassline 2S Toothpick HD Drone (Walksnail Avatar Edition)

by Oscar
Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail

Happymodel has recently unveiled their upgraded Bassline 2S Toothpick FPV drone, now available in an HD version that features Walksnail and HDZero video transmitters. It’s a perfect park freestyle drone but not without issues. In this review, we’ll delve into the features and intriguing advancements brought about by this new micro FPV drone, and potential problems that you should be aware of if you want to buy this quad.

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Where to Buy and Unboxing

You can find the Happymodel Bassline at these vendors:

HD Version (Walksnail/HDZero):

Analog Version:

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Front

It comes with the following accessories:

  • 1 spare set of Gemfan 2023 Tri-blade Propellers
  • 1x Canopy for Nano (14x14mm) FPV Camera
  • 1x Small Philips Screwdriver
  • Spare screws and hardware
  • Extra foam pad for the bottom (between frame and battery)
  • Extra rubber grommets for soft-mounting the FC
  • 2x TPU battery holder (same size)
  • USB cable for Walksnail VTX (downloading footage and updating firmware)
  • 1x USB Angle Adapter for FC
  • Stickers

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Unbox Accessories

Note that LiPo batteries are not included. Happymodel recommends 2S 450mAh for freestyle flying (make sure they have XT30 connector), Tattu and GNB are both good choices, you can get them here:

Get some spare propellers here:

Analog vs. HD Versions: Key Differences

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Side

A few months back, Happymodel launched the Analog version of the Bassline 2S Toothpick. In the new HD version which is compatible with Walksnail or HDZero, they are now using a new flight controller.

The HD version can be equipped with one of two flight controllers: the X12 Lite (SPI based ELRS) or the Crazy F411 (UART based ELRS).

Check which FC you are getting before purchasing. Try to get the one with CrazyF411 which is featured in this review. It has more powerful ESC, and the UART based ExpressLRS receiver provides the advantage of being upgradable independently.

The USB port in the CrazyF411 FC has been relocated from the bottom (in the analog version) to the side, and the motor plugs have been reorientated from a vertical to horizontal setup.

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Rear

The other notable difference between the analog version and the Walksnail Edition are the camera and the video transmitter. The Walksnail Edition features the Walksnail Avatar 1S Mini Lite VTX, which offers significant image quality improvement from the analog version.

Despite these differences, the Walksnail Edition is still using the same 1103 11000 KV motors found in the analog version, coupled with Gemfan 2023 tri-blade props.

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Motor Propeller

Key Features

Specifications of the Bassline 2S HD Edition:

  • Flight Controller: CrazyF411 ELRS AIO 20A FC
  • Battery Holder Size: Maximum Support 17mmx14mm
  • Recommended battery: 2S 450mah – 650mah
  • Battery connector: XT30
  • Available VTX Options: Walksnail Avatar 1S Mini Lite / HDZero 1S
  • Motors: EX1103 11000KV
  • Propellers: Gemfan 2023 Tri-blade
  • Size: 115x115x40mm
  • Wheelbase: 90mm
  • Weight: 46g 49g

CrazyF411 ELRS AIO 20A FC:

  • Supported Input Voltage: 1-2S LiPo/LiHV
  • BMI270 Gyro
  • STM32 F411 MCU
  • Built-in UART ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver (default firmware ELRS V3.0.1)
  • Built-in 5V 1.5A BEC
  • ESC: Onboard 4-in-1 12A BLHeli_S
  • ESC Current: 20A continuous, 25A Peak (5 seconds)
  • Default ESC firmware: Bluejay 0.18.1; Firmware target: F_H_40_48_v0.18.1
  • Voltage meter scale setting 110
  • Amperage meter scale setting 470
  • 25.5×25.5mm Mounting
  • Size: 32*28*9mm
  • Betaflight FC firmware target: CRAZYBEEF4DX

A Closer Look at the Bassline HD FPV Drone

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Size Compare Tiny Whoop Betafpv Meteor75

The Walksnail edition of the Happymodel Bassline HD Toothpick weighs around 49 grams. Paired with a 2S 450mAh LiPo battery, it brings the total weight up to just over 76 grams. Its carbon fiber frame — comprising both the bottom plate and arms — is 2mm thick. With a motor-to-motor distance of approximately 90mm, it comfortably accommodates 2-inch propellers.

The FPV Setup

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Camera Mount Canopy

The Walksnail variant of the Happymodel Bassline HD toothpick comes with the latest camera from Walksnail that doesn’t have screw holes on the side. Instead, it uses a plastic bracket that goes around the camera, allowing for camera tilt adjustment.

This model also features the new Walksnail Avatar 1S Mini Lite VTX, which is lighter and has the smaller plug and 8GB onboard storage for video recording. You can download the footage via the included USB cable. The VTX has solder pads for connecting to the FC and comes with a whip antenna mounted on it.

Battery Mounting

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Lipo 450mah Battery

The Bassline HD is designed for 2S use and features a 3D printed TPU battery holder suitable for batteries measuring 13x17mm in width and height — a perfect fit for 2S 450mAh batteries. Although a 2S 520mAh battery can be squeezed in, it’s a bit of a stretch. The holder is too small for a 2S 650mAh battery, despite Happymodel’s recommendation. Happymodel provides an extra identical TPU holder as replacements, but given their durability, having two different sizes instead would have been preferable.

Connecting the Flight Controller

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Fc Usb Angle Adapter Connector

Due to the relocated USB port in the new FC, a right-angle USB port adapter is now required to configure Betaflight.

Flight Experience

While the initial setup of this quad was a touch more challenging than I’d prefer, the moment it took to the skies, any frustration was instantly replaced by a beaming smile.

The flight performance of the Bassline HD Walksnail is similar to that of its analog counterpart. Its slightly increased weight makes it slightly less maneuverable, but it’s still very capable of freestyle and acrobatic tricks. I’ve been flying it around on windy days without any issues (10-15MPH gusts).

First impression about this quadcopter is how quiet it is – it’s even more silent than the 1S Meteor75 Whoop I recently tested, and significantly more powerful too!

Flight time is roughly 3 to 4 minutes, depending on flying conditions and the intensity of your flying style. The 1103 motors handle the drone’s weight well, and it flies nicely even with the extra weight from the Walksnail VTX. However, I observed some oscillations at high throttle, which consistently signaled the need to reduce speed to prevent video shakiness. There appears to be room for PID tuning enhancements, or it could just be hardware related that requires further investigation.

Should you prioritize extended flight times over agility and speed, a heavier battery such as a 2S 650mAh might be an option. You would, however, need to find an alternative method for mounting the LiPo.

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Battery Holder Receiver Antenna Mount

My first couple of flights with the Bassline HD Walksnail were simply breathtaking. The drone’s agility, speed, and quietness were truly impressive. However, subsequent flights increasingly exhibited more oscillations, eventually reaching a level that was difficult to tolerate.

The issue with Happymodel lies in their inconsistent hardware quality control. While they produce budget-friendly drones that deliver good performance, the experience can be a hit-and-miss sometimes.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to get the Bassline HD, you can find it here:

The Happymodel Bassline is a good option if you’re looking for a freestyle quadcopter that delivers on fun while maintaining a low noise profile. It’s fast, lightweight, quiet, and doesn’t attract a lot of attention, making it perfect for park flying. The HD version is comparable to the analog version in terms of flight performance, despite being slightly heavier, it offers a superior flight experience thanks to the HD video feed.

However, if you’re inexperienced in the drone hobby, the setup of this quad might prove challenging due to the lack of documentation. The available info is all over the place and hard to understand. Furthermore, the drone might require some tuning and adjustments for optimal performance, particularly if you encounter issues like random oscillations or if you plan to use larger batteries. While the quad has the potential to be truly exceptional, I would welcome improvements in its quality control.

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Bottom

In terms of software, I would have preferred if the quad was configured with a more recent version of Betaflight. The stock Betaflight version was from a year ago and it doesn’t support the larger HD canvas for OSD. While the OSD functions correctly straight out of the box, you’re left with a smaller screen space to work with, and you need to tweak the OSD position for correct display.

If you’re considering the use of other battery sizes, I recommend replacing the TPU holder with a battery strap. Lastly, make sure to adjust the tightness of the flight controller nuts and grommets, as it seems to affect oscillations and overall smoothness of the quad.

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail Fc Esc Vtx Stack

How to Setup for First Flight

The quad comes preloaded with Betaflight 4.3.1, board target is CRAZYBEEF4DX. You can find the original CLI dump here.

The binding process for the ELRS receiver proved to be less than straightforward.

To begin with, there was conflicting information regarding the flight controller and ELRS receiver, took me a while to figure out it has a new FC and comes with UART based ExpressLRS with V3 firmware.

While the receiver binds fine, it didn’t initially communicate with the flight controller due to a model match conflict (LED blinks rapidly 3 times). Updating the receiver firmware to a newer version did not resolve the issue. This appears to be a known issue, presumably a bug, with a complex work around. In the end, I had to enable Model Match in the ExpressLRS LUA script and set the ID to 0, which seemed to have resolved the problem. This solution is somewhat inconvenient, however, as I have to remember to disable it when I use my other models. Another annoying thing was how long it took for my laptop to connect to the WiFi of the built-in receiver.

Here’s some more info about this FC.

Happymodel Bassline 2s Toothpick Hd Fpv Drone Walksnail

I did the following before the first flight:

  • Bind radio (by flashing receiver with bind phrase (or enter your bind phrase in the config webpage, the receiver device is HappyModel EP 2400 RX)
  • Change Channel Map to default
  • Setup arm switch in Modes tab
  • Enable Telemetry in Receiver tab
  • Load ExpressLRS 500hz preset in the Preset tab
  • Bind Walksnail to goggles (no firmware update needed)

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Looks similar to flywoo baby nano 20 2s. My experience with the Mobula7, I am sure this product will be fantastic. Maybe add a Merlin gimbal?