Drone Lab LiPo 4S 1500mah Battery Review

I recently received a Drone Lab 4S 1500mah LiPo from RadioC.co.uk for review. I have flown with this battery more than 10 times now, and so far I am very pleased.

Get your Drone Lab 4S LiPo from RadioC.

I am currently running a mini quad with Cobra 2204 1960KV motors and 6045 propellers. Mini Quad LiPo batteries I have been using are

  • Turnigy Nano-tech 4S 1800mah 65C-130C
  • Turnigy Nano-tech 4S 1300mah 45C-90C.

Here is a video of me flying with the DroneLab Lipo.

Comparing the DroneLab Battery with Turnigy, Here is what I think.

Battery Price Weight Flight time Punch
Drone Lab 4S 1500mah 50C $24 157g 4-5 mins 8/10
Turnigy 4S 1300mah 45C $19 156g 3-4 mins 5/10
Turnigy 4S 1800mah 65C $28 229g 5-6 mins 9/10

They are all similar height and width, but the DroneLab 1500mah is just slightly longer than the Turnigy 1300mah.


The Turnigy batteries are generally very good, but they are either always out of stock, or you have to buy them from China where shipping can cost a lot. If you are looking for LiPo locally this is a good choice IMO.

Weight and capacity wise, I would definitely go for the DroneLab battery over Turnigy 1300mah. I can confirm I get at least a min or two more flight time. (although it wasn’t a fair comparison, my Turnigy batteries are almost 8 months old)


Only concern I have with the DroneLab Lipo is the discharge wire. If the claimed C rating is correct, the max discharging current should reach 100C*1500mah = 150A. I would expect at least 12AWG wires used. But this battery uses 14AWG. So is the C rating correctly stated? I don’t know, but I can confirm it is very punchy on my mini quad.

14 thoughts on “Drone Lab LiPo 4S 1500mah Battery Review

  1. Eric

    Did you see the newly release Drone Lab CHAOS edition batterier? Apparently an upgraded version of their standard batteries (that are already very good, I run the 1500’s myself). Would love to see a review of the chaos edition ones!

  2. yoni shem tov

    Hello Oskar,

    What’s the logic behind testing Dinogy 1300mah vs 2 1500 mah batteries ?
    it’s like wondering why 4 inch blades will have less thrust than 5 inch

    I don’t get it, Dinogy has 1500 mah battery as well.

    1. Oscar Post author

      if you look at the weight and dimension, the dronelab is so close to the dinogy, i would say it makes perfect sense to compare them :)
      The point being if someone was going to buy some lipo for their mini quad today, why would they choose a battery with less mah, less performance yet cost more $$? :)
      7g of weight saving isn’t enough to justify it :)
      You might ask why not compare the Dinogy 1500mah? because I was only sent the 1300mah to test with :)

  3. Alex


    I hope you are well

    I contacted you a few days ago but I never heard back from you. If you did not receive my previous email, I’ll briefly explain here.

    I was going through this article https://oscarliang.com/dronelab-lipo-4s-1500mah-battery-review/ on your website and I was wondering if there was a possibility of doing a product review for us.

    We have drone batteries on techorbits.com – compatible with DJI Phantom. a product that your visitors may be interested in.

    Please have a look techorbits.com/drone-batteries/

    Perhaps you could feature this product within your blog as an alternative your audience can acquire.

    If you are interested, please let me know and we can arrange a sample ASAP

    Thanks for just reading this email and if there’s anything I can do for you just give me a shout

    Thanks in advance


    1. Oscar Post author

      Hi Alex, I don’t use DJI products, so i can’t review that battery for you.

  4. Jakub

    Hi Oscar,

    I have been flying my ZMR250 for some time with 6040 and 6045 props and aforementioned 4s nano-tech 1800 65-130C and wanted to ask you if you found any better battery than this one (lighter but the same punch and no voltage sagging)?

    And second question: how deep discharge are you usually doing on these batteries when flying? On 3s high discharge nano-techs I used to be going as low as 3.3V per cell but since these 4s are so precious to me I am a bit hesitant to go as low and I am rather limiting myself to 3.7V per cell which gives me around 3-4 mins flights.

    1. Simon Dale

      Apparently the new Dinogy batteries are amazing. Better than Dronelab according to Aaron on Facebook: firstpersonview.co.uk/dinogy

      Want to try them Oscar? Where do you live?

  5. noobflyer

    Hi Oscar

    I am building a zmr250 with cobra 1960kv and use either 5045 bullnose or DAL 6040/gemfan 6045 props. I am contemplating either Multistar 4S 1400 40C race spec or the nano-tech 1800 65C. From your experience does going for a lighter battery make a big difference in flight characteristics? I am afraid the 1400mah does not have enough punch because 604x props take about 20A per motor at full throttle.

    Thanks for your input.

    1. Oscar Post author

      i have not personally tried the multistart 4S… but i really like nanotech 1800 65C, that’s what i am using with cobra 1960kv with 6045 props. I also use it with Dronelab 1500 50C, the battery is a lot lighter, and i do feel there is extra agility with the lighter battery, but it’s not too bad and I do get more flight time with the 1800.
      The advantage of lighter battery is more obvious on smaller ship like a 5″ or 4″ quad.

  6. Kert

    Hey Oscar, i also got these as my first 4s batteries and they feel really good. I was running that on my zmr250 with ss2207 2100kv with bl20a and 6045 props and for about 3 or 4 flights it was good until i flew really hard for few seconds and then magic smoke appeared from one esc, it also fried my naze32 because for a noob mistake i put esc-s under naze. now i put them on my arms. With 4s i dont run 6 in props anymore, my quad was hovering with almost minimum throttle input and to land i crashed many times because my throttle went to 0 and then it fell.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Hi Kert

      LOL that was a hard lesson :) unlucky but lucky it was only the Naze that burnt !
      But yea… 2100kv motors with 6045 props sounds like a super powerful setup! :) those BL20A ESCs won’t last long with it! hehe



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