Guide: “Naked” GoPro Hero 8

Here is information regarding “naked” GoPro Hero 8 camera – a stripped down GoPro 8 can have the weigh reduced from 126g to only 15g.

This guide will be focusing on the GoPro Hero 8. I have another post just for the Hero 6. I recommend reading it, there are info that is useful and can be applied to the Hero 8.

Here is the naked Hero 8:

(Images by Martin Geur)

BEC Boards

BEC Board for Naked Hero 8, so you don’t need external voltage regulator. It’s a plug-and-play solution, even has built-in buttons and status LED. There are two brands making these.

BetaFPV BEC Board for GoPro Hero 8:


GoPro Hero 8 Disassembling Tutorials

PDF Guide:

Hero 8 Pin-out

Image by David Lougedo

Main Board Connectors

Image by Jonah Blaeser

Hero 8 Logic Board Connector Part Numbers:

  • I sensor: JAE WP27D-P040VA3-R15000
  • II USB: JAE WP25D-P028VA1-R8000
  • III REC button / GPS: JAE WP21-S020VA1-R8000
  • IV MODE button / touchscreen: JAE WP21-S030VA1-R8000
  • V front LCD: Hirose BM20B(0.6)-10DS-0.4V
  • VI battery: Hirose DF57H-4P-1.2V
  • VII microphones: JAE WP21-S010VA1-R8000

Button Mod

Button mod for the Hero6 can also be done on the Hero8. Full credit to Jonah Blaeser.

Here’s the pinout for the REC/PWR buttons:

The LED mod isn’t needed because the status LED is located on the mainboard.

10 thoughts on “Guide: “Naked” GoPro Hero 8

  1. Mateusz

    Hi Oscar,
    Thanks for that great guide!
    My gopro worked for a while with external +5V (many power cycles) then it stops. I found that I can enabled it only when battery is connected. I disconnected Batt+ blue wire and it still working so I think that gopro may require connection with bms before start. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced that issue.

  2. Luke Sky Whooper

    Thanks for the help worked great! The only problem is that the Case we have from BetaFPV wont fit for the hero8. Is there a 3D printable version for the hero8 or do you guys know were to buy one? Thanks so much

  3. Thomas

    I was looking for a way to make the gopro have a remote button for turning it on and off with a wire. Is this possible at all? do you just cross the rec and the ground to make it record? Thanks in advance

  4. FPVWhisperer

    Thanks Oscar! FYI, all, i used the picture to wire it up and it is working with the buzz neg as described in the v6 tutorial. Awesome!!

  5. Illyrian

    Thx for this it helped me a lot! I did the record button mod but as soon as i press it the gopro stops working! I have to unplug and plug it in again to function propperly. I connected it exactly like you did. When i plug in the original record button it does the same. Do you have an answer to that?

  6. Eric ziegel

    Thanks for the informations; somthing is not clear for me :

    1. on the Hero 8 Pin-out, on the top of the photo, you show a ground and a power but on the previous photo, these 2 pins seems to be connected with a cable ?
    2. on which pins exactly should we power on the Hero8 ?

    Thanks Oscar for your useful informations.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Sorry I don’t have much info on the Hero 8 at the moment. I will update this post when I know more.


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