Review: HGLRC FPV Backpack – Is It Worth the $190 Price Tag?

by Oscar
Hglrc Fpv Backpack Fpv Drone Strapped Front

The right backpack can make all the difference in how you transport and protect your gear. Enter the HGLRC FPV Backpack, a $190 investment that promises to cater specifically to the needs of FPV pilots. But does it live up to the hype, or is it just another overpriced bag? Let’s dive into the details and see what this backpack has to offer.

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Where to Buy?

The HGLRC FPV Backpack is designed with the specific needs of drone pilots in mind, much like photography bags are tailored for photographers. These backpacks are not just about carrying your gear from point A to point B; they provide organized, protective, and accessible storage for your expensive and often fragile equipment. Priced at around $180, it positions itself as a mid-range option in the market. Let’s see if it lives up to the expectations.

You can get the HGLRC Backpack here:

Note that it doesn’t come with a rain cover, which has to be purchased separately. However, the backpack is water-resistant to some degree, so you might not need the cover unless you plan to travel in heavy rain.

First Impressions

I have been using the Auline V2 Backpack for the last two years, so I will be comparing the HGLRC Backpack to the Auline closely. You can check out my review of the Auline backpack

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Auline Side By Side

When I first got my hands on the HGLRC FPV Backpack, I was impressed by its build quality. This isn’t an ordinary backpack; it’s designed with the specific needs of FPV pilots in mind.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Top Pouch Compartment Pattern Skin

Waterproof and Durable Design

HGLRC claims the backpack’s exterior is waterproof, but I believe water-resistant is a more accurate term. This feature ensures that your gear stays dry even if you get caught in the rain briefly. The zippers have covers that enhance their water resistance, adding an extra layer of protection.

The overall build quality feels solid and sturdy, ensuring that what’s inside is protected. However, I do wish there was a bit more padding on the sides; the padding seems to be slightly thinner compared to the Auline.

The zippers are medium-sized but glide smoothly, and the material seems durable enough to withstand daily use and travel.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Zipper

The magnetic buckles are an interesting design element that we’ll need to see how they hold up over time.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Magnetic Buckle

Detachable Front Straps

The front of the bag features three straps, allowing you to securely attach multiple FPV drones.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Fpv Drone Strapped Front Closeup

Additionally, the entire front section with the quad straps can be unzipped and removed. This is great for travel, especially through airports, where you want to minimize dangling straps and quads.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Front Drone Straps Removal

However, there are only three front straps instead of four on the Auline, where I could comfortably hold two 5-inch quads on the Auline. It’s more challenging to do so securely on the HGLRC.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Fpv Drone Strapped Front Auline Compare

Main Compartment Organization

Inside the backpack, you’ll find differently sized dividers that you can use to customize the main compartment fit different drone sizes and gear.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Inside Main Compartment Orgainization Dividers

Smaller drones, like a 2-inch Cinewhoop or even 5-inch FPV drones, fit perfectly with extra room to spare. Larger quads, like 7-inch, can also fit without propellers, though it’s a tight squeeze. This versatility makes the backpack suitable for various drone sizes and types.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Inside Main Compartment Front Flap Open Space


The front flap opens sideways, which is different compared to the Auline.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Inside Main Compartment Front Flap Open Space Comparison Auline

The front flap of the backpack also includes mesh compartments and a zipper pouch, perfect for storing props and other small items.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Front Flap Zipper Pouch

There are adjustable support straps on both sides of the flap so you can decide how much to open the bag, which is handy.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Inside Main Compartment Front Flap Open Holder Straps

Top Compartment for Transmitters

The top pouch is dedicated for storing your radio transmitter. It’s nice for protecting the delicate switches and ensuring the radio isn’t crushed when the bag is set down.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Radio Compartment Top Auline Compare

It’s spacious and well-padded, with a small strap to secure your radio in place. My Radiomaster Boxer and TX16S fit comfortably and there’s even enough additional space to fit a pair of DJI Goggles 2 in there. However, you’d want to avoid overloading this compartment to prevent the backpack from feeling top-heavy, which could make it less comfortable during long hikes.

Side Pockets and Additional Storage

The side pockets are typical of many backpacks, offering flexible storage for smaller items. They include zipper pouches and straps, ideal for securing items like a tripod.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Left Side Pocket Auline Compare

These pockets are perhaps designed for smaller items like sunglasses, phones, or wallets. While these pockets are useful, I did feel that additional bigger compartments for tools and accessories would have been beneficial, as there’s clearly enough space for them. Compared to the Auline, I think the Auline does a better job in terms of side pocket options. The water bottle holder is angled, and while it works, it’s not deep enough to securely hold larger bottles without the risk of falling out.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Right Side Pocket Auline Compare

Laptop Compartment

On the back, there’s a padded laptop compartment accessible from the side. I believe it’s big enough to hold up to a 16-inch laptop, though I only tested it with a 14-inch Macbook, which fit with room to spare. This compartment adds to the versatility of the backpack, allowing it to serve double duty for those who need to carry a laptop along with their FPV gear.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Laptop Pocket Compartment

Comfort and Straps

HGLRC has put considerable thought into the comfort of carrying this backpack.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Shoulder Strap

The shoulder straps are well-padded, and there are adjustable straps to help distribute the weight, ensuring a comfortable fit even when the backpack is fully loaded. However, the default setup had the shoulder straps attached higher up, which seemed less stable. Fortunately, you can move these straps down to a lower position for better support.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Shoulder Straps Side Auline Compare

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Shoulder Straps Back Auline Compare

The carry handle on the top is a nice touch, and as someone coming from the Auline backpack, I appreciate this feature. It’s such an obvious addition, and I don’t know how Auline missed that.

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Carry Handle Top Auline Compare

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Bottom Auline Compare

Final Thoughts

The HGLRC FPV Backpack offers good protection, decent organizational options, and comfort for extended wear. It has some excellent features but also a few areas that could be improved, as mentioned in this review. Ultimately, if the specific features of the HGLRC align with your needs, it’s a worthy investment.

You can get the HGLRC Backpack here:

Hglrc Fpv Backpack Fpv Drone Strapped Front

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