News: Eachine TX16S Radio – Is it different from the original Radiomaster?

Eachine is releasing their own version of the TX16S, which is manufactured by Radiomaster. Although it has the same name as the original TX16S, they look different from the outside, are there any other differences?

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Where to buy?

Banggood: (first 300 orders will get a free receiver)

It’s been confirmed that the Eachine TX16S is manufactured by Radiomaster, rebranded for Eachine. So it’s not a clone or anything.

Appearance Difference

The original TX16S by Radiomaster (review):

The Eachine TX16S:

As you can see the radio is quite similar, but they’ve moved the flight mode buttons to the centre of the radio just above the screen, and changed the rectangular Model and System setting buttons to circular ones.

Same Specs As Original TX16S

After checking with Radiomaster, they told me the gimbals are different on the Eachine version. But apart from that the rest of the radio is identical, including features, specs and OpenTX firmware target. You will get the same touch screen, internal charging, multi-protocol module etc.

It turns out the gimbals on the Eachine are actually just the same hall sensor gimbals, but with new adjustment capability – you can adjust gimbal tension and stick travel limit right on the front of the radio, you don’t need to take apart the radio anymore. You can even change gimbal mode too.

The Eachine TX16S is the same price as the Radiomaster version of the same specs. (But Radiomaster’s is $10 off until the end of the month:

Is it worth it? Having the convenience of being able to change gimbals tension without tearing down the radio is certainly nice, but we don’t really do that very often. Well, if you are one of those people who are always changing stick tension for some reason, then this is awesome. But most of us only change it once at the beginning and then forget about it, so this new feature might not be as important as it might seem.

9 thoughts on “News: Eachine TX16S Radio – Is it different from the original Radiomaster?

  1. Rishi

    Can the stand be removed easily off the eachine version? (I’ll just get rid of it, if it isn’t foldable)

  2. Rish

    Someone needs to tell the manufacturer to ensure these come with the folding stand! (It looks like this version only comes with the original type stand!).

    Oscar, please tell them!

  3. Son of Azkaban

    saw an advert on banggood, the eachine still has hall gimbals but they also added adjustable x & y axis tensioners and gimbal settings accessible from the front of the radio

  4. Eckart Wintzer

    the screen is a bit smaller,possible a touchscreen update ?
    Can i use it for helicopter control ?
    I have the ix20 I really like it for all those things I have but like to know what’s the TS16S can do….

    1. Oscar Post author

      i don’t think so, I checked with Radiomaster and they said the hardware are all the same except the buttons and gimbals.

  5. Graeme

    The screen looks smaller too.
    The six buttons are in a better place, easier to reach for use inflight. Prefer the overall look of the original though, so I wont be getting an Eachine front cover for my Radiomaster although I may see if there is room to put buttons just above the screen like that.

    But gimbals are very important, from the feel to the accuracy, going budget on them may not be a good move. Still. if they turn out to be poor quality, and the price difference is good enough, you could always replace them with originals and still be quids in.


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