Atas Raceband Video Transmitter – Eachine ET600 600mW VTX Review

by Oscar

Raceband is currently another popular topics in the racing community. So what’s Raceband and what is it good for?

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What is Raceband?

Raceband is basically just another set of 5.8Ghz frequencies you can use for FPV, on top of 4 other exisiting frequency selections. Raceband frequencies are:

5658, 5695, 5732, 5769, 5806, 5843, 5880, 5917

Advantages of Raceband

It’s particularly useful if you are flying with other people, it gives you more options what channel/frequencies you can use.

It’s said 190Mhz and 240Mhz are the frequency harmonics of 5.8Ghz signal (I am still trying to confirm and understand the theory behind this myself). But anyway, Raceband frequencies have 37MHz separation, which is neither a factor of these two numbers, therefore in theory there is no resonant harmonics on the Raceband. And so less interference between pilots who are using raceband (in theory!)

Disadvantages of Raceband

  • There is currently a very small number of equipment that supports Raceband.
  • If migrating to Raceband, it means you have to “upgrade” your gear. (video transmitter and receiver)
  • Separation on Raceband is actually smaller than the Boscam (E) channels.

ATAS Raceband 600mW VTX

This Atas 600mW video transmitter comes with 40 channels, not only supporting the latest Raceband frequencies, but also the traditional 32 channels.

Get your ATAS raceband VTX from


Although we can only fly with 1 channel at a time, and 40 channels sounds like a waste, but it does give you the flexibility and expandability, and possibly it might saves you trouble/money upgrading in the future.

This VTX looks exactly like the Lumenier Raceband VTX, maybe Lumenier Raceband VTX is just a rebranded ATAS VTX, or the other way round.

atas-raceband-600mw-video-transmitter-vtx-package-parts-content atas-raceband-600mw-video-transmitter-vtx-top atas-raceband-600mw-video-transmitter-vtx-bottom

They are about half the size of the ImmersionRC 600mW VTX (3cm long), and only weights 7.7 grams.

However I think 600mW VTX is a bit overkill for a small course race events, especially if you are flying with other people, it’s going to have some negative effects on their videos if they are running lower power VTX. I think your fly buddies will be happier if you run 200mW (my fly buddies moan at me everytime :D LOL ).

I especially like the push button for changing channels, as opposed to the annoying, traditional dip switches. There is also LEDs to indicate what frequency band and channel you are on, so no need to memorize or look up the dip switches channel map!


Here is the manual.

atas-raceband-600mw-video-transmitter-vtx-manual-1 atas-raceband-600mw-video-transmitter-vtx-manual-2

I am currently getting a new Fatshark RX module for my Dominator V2, which will support Raceband channels. Hopefully i can run Raceband in my follow meetups and see how much it improves our videos, given that i am the only one that is using Raceband at the moment in our group.

Eachine 600mW VTX (non Raceband)

If you are just looking for a cheaper, 32 channel VTX, try the Eachine 600mW! I bought one earlier this summer and soon I ordered anther one, because they are so small, light weight, and perform well.

eachine-et600-video-transmitter-vtx-top eachine-et600-video-transmitter-vtx-bottom eachine-et600-video-transmitter-vtx-unbox

There is another deal on this VTX that includes a FPV camera as well, but I would personally just buy the VTX, as the camera is pretty crap. (Might be useful though if you need one just for testing stuff)

It comes with a cable that you can plug directly into your 3s lipo balance lead, which is great. Similar to the ATAS VTX, it has LEDs that indicates channels and frequencies, also it’s easy to change channel with button on it.


And the Manuals.

eachine-et600-video-transmitter-vtx-manual-1 eachine-et600-video-transmitter-vtx-manual-2

I don’t see any reason buying the ImmersionRC 250mW/600mW VTX anymore, as these are so much smaller, so easy to use, and so much cheaper!

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axl 13th January 2016 - 2:18 pm

Hi Oscar,

if you could post the actual power output for each channel for this video transmitters would be great.

For me its the deciding factor for which one to buy.



Slawek 15th October 2015 - 11:23 am

Are there any heat problems with ET600 or ATAS?
Some small 600mW transmiters require additional heatsink.

artmill 7th October 2015 - 1:40 am

Hi Oscar,
I am looking for a cheap FPV system for my Emax250. I am a beginner at FPV and this would be my first FPV setup. I am planning on using the HK Quantum V2 goggles and need to find all the other components. What would you recommend to me? I have seen the Skyzone FPV 200-SET and the 500-SET, the numbers standing for the mW. Would you recommend these or do you have another recommendation?
Thank you

Oscar 7th October 2015 - 5:02 pm

Quantum V2 is pretty good for the money, I might get one for review soon. For video transmitter, depends on if you would fly with other people, if you do, get 200mW, more power means more interference to others… if not, just get 600mW :) I quite like the Atas Raceband in this review :)

Aurelien 4th October 2015 - 6:03 am

I think you can mod the atas vtx like this
It seem to be thé same pcb

Oscar 6th October 2015 - 4:46 pm

interesting! do you have any source of that hack?