Guide: Naked GoPro Hero 8

by Oscar

I will share tips and tricks on how to build and use the “naked” GoPro 8 – a stripped down GoPro Hero 8. You can reduce the weigh of the camera from 126g to only 15g. Using a BEC, you can power it directly from your drone’s LiPo battery.

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This guide will focus on the GoPro Hero 8. I have another post just for the Hero 6, the GoPro Hero 9, and Naked GoPro Hero 10 (officially made by GoPro)

Warning: This project is for advanced users only, if you choose to follow instructions in this post, do so at your own risk.

Naked GoPro 8 vs 6

Going forward, I think the GoPro Hero 8 might be a better alternative, because of Hero 6’s diminishing supply of spare parts as it’s been discontinued for years.

Not to mention the Hero 8 actually has better image quality, as well as having both Reelsteady GO and Hyerpsmooth stabilization supports. In fact, the stripped Hero 8 is a few grams lighter than the 6 (13g vs 17g).

Top: Hero 7; Bottom left: Naked Hero 8; Bottom right: Naked Hero 6

Top: Hero 7; Bottom left: Naked Hero 8; Bottom right: Naked Hero 6

You can just buy a Naked GoPro 8

GepRC is selling the naked GoPro in their injection molded plastic case, all ready to go! It’s a little pricey but no DIY required:

I haven’t tested the camera, but I reviewed their case here.

naked gopro 8 from GepRC

GoPro Hero 8 Disassembling Tutorials

Step by Step how to disassemble Hero 8 (PDF Guide by Jonah Blaeser):

If you don’t have the time or skills to decase a GoPro, you can try and make a naked GoPro  from spare parts. All you need is a sensor module and a logic board. The only problem is that spare parts are not always available but worth a look.

Before taking the GoPro Hero 8 apart, you should do the following:

  • Pair GoPro to the GoPro APP on your phone over WiFi (so you can change settings later)
  • Write down WiFi password
  • Install GoPro Labs
  • Change WiFi band to 2.4GHz, if you leave it on 5.8Ghz it might interfere with your video signal
  • Change camera settings to your preference
  • To avoid further problems, I also turned off the following settings:
    • In-camera stabilization OFF (Hypersmooth) as I prefer Reelsteady
    • GPS OFF
    • Auto-rotation UP

Once you finished the tear down, you should test it by connecting the lens module and touch screen to the logic board:

  • connect USB module to logic board, then connect USB cable, hold down power button to see if the GoPro powers on, is there image showing on the screen?
  • try recording to see if it functions normally

If these are working, then it means you haven’t’ damaged your GoPro :) Congrats!

GoPro Hero 8 Pin-Out

GoPro 8 mainboard connectors and pinout:

naked gopro hero 8 motherboard pinout pcb

And the Hero 8 Logic Board Connector Part Numbers:

Image by Jonah Blaeser

  • I sensor: JAE WP27D-P040VA3-R15000
  • II USB: JAE WP25D-P028VA1-R8000
  • III REC button / GPS: JAE WP21-S020VA1-R8000
  • IV MODE button / touchscreen: JAE WP21-S030VA1-R8000
  • V front LCD: Hirose BM20B(0.6)-10DS-0.4V
  • VI battery: Hirose DF57H-4P-1.2V
  • VII microphones: JAE WP21-S010VA1-R8000

Here’s a close up of the front of the logic board:

How to Power Naked GoPro 8

The GoPro 8 mainboard takes 5V only, so you can use a BEC (voltage regulator) to convert higher voltage to 5V and power the GoPro from one of the 5V input pads as indicated in the pinout diagram above.

Images by Martin Geur

I’d recommend at least a 1.5A BEC, because the GoPro Hero 8 is more power hungry than the Hero 6, and it draws more current. It’s more reliable to have a dedicated BEC. I don’t think it’s a good idea to power it from your flight controller. In case of lack of power, your GoPro may reboot or stop recording randomly.

There are other ways of powering the Naked GoPro, but in my opinion it’s way easier and hassle-free to use one of the aftermarket BEC boards. These manufacturers also make cases for the stripped down GoPro 8 that you can mount on FPV drones and cinewhoops.

BEC board on GoPro logic board, ready to be powered from 2S to 6S LiPo

BEC Boards and Cases

BEC boards are plug and play voltage regulator for your naked GoPro, they even has built-in buttons and status LED.

There are currently 3 major choices, and they are quite similar in terms of features.

BetaFPV board has straight plug (facing out), while Nameless’s and iFlight’s plugs are facing sideway. If you want to use the naked GoPro between drones, it’s easier with the BetaFPV board, the Nameless board is slightly more difficult to insert the cable.

However, the Nameless board supports 2S to 6S input voltage, while the BetaFPV board only does 2S to 4S.

When it comes to case, both Nameless and iFlight offer a 3D printed case, but BetaFPV doesn’t have one. Note that the iFlight one has allows you to install the front LCD. The Nameless doesn’t, but there are custom front plate you can 3D print yourself for that.

BetaFPV BEC Board for GoPro Hero 8:

URUAV/NamelessRC BEC Board:

Beware that the label for the plug are wrong (BAT, GND, REC), you should check with multimeter before connecting.

iFlight BEC Board and Case:

How to Use Naked GoPro 8

SD Card & File Size

If you record in 2.7K 60FPS, 64GB cards are generally enough for the most part. For example, 3 minutes flight takes about 1.4GB space, so a 64GB card should allow more than 2 hours of recording :) See my SD card recommendations.

Saving Recording

If you power down the GoPro without stopping recording, the file will be corrupted and you will lose your footage. Make sure you stop recording before disconnecting your battery.

GoPro Camera Settings

See tutorial for the best settings for GoPro, and what each setting means.

Check and Change Settings

You could connect the back touch screen to the logic board to check and change settings.

Or you could use the GoPro App on your phone, however GoPro has since removed Protune feature from their App, so you can no longer change certain camera settings such as shutter speed. You can try to install the older version of the App though.

Another option is using GoPro Labs.

GoPro Labs

GoPro Labs gives your GoPro the ability to scan QR codes through the lens and register camera settings. This allows you to change most camera settings without touching a button on the camera, including resolution, frame rate, shutter speed, ISO, Lens (field of view), White balance, stabilization etc.

You can learn more here:

When you face the camera to one of these QR codes, the camera LED will keep flashing rapidly twice, indicating it’s detecting an QR code and applying settings. The blinking will not stop until you move the camera away from the QR code. It can be picky about how far away the QR code is from the camera, so if it’s not working, try moving it closer or further away until you find the optimal distance.

To update firmware and install GoPro Labs on your camera, you need the original battery connected, so it’s best if you install it before you do the decasing.

Connect WiFi Using QR Code

One useful application of GoPro Labs is the “WiFi Hack”. Simply scan the below QR code and connect your GoPro to the APP on WiFi. It requires GoPro Labs installed on the camera.

Here’s how:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone
  • Open the GoPro Quik App on your phone and be ready to click on the search/add/connect to GoPro icon
  • Keep your GoPro pointing at the below QR Code at the optimal distance for recognition until the next step
  • Press the MODE button 3 times
  • On the GoPro APP, click on the search/add/connect to a GoPro icon, that’s it

Gopro Labs Wifi Hack Qr Code Naked Gopro


Naked GoPro’s are fragile due to the lack of housing. The ribbon cables can tear, therefore take good care when attaching/unplugging connectors. For those connectors that don’t need to be disconnected you may want to use some kind of removable glue (e.g. E6000).

You might also want to use silicon conformal coating on the exposed PCB to improve water resistance. It also helps protect the tiny surface mount components from falling off as it’s basically like glue. However, do not coat the connectors or you could cause damage permanently!

Recording Stops Randomly

First thing to check is whether your SD card is fast enough. You can try a different card, or a lower bitrate/resolution for troubleshoot. See my recommendations for SD card.

The other cause could be overheating. The GoPro 8 is known to get hot and likely to intermittently stop recording. One fix is to put heatsinks on those chips on the motherboard.

Adding Heatsink

Heatsink is not required, but the GoPro can get really hot, putting a small heatsink on the processor can avoid potential issues on a hot day. Some 3D printed cases normally leave cutout just for that. The CPU measures 14x14mm, so heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi should also work:

Antenna Mode

Solder a piece of wire to the WiFi antenna pad on the Naked GoPro 8, this will extend your WiFi range as well as reducing heat that build up in the main board.

Since we are using 2.4GHz for WiFi, the length of the wire should be around 31mm (see article for reason). If you use coax wire which has shielding, you should solder the shielding to a ground pad on the board.

Front LCD Mod

Some cases allow you to install the front LCD for displaying camera status and current settings.

You can remove it from the GoPro, but it’s glued very well to the case, so it’s not easy to remove. You can just buy the LCD for around $10-$15 on eBay/AliExpress, if you can’t remove it. See spare parts section below for link.

Fun fact: GoPro 6, 7 and 8 all use the same front LCD screen.

To remove the front LCD, I first put it on my 3D printer heated bed (facing down), turned the heat up to 100 degree, and leave it there for 5-10 minutes.

You can also use a heat gun – the heat will make the glue less sticky.

Very carefully pry up the LCD display around the edges with a plastic tool like a prop, and gently lift it up. DO NOT use metal tools. The glass can break easily so do this very lightly.

You could damage the display if you scrape too hard, you can see the screen on the right, there are some scratches, it still works though. Be gentle and patient, and it will come out perfect like the left one :)

Button Mod

Button mod for the Hero 6 can also be done on the Naked GoPro 8. Image credit to Jonah Blaeser. Here’s the pinout for the REC/PWR buttons:

The LED mod isn’t needed because the status LED is located on the mainboard.

Using GPS

You can use the GPS module on your FPV drone, so don’t waste it! It works well in Betaflight and iNav. See this post for more detail.

The pinout of the GPS module:

Spare Parts for Naked GoPro 8

All links below are affiliate links at AliExpress:

Prepare for the Worst

Prepare for the worst if you decide to invest in a Naked GoPro, as it’s a risky project. Stripped down GoPro is extremely flimsy and fragile, a damaged lens module and motherboard can easily cost you $100-150 each to replace. I have only damaged 1 GoPro logic board so far and I consider myself pretty lucky compared to some others :)

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  • Apr 2021 – added more info and images

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arno 5th January 2024 - 11:43 am

i Oscar, I successfully completed all the steps and printed my own case, it works fine but i would like to have the “bip” from the speaker, is it with the microphone that i removed ?
thanks for your job !

davenel 1st June 2023 - 3:05 pm

So i have an hero 8 black with a red light which stay on even if i plug only with usb cable. I know than all the composant (screen, microphone…;) work well because a disassemble it and reassemble it without touching anything and it turn on but i did a factory reset with the screen and the problem came back ! A solid front red light fix.
I assume than it’s a motherboard problem…
Did you already had this problem and how did you solve it ??? what composant on the motherboard i need to clean or change… ???

Thanks you so much for your reply

Oscar 1st June 2023 - 3:32 pm

On the Hero 6 I did have a solid LED problem the camera was bricked due to a faulty mother board possibly due to a voltage spike, but not on the Hero 8 so I am not sure if it’s the same issue.
Make sure you have all the parts connected properly, no loose connection etc.

David 21st March 2023 - 4:09 pm

How can i conect a screen to a nakedgopro8 from gerpc. The bec board is not in front of the plug to touch screen?
I just see the plug for battery. i do not know how to plug the display… if you coukd help me, im losing it by now ahha

Jon b 16th March 2023 - 12:01 am

Can you double check the Amazon link for the BE ?

Oscar 16th March 2023 - 12:59 am

If the link doesn’t point to the right product it probably means the page is no longer available. But there are a ton of other options just find one that can supply the correct voltage and current.

brennan brocal 25th October 2022 - 7:17 am

Wondering if youre able to assist me. I have a gopro hero 8 and it wont boot up. It has a red light on all the time with wall plug or battery. It simply wont boot up. Ive tried all sorts of combinations with reset procedure with or without battery, sd card, wall plugs and at a complete loss. Cant find a repair shop that will work on it, Go pro only offers a discount on their newest model after going through the troubleshooting over the phone. Any suggestions? please help…

Shane 30th August 2022 - 4:24 am

My logic board seems to work as it writes to my SD Card however, I can’t get the camera to record. I did Crack the front LCD but I thought the my naked hero 8 would still work. I ordered a new front LCD. I may need to order a new logic board or lens. I have no clue what’s going on. Oscar, have you had this happen?

Liam 7th July 2022 - 9:18 pm

Put my story here. I hope it can helps others little bit.
I disassembled my working GoPro8 this week. This is my experience so far.

My GoPro 8 has firmware version 2.51 + GoPro Labs.

When I connect the main board to GepRC GoPro 8 BEC v2.0, and connect to 4s lipo. The GoPro LED starts for few seconds then disappeared. In that few seconds, it shows, SD Err. So I can not record. However, in this state, I can still connect the GoPro to phone app, and I can preview the video feed. The app also shows SD card error. So, I can not start recording in app.

Initially I thought I damaged the GoPro main board, however, after the test I think it more likely the GoPro firmware lock down.

I start connecting GoPro main board back to the original case and cables. Then it works without any issue.
I un-plugin cables 1 by 1, until I found that the original 4pin power cable is the root cause of all the issues.

It seems the new firmware is checking for battery info before it works. So far I haven’t found any solution.

Paul 29th July 2022 - 7:37 am

Do you find a solution? :)

Shane 29th September 2022 - 11:59 pm

To the comment that the latest Hero 8 Black firmware version 2.51.75 performing a battery/connected components check in order to run. This is false, please don’t post comments like this without doing the research first. 2.51 actually added naked gopro firmware support and, I got in touch with GoPro as I get 24/7 phone support due to being a member, GoPro confirmed that as long as there is a 5V power source the main board will function without issue. Just clearing this up for people that read these comments and get worried or discouraged.

Gonzalo 22nd April 2023 - 10:19 pm

Hello, i have a question maybe You could help me out. I have the original dobo head mount for the dji fpv drone, and i also have an 8 hero black (full size) and a geprc hero 8 black naked. I have both with same settings, wifi off and all the same settings. Thing is that with the naked i get a satelite drop to almost 0 and with the full size i don’t have any problem. Any idea of this? It could be a shielding issue?have a Nice day

saw 15th June 2022 - 2:10 am

Hello Oscar, I always reading your blog and its so informative as a beginner like me. One question I want to know is that I recently stripped down my hero 8 which I crashed the screen during the flight. I read your blog and made a naked gopro 8 as you show. But when I connect with the battery, my naked gopro 8 gets too hot and I cant even record during flying. I saw your suggestion to add some heatsink on it if its too hot and ordered some heatsink. But I don’t know where to add as GEPRC cover is too tight to add extra heatsink. Anyway, BEC board comes with the box doesn’t work well. So, I connect it with type C cable and power it with type C to 6s balance lead wire. Should I try with another BEC board?

Alen 22nd May 2022 - 6:13 am

I cant figure out why my gopro isnt working, I have stripped down my gopro 8 and im pretty good with electronics, but when I connect it to my flywoo it’s green light on it but i cant record or connect to my phone which is weird considering that when i connect touch screen and batterpack it works normaly

MrOizo 15th April 2022 - 3:07 am

you’re the man as always oscar.
I forgot to pair via wifi my 8 naked and the qr code procedure saved me.
ty from italy

Franck Leroy 12th April 2022 - 4:07 pm

Bonjour j’ai une GoPro 8 black combien prenez vous pour la transformer en nacked…
Merci d’avance.

Felipe Marin 16th February 2022 - 8:53 pm

My gopro hero 8 black is broken because leak water. The technician told that GPS part failed and I have to change it, I don’t use GPS so I prefer missed that part, however he told that the GPS part contain WIFI and Bluethoot features, so I must change GPS part if I need WIFI and Bluethoot…. I am not the expert but I have my doubts about this

Reed Noel 9th February 2022 - 4:54 am

Thanks your íntruction,
Did you know the pinout of gps gopro 5, please give with many thanks

William 1st October 2021 - 4:44 am

You say the screen print is wrong on the nameless bec, is the wiring correct on the harness?

Darius Schmitt 27th July 2021 - 2:28 pm

I have a gopro hero 8 and the back LCD screen doesnt work because i crashed it on my fpv drone, can i still use it? how can i change the settings

Oscar 27th July 2021 - 2:41 pm

you can change settings using GoPro labs (scanning QR code)

rachosol 11th July 2021 - 8:48 am

Hello, do you know what is the reference and voltage of the battery that the gopro has on the front? Mine has stopped working, it has filled up with sulfate and represents problems when turning on the camera, it takes longer than it should and it never “remembers” the last setting. I always have to show a QR before each recording.

flyguy 2nd September 2021 - 9:22 am

I have bad noise that blocks my gps module only when the GoPro is recording. I have copper on Gps cable and inside the naked case. Any suggestions? Can I block the noise directly on the GoPro8 motherboard?

Artem 9th July 2021 - 1:32 pm

I Did such a big mistake updating my Hero 8 to the Labs, without original battery. ( naked)
So now i can’t really finish the procces and roll it back at the same time. What should i Do ?

Cinewhoop Tokyo 3rd June 2021 - 2:02 am

I think IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is effective for removing the front LCD.
It can be removed very easily and quickly.

WackFPV 30th April 2021 - 4:17 pm

This is prob not orthodox, but nothing I do is rofl. Soak the front lcd screens in 100% isopropyl alcohol. The lcd display just falls off after the glue gets eaten up underneath. Just don’t use vinegar, the lcd will never stop smelling. Bought one from eBay like that…

Mateusz 9th February 2021 - 6:45 pm

Hi Oscar,
Thanks for that great guide!
My gopro worked for a while with external +5V (many power cycles) then it stops. I found that I can enabled it only when battery is connected. I disconnected Batt+ blue wire and it still working so I think that gopro may require connection with bms before start. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced that issue.

Jan 2nd May 2022 - 10:08 pm

Have you found a Solution for that Problem. I‘ve the same… :(

Luke Sky Whooper 17th October 2020 - 6:54 am

Thanks for the help worked great! The only problem is that the Case we have from BetaFPV wont fit for the hero8. Is there a 3D printable version for the hero8 or do you guys know were to buy one? Thanks so much

destroyed 5th October 2020 - 2:45 pm

Do you know where we can find FFC (flex, flat, ribbon) cable? Or schematics for connecting PCB and camera?

murathan 4th October 2020 - 7:07 pm

where we should solder the antenna for wifi ?

Thomas 28th September 2020 - 12:43 am

I was looking for a way to make the gopro have a remote button for turning it on and off with a wire. Is this possible at all? do you just cross the rec and the ground to make it record? Thanks in advance

FPVWhisperer 11th September 2020 - 5:46 pm

for clarity i mean this picture – Images by Martin Geur

FPVWhisperer 11th September 2020 - 5:45 pm

Thanks Oscar! FYI, all, i used the picture to wire it up and it is working with the buzz neg as described in the v6 tutorial. Awesome!!

Illyrian 10th July 2020 - 10:06 am

Thx for this it helped me a lot! I did the record button mod but as soon as i press it the gopro stops working! I have to unplug and plug it in again to function propperly. I connected it exactly like you did. When i plug in the original record button it does the same. Do you have an answer to that?

Eric ziegel 24th June 2020 - 12:53 pm

Thanks for the informations; somthing is not clear for me :

1. on the Hero 8 Pin-out, on the top of the photo, you show a ground and a power but on the previous photo, these 2 pins seems to be connected with a cable ?
2. on which pins exactly should we power on the Hero8 ?

Thanks Oscar for your useful informations.

Oscar 29th June 2020 - 1:17 pm

Sorry I don’t have much info on the Hero 8 at the moment. I will update this post when I know more.