News: Introducing BetaFPV BT3.0 Connector for 2S Batteries – No More Balance Leads

by Oscar
Betafpv Bt3.0 2s Battery Connector

BetaFPV has just launched a new connector for 2S batteries: the BT3.0. This innovative design streamlines your battery setup, while still offering a decent current rating between 12A and 20A. Before you dive in and make the switch to this new connector, let’s explore its advantages and potential drawbacks.

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Where to Buy?

BT3.0 Connectors:

Batteries with BT3.0 (2S 450mAh LiHV):

Betafpv Bt3.0 Connector 2s 450mah Lipo Batteries

Charger for BT30:

Betafpv Bt3.0 2s Battery Connector Accessories Charger Adapter Xh2.54 Balance Lead


How to Use?

The BT3.0 connector is engineered exclusively for 2S LiPo/LiHV batteries. It serves as a streamlined replacement for the traditional 3-pin XH2.54 balance connector and the XT30 power connector combo. By consolidating these into a single 3-pin connector, the BT3.0 offers a more lightweight and simplified solution without sacrificing performance.

Betafpv Bt3.0 Connector 2s Batteries Male Female Adapters

No more chopped balance leads

Installing the BT3.0 on your drone is as straightforward as plugging in any other connector, but it comes with the added benefit of eliminating balance leads. That’s one less thing to worry about during flight.

Charging made easy

When it comes to charging batteries equipped with the BT3.0 connector, you’re in for a hassle-free experience. With just one cable to plug in, the charging process becomes significantly more user-friendly. You have two options: either utilize a charger that’s already compatible with the BT3.0 connector for a plug-and-play experience, or use a BT3.0-to-XH2.54 adapter to make it work with other compatible chargers. For all other chargers, you probably need to customize a adapter that includes both XT30/XT60 and a 3-pin XH2.54 connectors at the output, since such adapters aren’t commercially available yet at the time of writing.

BT3.0 Performance

Here’re the dimensions and pinout of the BT3 connectors.

Betafpv Bt3.0 2s Battery Connector Specs Dimension

Here’s a specification comparison between BT3.0, BT2.0 and XT30.

Let’s dive into the numbers to see how the new BT3.0 stacks up against BT2.0 and XT30. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of key specifications:

Connector Cont. Current Peak Current Weight Size
BT3.0 12A 20A 1.28g 10.1 * 9.1 * 5.4 mm
BT2.0 9A 15A 0.6g 8.5 * 6.0 * 4.2 mm
XT30 15A 30A 1.8g 12.4 * 10.2 * 5.2 mm

While the BT2.0 is an optimal choice for lightweight 1S drones, the BT3.0 positions itself as an excellent alternative to the XT30 for 2S batteries. The BT3.0 offers a respectable current rating and has the advantage of being lighter and more compact.

By opting for the BT3.0, you get an efficient, streamlined connector that doesn’t compromise much on power capacity while making your 2S battery setup simpler and lighter.

The Advantages of BT3.0

Simplified Charging: One of the major advantages is the streamlined charging process. With only a single cable to plug in, charging becomes much easier.

No More Balance Lead: Gone are the days of tugging in balance leads and dealing with damaged JST XH 2.54 connectors.

Lighter Batteries: The absence of a balance lead simplifies the battery, making it lighter and less cumbersome. Moreover, BT3.0 itself is more compact and lighter than the XT30, lending to a more efficient battery setup. The 2S 450mah with BT3.0 from BetaFPV weighs about 27g while the same battery with XT30 weighs about 29g, offering a weight saving of about 2g.

Solid Performance: With a continuous current rating of 12A, BT3.0 meets the power demands of most small micro FPV drones, making it a reliable choice.

Betafpv Bt3.0 Connector 2s 450mah Lipo Batteries Compare Xt30

The Disadvantages of BT3.0

Limited Compatibility: One of the significant drawbacks is that BT3.0 is designed exclusively for 2S batteries (two cells), limiting its broader applicability.

Lower Current Capacity than XT30: While BT3.0 has a respectable current rating, it still falls short of the XT30’s capabilities in terms of peak and continuous current.

Limited Manufacturer Support: As of now, BetaFPV is the sole provider of BT3.0-compatible batteries and chargers, which restricts consumer choice.

Higher Costs: Manufacturers other than BetaFPV interested in adopting the BT3.0 connector might be asked to pay licensing fees, which may consequently raise the price for consumers.

BT3.0 to XT30/XT60 Adapter for Charging

As mentioned, if your charger doesn’t support charging via balance lead only, and you don’t have a BT3.0 capable charger, then you might have to make your own charging adapter.

Simply take a XH2.54 to BT3.0 Adapter Cable, and solder a XT30 or XT60 connector to it as shown in the following image.

Betafpv Bt3.0 Connector 2s Batteries Charging Adapter Xt30 Xt60 Modification Diy

When you connect the battery to the charging using this adapter, the charger will recognise the battery as a typical 2S lipo.

Betafpv Bt3.0 Connector 2s Batteries Xt60 Adapter Lipo Charger

Conclusion: Is BT3.0 the Way Forward?

BT3.0 certainly brings some appealing advantages to the table, especially for those looking for a lighter 2S setup without requiring high-end performance capabilities. For example the Pavo Pico would benefit significantly from such connector. The simplified design enhances the user experience, from charging to flying.

However, given the limited choices in terms of batteries and chargers currently available, fully committing to this new connector might be premature. It may be wise to give the market some time to evolve and offer more varied options before making the switch. If you’re considering making a change, it might be a good idea to wait and see how the ecosystem around BT3.0 develops.

If you cannot wait, you can get BT3.0 related products here:

BT3.0 Connectors:

Batteries with BT3.0 (2S 450mAh LiHV):

Charger for BT30:

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ReegsFPV 15th October 2023 - 4:58 am

I bought a handful of these batteries and a bunch of the bt3.0 pigtails and a bunch of the xh2.54 – bt3.0 adapters. But I’m not quite sure how I can charge these with my HOTA D6 chargers. You mentioned building an adapter to include an xt30 for charging purposes. Can you please provide some kind of wiring diagram to achieve this? I don’t know enough about how normal multi-cell batteries are actually wired with the balance connector. My thought would be to take a male BT3.0 connector and solder an XT30 to the two outside pins as well as soldering the ends of a 3pin xh2.54 to the outside pins and then the middle pin would go to the middle pin on the xh2.54. would that work? I would love to be able to charge these batteries more efficiently with a real charger as opposed to the little single betafpv charger / voltage checker. Thanks and appreciate all your info.

Oscar 15th October 2023 - 12:02 pm

Yea I can post a few pictures how to make these adapters in the next few days. I just got these new connectors in the mail.

Ryan P 9th September 2023 - 1:44 am

So I guess this question isn’t specific to BT3.0, but let’s say I have a 6-port charger for 1S batteries, like the TBS Microcharger. It can only charge 1S batteries, but it can do 6x at the same time. I want to charge 3x 2S batteries with it at the same time, let’s say the batteries have BT3.0 connectors. Could I make a pigtail adapter that breaks out the BT3.0 into two MX plugs so that I could charge each cell of the 2S battery as a 1S battery? Or will there be a problem because (+) on cell 1 is electrically connected to (-) on cell 2? My instinct says it’ll be OK, because a full circuit with 2 cells won’t be made, but I’m curious if anyone knows for sure or has tried it…

Oscar 10th September 2023 - 1:26 pm

Bad idea. It would be possible if the two cells wasn’t connected in series, but they are in a 2S battery, if you charge those cells individually with a 1S charger you will short one of the cells upon plugging it in.

nikotttin 7th September 2023 - 8:42 pm

What is that 3rd cable? Clearly not a S port :)
Is it the “middle” cable of a 2s balance plug? Are we charging through the balance?

Oscar 8th September 2023 - 11:44 am

think of BT3.0 as the balance connector on a 2S battery, but the outer two wires/connectors are much thicker for delivering power on a drone, the middle wire is for balance charging only, it’s the connection to the middle of the two cells.

fake 1st September 2023 - 12:12 am

Prediction: Cetus X Pro (Cetus Y)? coming out soon using these brand new exclusive 2s BT 3.0 connectors.

WY 29th August 2023 - 6:07 am

Give me 6 channels charger then we can talk.

Chris 8th September 2023 - 2:54 pm

I have been using the BT2.0 for my 2s 450-750 packs. The weight is much lighter and it allows me to make a BT2.0 to XT30 adapter that is light weight for my 4s 450 – 750 3″ and 3.5″. I can also run flywoo 15,500 1002s at 1s and 2s. Sadly I don’t see anyone carrying these motors in US anymore.

Aaron Schlaegel 29th August 2023 - 2:13 am

A better option, might be to use established technology, the MR30 or MT30 connectors, the three connector siblings to the Amass XT30.

Cegorach 28th August 2023 - 7:02 pm

yeah, no…

I do see the appeal of that other (1s) connector. And I’ll probably convert my tiny things to the (non-betafpv) version.

But that? I have _no_ quadcopter that’s purely 2s only. They all kinda fly with 2s or 3s. Some work better with 2, others with 3. Turnover with those batteries is slower as well – It’d take me way longer to replace all my stuff with newer connectors.

And then this isn’t a replacement for PH-something, but for XT30 -what is totally fine for me already.

No, I don’t see this getting much traction fast.

John Anthony 28th August 2023 - 3:21 pm

It’s a good idea, but I’m not a tremendous fan of BetaFPV constantly coming up with new connectors and then asking for licensing fees. Limits a good idea because other companies don’t use it. Stop doing this BetaFPV!