Build a Micro Hexacopter

by Oscar

Generally hexacopter is a better FPV or Aerial photography platform than Quadcopter. Having two more motors not only provide better stability, more lifting capacity, it also lowers the chance of fatal crash in the case of motor/ESC failure.

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The mini hexacopter I built flies like a tank, very stable and controllable. Although the flight time is a little short (around 7 to 9 min). The frame I am using is from Hobby King, it has PCB integrated, it’s easy to put together. But it’s quite heavy and not very strong in my opinion. I am thinking to design and build my own in the future.


The Parts:

I am planning to mount a camera and video transmitter on it, so the weight should go up by 60g to 100g (camera + 5.8GHz transmitter + lipo), therefore I am thinking using 3S lipo to power this hexacopter to boost it up.

I ran into trouble when soldering the motors directly to the ESC. At first I de-soldered and removed the 3 cables from the ESC, then solder the 3 cables from the motor onto it. Accidentally I got the solder onto the electronics on the ESC, and it didn’t work! Luckily I had a spare one and replaced it. Later on I decided not to remove the cables on the ESC, but to shorten them and solder the cables together. By soldering the Motor and ESCs directly to each other, and not using the banana connectors, I saved about 20g of weight (shorter cables as well)!


micro mini hexacopter

KK2.0 mini micro hexacopter

For now I am using KK2.0 to control this mini hexacopter. I am planning to replace it with a multiwii or even APM Ardupilot flight controller in the future, for GPS and other powerful functionality.

This is a video how I built this.

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Piotr 11th January 2019 - 8:25 am

This is not micro at all if the weight is almost 300g without battery. Using ardupilot I did below 200 including battery with 1106 motors and 3D printed frame. I think I could go below 150g after making carbon frame for

Oscar 11th January 2019 - 9:18 am

The frame I bought is called Micro Hexacopter dude :D

winston 28th June 2015 - 6:33 am

Just bought the frame, do u have video or guide to install these?Should the motor cable and esc oldered direclty on the pcb?then battery soldered to the pcb as well?

Electropepper 5th June 2014 - 10:35 am

Awesome build, keep up the excellent work.

Ernesto 12th November 2013 - 9:16 pm

Complimenti, ottimo lavoro. Prossimamente voglio costruirne uno anch’io ma lo vorrei fare (se riesco) completamente autonomo con l’uso del RaspberryPi.
Grazie per le tue condivisioni.