Review: Aikon AK32 4in1 35A ESC

The AK32 4in1 35A ESC is the latest 4-in-1 ESC from Aikon that runs BLHeli_32 firmware.

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I am quite excited about this 4-in-1 about it’s one of the very few BLHeli_32 ESC’s that supports up to 6S LiPo batteries.


Note: The unit I reviewed here is a prototype of the latest version. The Spec is exactly the same as the existing model on the market, only with some small changes such as the added JST header and the location of the capacitors.


The Aikon AK32 35A 4in1 ESC only comes with a signal cable and no other accessories. Maybe an XT60 femail connect would be an nice addition?

Spec & Closer Look

  • Voltage Input: 2S-6S
  • Current Rating: 35A continuous, 45A burst
  • 5V, 2A BEC
  • Dimension: 36x36mm
  • Power wires: 14awg 10cm
  • Signal cable: 10cm, 10 wires, GND, GND, BAT, 5V, PWM4, 3, 2, 1, current sensor, TX ESC Telemetry
  • Weight: 20.4g with wires

It supports current sensor and ESC Telemetry which has become a standard in BLHeli_32 ESC.

Due to the beefy FET’s the board extended an extra 5mm to each side of the board, this could be a challenge for some compact frames.


I am using this ESC in a 6S build, and so far it’s been working great!

30 thoughts on “Review: Aikon AK32 4in1 35A ESC

  1. Ben

    Do you know if you can swap the 5v BEC for another, perhaps 7v or 12v?
    It seems to be just a small PCB soldered onto the main board…

  2. George

    I’m interfacing the AK32 to an Omnibus F4 V5 flight controller through the 4 in 1 ESC connector on the FC. The FC has a jumper to select ESC telemetry or current sensing but apparently not both.
    1) Which would you reccomend to pass to the FC?
    2) Is there a workaround to get both or is that even necessary?

    1. Oscar Post author

      1) I would use ESC telemetry as you don’t normally need to calibrate it.
      2) solder wires to the jumper, instead of bridging it.

  3. Ryan

    Any idea how the Ak32 4/1 noise levels compares to other 4/1 ESCs such as the Tekko32 or HW Xrotor G2?

    I’m looking of r something bette than my HW rotor g2 esc that has a BEC on board. I’d get the Tekko32, but it doesn’t have a BEC to power my FC.


  4. Josh Sala Tenna

    Hi Oscar, I was wonering if you have any wiring diagrams for this esc?
    There seems to be little information out there on these.
    In particular where should the telemetry go? Aikon also don’t provide a proper manual so it is very difficult for a new person to understand.



  5. Manveru

    Hi Oscar

    I wanna combine the Aikon together with a CLRacing F4S V 1.5. Does the Bat out on the signal cable provide the full battery voltage in order to fire up the FC together with the VTX (TBS Race) which needs at least 7 V? The F4S FC does have a 9V BEC. I’m asking because the wires are a bit thin in my opinion and I’m practically still a newbie (though I already built a Japalura 3 inch).

  6. _nd345

    Why doesn’t Aikon have proper documentation. I had my butterflight defaulted to multishot and fried two motors on my maiden test hover. If i replace it, what dShot to set 600 or 1200?

    Why are all these manufacturers famous for not providing proper documentation.

  7. Arnaud De Smedt

    How would you compare this one to the Holybro Tekko32 4in1 35A ESC in therms of performance and reliability for 6s setup ?

    Best, :)

  8. MacDaddy

    Ok, newb question. Can I connect the CURRENT wire from the AK32 to the current sens input on a Brain FPV Radix, which is 3.3V max or to the voltage sens input which is 35V max?

    1. Thomas Houser

      I contacted Brain FPV and asked them that exact question. Response was that they couldn’t comment on the current scale when using the Aikon AK32 35A 4in1 ESC, they haven’t tested with that ESC. They did say that connecting the current sensor wire from the ESC to the Current Pad or Plug Wire of the Radix FC “Shouldn’t be a Problem”. However when I connected from the ESC to the FC, my current was reading 77 amps at idle… which of course was Waaaaaaay Wrong!! Perhaps Oscar could test this issue as he has both the Radix FC and the Aikon AK32 35A 4in1 and has also had several questions on this topic.

  9. GhostMaster

    They use PVC wires in the conector, please tell them to stop using that wires… We want 30AWG silicone wires.

  10. kevin

    Two questions…

    1) Can the 5V BEC be used to drive anything?

    2) How can the telemetry from 4 motors be passed using one wire? I’m using the Matek F405 CTR and it has one telemetry pad for each ESC. Being that I am not using stand alone ESC’s, is telemetry even possible?

    1. Oscar Post author

      1) You can use it to power your FC, or RX, VTX, Camera, LED etc if your FC doesn’t have a big enough 5V regulator.
      2) ESC telemetry is passed to the FC using a i2c protocol, the ESC telemetry data is sent to the FC with an unique ID header, and the FC can tell which ESC the data is coming from by checking this id. The same happens when you use individual ESC’s, you still have to connect all the ESC telemetry signals together to the same pin on the FC, the same is happening here.

  11. Brad

    Man this ESC is sooooo close to what I want in a 4in1 – they just need to ditch the 5v reg and the single huge current shunt and stick 4x smaller shunts on there instead so the ESC current limiting / ESC current telemetry works correctly..

    I would replace the ESC’s on ALL my quads with them if they did this!

  12. Jordan Marinov

    Flew it few times with the Matek F7 board – really solid on BF 3.2.4
    Can’t wait for BF 3.3 to come out with stable 32Khz support
    Flashes iNav too, easily wires GPS + Compass, I2C pads are convenient and did not have to do any crazy resource remapping.
    This might be my new goto BF flight controller.

    1. Alfred Shum

      I just did the build with the matek f722se and I’m having troubles getting the current readings to show. And when they do show it’s way off. What are your settings in betaflight? I have both the telemetry and the current wire plugged into the fc.

  13. Freakofspeed

    I wonder it this is an new revision? I just picked up one and its different from your Pictures.
    the one I have is the same as the amazon link and similar to the graphic on the Aikon site.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Yes it is. Same spec and feature as the existing version, just added the JST header and changed the layout a tiny bit.


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