How To Avoid People Steal Your Blog Content?

by Oscar

I found people stealing my content the other day without refering back to my blog, so i was looking for a way to force content origin information added the content when copy and paste.

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Add the following snippet to end of your “single.php” file, and it will generate “Original: [your blog name] URL:[your post url]” to the content they copy. It won’t make them stop stealing your content, but it will certainly make it a bit more annoying for them.

This will not be visible on the web page at all.

<script type="text/javascript"> document.body.oncopy=function(){ event.returnValue=false; var t=document.selection.createRange().text; var s="Original Post From <?php bloginfo('name'); ?> , URL: <?php the_permalink() ?> "; clipboardData.setData('Text','rn'+t+'rn'+s+'rn'); } </script>

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