Guide: “Naked” GoPro Hero 8

Here is information regarding “naked” GoPro Hero 8 camera – a stripped down GoPro 8 can have the weigh reduced from 126g to only 15g.

This guide will be focusing on the GoPro Hero 8. I have another post just for the Hero 6. I recommend reading it, there are info that is useful and can be applied to the Hero 8.

Here is the naked Hero 8:

(Images by Martin Geur)

GoPro Hero 8 Disassembling Tutorials

PDF Guide:

Hero 8 Pin-out

Image by David Lougedo

Main Board Connectors

Image by Jonah Blaeser

Hero 8 Logic Board Connector Part Numbers:

  • I sensor: JAE WP27D-P040VA3-R15000
  • II USB: JAE WP25D-P028VA1-R8000
  • III REC button / GPS: JAE WP21-S020VA1-R8000
  • IV MODE button / touchscreen: JAE WP21-S030VA1-R8000
  • V front LCD: Hirose BM20B(0.6)-10DS-0.4V
  • VI battery: Hirose DF57H-4P-1.2V
  • VII microphones: JAE WP21-S010VA1-R8000

3 thoughts on “Guide: “Naked” GoPro Hero 8

  1. Illyrian

    Thx for this it helped me a lot! I did the record button mod but as soon as i press it the gopro stops working! I have to unplug and plug it in again to function propperly. I connected it exactly like you did. When i plug in the original record button it does the same. Do you have an answer to that?

  2. Eric ziegel

    Thanks for the informations; somthing is not clear for me :

    1. on the Hero 8 Pin-out, on the top of the photo, you show a ground and a power but on the previous photo, these 2 pins seems to be connected with a cable ?
    2. on which pins exactly should we power on the Hero8 ?

    Thanks Oscar for your useful informations.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Sorry I don’t have much info on the Hero 8 at the moment. I will update this post when I know more.


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