Review: Auline FPV Backpack

by Oscar
Auline Fpv Backpack Drone Strapped Outside

I have been using my good old FPV backpack for 7 years, time for a change! Huge thanks to Auline for sending me their FPV backpack so I can replace my old one. In this review I will talk about how it is and my experience using it.

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Update (Sep 2022): There is a new Version V2!

Where to Buy?

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Auline Fpv Backpack 1

I really enjoyed my old Multistar FPV backpack that I bought from Hobbyking many years ago. It’s got great storage capacity and comfortable to carry thanks to the massive padding on the straps.

Multistar Fpv Backpack I can put all my tools, goggles, remote as well as up to 5 quads in it! However it’s huge and old, and I believe they no longer make it. Wondering what gear I use? Check out this post.

Multistar Fpv Backpack Inside Example Time for a new one – the Auline FPV backpack!

Auline Fpv Backpack 2 The Auline is clearly more compact, but has similar capacity thanks to the more streamline design and less padding.

Auline Multistar Fpv Backpack Space Compare

Closer Look at the Auline FPV Backpack

I really like the number of straps on the outside. Typically you only get two on most FPV backpacks, but there are four on the Auline. This makes it extremely flexible how you want to strap your quads.

Auline Fpv Backpack Drone Strapped Outside

On the buckles, there are magnets that makes locking effortless, first time to see this.

Auline Fpv Backpack Drone Strapped Outside Buckles

My favourite part about this FPV backpack is the top compartment. You can put whatever you want in it, but I personally use it for my transmitter. It fits my Radiomaster TX16S perfectly, I suppose it should fit most other popular radios too like the Frsky X9D+, Q7X and T16. With the radio facing up, it’s less likely to damage the screen, gimbals and switches during transportation.

Auline Fpv Backpack Top Compartment Radio Transmitter

On the left, there are two zipper pouches with pockets inside, so when you open them, things don’t fall out.

Auline Fpv Backpack Side Pouches

On the right, you have a pocket with a buckle strap. You can use this for things like tripod and water bottle. I personally use it to keep my foldable 3-legged stool. There’s an additional zipper pouch too.

Auline Fpv Backpack Straps Close Up

In the back, there’s a pouch for your laptop, which should be big enough for a 15″ laptop. They also provide removable padded waist support strap (with zipper pouches). I don’t personally use it, but I think they are great for long distance hiking.

Auline Fpv Backpack Laptop Pouch

Inside the backpack you have a massive empty space to play around with.

Auline Fpv Backpack Inside Example

They provided 2 large velcro dividers and 6 smaller ones. Be creative and find out what configuration works best for you.


Auline Fpv Backpack Velcro Dividers More pockets inside the lid.

Auline Fpv Backpack Cover Inside Pockets

It also comes with a rain cover.

Auline Fpv Backpack Rain Cover

The bottom is completely flat with rubber feet, so it can stand on flat surfaces perfectly and does not easily tip over.

Auline Fpv Backpack Bottom Flat Rubber Feet

User Experience

Totally comfortable, no complaint there. The material also seems pretty durable so it should last. It’s quite a tall backpack, if you put anything too heavy in the top container, it can feel a bit top heavy and wobble a little bit when you walk. In that case you could tighten the straps to stabilize it, or avoid putting heavy stuff there, it’s not really a deal breaker once you get used to it.

The other issue I find is the buckles, they are a bit too easy to undo, a small bump to one side of the buckle and it’s released. As long as you are not using the buckles on anything fragile and valuable it’s not a biggie.

I really like some of the features that are missing in other competitors. Overall a good backpack if the mentioned problems don’t bother you.

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