Read This Before Flashing ACCST 2.0 to Taranis

Frsky recently released a new firmware, “ACCST D16 2.X.X”, for their transmitter modules and receivers. However there are some downsides if you flash ACCST 2.0, one of which is that all of your tiny whoops and micro quads with 3rd party Frsky-compatible receivers will stop working with your radio.

What is ACCST 2.0?

Frsky recently released a new version the ACCST firmware – “ACCST D16 2.X.X“.  This is for all of their receivers and XJT modules (including external modules and internal modules inside the Taranis).

However, if you flash ACCST 2.0 to your radio, it will no longer work with receivers with original ACCST protocol. This basically breaks compatibility with all 3rd party receivers, such as those built-in receivers in the Tiny Whoops.

If you flash your R-XSR with ACCST 2.0, it will stop working with 3rd party radios, such as the Jumper T16. (probably what Frsky wants)

Additionally, if you flash your Taranis with ACCST 2.0, you will also have to flash all of your Frsky receivers too, this can be a lot of work.

AND… the latest ACCESS firmware (as on 04 Feb 2020) doesn’t seem to support ACCST 2.0, yet… Hopefully the next ACCESS firmware update will address that.

Is There Any Benefit to Upgrade ACCST 2.0?

According to FrSky

  1. Fixed the channel output error (uncontrolled servo movements) under certain conditions.
  2. Strengthened correction and verification capability.

I have been flying with the original ACCST D16 firmware since 2013, and never had any issues with the mentioned bug. And if you only use D8, then this update does nothing for you at all.

For me the downsides totally outweigh the benefits (which is nothing IMO), so I probably won’t bother with updating ACCST 2.0.

I guess Frsky just doesn’t want other companies to benefit from their protocol, at all. But ironically part of their success was built on other companies reverse-engineering their protocol and made compatible receivers.

Many in the hobby feel disappointed by the questionable business decisions Frsky have been making in the past couple of years. Trying too hard to be competitive and keep the whole market to themselves, but ended up driving customers away and getting a bad reputation, SMH.

27 thoughts on “Read This Before Flashing ACCST 2.0 to Taranis

  1. Jamil

    o no no way i only have a tinyhawk 2 freestyle …it was working great and then for some reason i kept seeing everywhere u have to flash this flash that so i did it on my radiomastert16s…..and today was the 1st day i had a chance to try and fly it and nothing…it didnt work it said my rf whas good but nothing happend when i turned it on…im brand new to flying drones and i was super excited when i got the freestyle 2 and i like it so much that i bought the radiomaster tx16s and i ordered a pair of skyzone 02x goggles which im currently still waiting for ….buit now my deones not working ever sense i did that stupid flash and also when i tried to flas the sd it messed up too ..and for some reason now all the swtiches i set up arent working or nothing is very fustrating …. it works in betaflight but thats it is this why its not working? please help me get my drone up and working again …im super bummed right now

  2. Vitaly Lukiantsev

    After I realized that the new ACCESS protocol will not be added to my only two-year-old Taranis Qx7, I also learned that the latest receivers will not have firmware for compatibility with ACCST. Great business move for idiots. Accordingly, I didn’t hesitate to sell the Taranis Qx7 and bought a radio master with already installed hall sticks, a color screen, a multiprotocol module and other bonuses.
    So I wish a speedy ruin of FRSKy.

  3. alex

    so I did an update to my rxsr to firmear 2.1.0… and only after It wouldn’t bind to my x9d+ did i realize I wasn’t supposed to do that. does any one have an idea how to revert my rxsr to a non 2.1.0 firmware or even have an older version of the firmeware?
    i can’t find it online anywhere help?

  4. Roy

    Oscar can you put Pre D8 2.x.x. Firmware for XJT Lite Module on my mail please? I cant find it, otherwise i cant bind my Mobula HD (NonEU).

  5. Marek

    “FrSky have removed all old firmware from their website.
    Does anyone have D16 V1.xx firmware for X4Rsb and Rx6R.”

    This is not the case. Under the current firmware, there’s link to the older one:

    History firmware DOWNLOAD (not compatible with v2.x.x)

  6. Ömer Albayrak

    Hi Oscar,

    As an avid reader of your posts all the time, I wish I read your blog first for this issue.
    Now I’m up to rollback. downloaded XJT-Ver170317 for my X9D plus.
    The weird thing is, I never had a problem until I updated the TX and all RX’s to V2.1.0
    now I see something like an uncontrolled ail-pitch movement on my quads. even in close range on the GT-R90
    and own build quads. I hope I can fix this with the rollback.

  7. Ian Paisley

    FrSky have removed all old firmware from their website.
    Does anyone have D16 V1.xx firmware for X4Rsb and Rx6R.

  8. Frank

    Thanks for all the hard work Oscar and posting all this great information. You saved me a lot of pain and frustration with this your site rocks and always has good information on the sport. I am never taking this update since I have a lot of D8 Whoops.

  9. Chuck

    Oscar. Thank you from saving me. I was very close to upgrading to 2.xx. I have been using V 171009 for several years now on my R-XSR receivers and I have not witnessed any problems. According to FRSky’s web site the latest non-2.xx version for R-XSR is 191112 for the FCC version non F. Port. Do you believe that version will be safe? I am running the latest OpenTX and I believe that includes the firmware in the XD9 Plus. Correct? No reason to upgrade the transmitter firmware. Just let OpenTX do it for me.

    1. Oscar Post author

      With TX module, you can’t. Just try to bind it see if it works. Or download a firmware version that you like to have on your module.

  10. Spem

    I wonder what FW version will ship with the latest manufacturing run Taranis X9D 2019 transmitter & receivers? Downgrading is a pain but possible for the moment – but it wouldn’t take much to lock the code.
    I decided to buy an IRangeX multiprotocol module to give me the max of possibilities.

  11. Estevan Bataglia

    Hi Oscar,

    I decided to go ahead and flash my whole fleet to ACCST 2.0. I don’t have 3rd party receivers nor D8 so I thought, why not.. But then, the telemetry of my planes just went crazy. I sent a note to FrSky and they acknowledged the issue but no solution.

    I tried to roll back all receivers to 1.x but now when I try to flash the old fw version via external module interface, I see a error message on the radio and rx boots. this happens to all RX’s XM+, S8R, X4R, R8X-PRO….

    I sent another complaint to FrSky and NO RESPONSE….

    I was wondering if you would have any advice on how to refresh the old firmware back on my receivers.

    Did you experience this issue? Do you have any tips or advice to me?

    Thank you. Appreciate your job deeply!

  12. Ray

    @Jim Tapp aka Protonus

    As long as the hardware continues to allow us to use older FW, then yes people like you and I are fine. If they change that we are screwed.

  13. Jeffrey Rodriguez

    I recently got into the fpv hobby for January 2020. It was a pain in the ass updating my remote thinking I was doing everything correctly following instructional videos online step by step. Then finally got my taranis x9 lite updated to the newest firmware, only to not be able to bind to my tiny whoop with f4 flight controller because of this stupid update. I literally returned the remote and upgraded to a qx7 thinking it was a bad remote and then did the same thing again updated everything to the newest firmware to not be able to bind to any of the 2 drone whoops I bought because I thought the first drone was the problem. Thanks frsky for all the money / time/ effort and sleepless nights wasted on a remote I would other wise enjoy.

  14. Joe

    I had the exact same problem recently. I had to resort to the previous firmware on all my recievers. Glad to see it wasn’t just me!

  15. Jonathan Ott

    Oscar, I updated my QX7 just before all this trouble came about. Can I flashback to something prior to 2.X.X, like 190905? Do I need to revert my OpenTX backwards too, like to 2.3.0 (I’m on 2.3.1 right now)? I haven’t flashed any receivers yet.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Yes you should be able to flash older firmware, just download it from Frsky’s website, should be on the same page as the 2.X.X firmware. No need to touch OpenTX.

  16. Jim Tapp aka Protonus

    Since you can downgrade firmware on new receivers you buy, and you aren’t forced to take module / radio updates… there’s really no reason you ever HAVE to take this update, right? I’m in this weird, yet awesome place with my FrSky gear where everything works amazing.
    I have an original X-Lite (ACCST) on the latest OpenTX. I’ve got a bunch of R-XSR’s running the latest F.PORT firmware, and some XM+ and SPI receivers too.
    I also have the new R9M Lite Pro for it, running latest FLEX firmware on 1 Watt output. I use it with their STAB receiver in simple wings, their Slim+ in FC wings, and the R9MM OTA’s in my longer range quads. Al are using the latest 1.x ACCESS firmware… also working great.
    I also have a Vantac MPM Lite for flying my toy grade planes, like my Volantex Ranger 600. Also, works great!
    I might just leave all these firmwares alone forever given this


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