E6000 Glue For Building and Repairing RC Models

E6000 is great for building and repairing RC models. whether it’s foam planes and wings, or flexible plastic tiny whoop frames, it just works!

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Where to Buy?

E6000 is widely available. It comes in 15mL, 50mL and 110mL tubes for under $7! 15mL is probably enough for repairing broken tiny whoop or other micro quad plastic frames. But if you want to build wings and planes, get the bigger 110mL. I used about 20mL just to build the S800.

E6000 Glue Properties

The glue tube has a very fine integrated metal nozzle which is awesome for filling glue in tiny holes and gaps. It’s perfect for fine repairing but might be annoying if you want to apply a large amount at once and it takes some patience. The cap has a pin that inserts into the nozzle so it never gets blocked from drying.

The E6000 glue itself is a clear, viscous liquid, and dries semi clear. It’s runnier than goop glue, but works just as well as goop glue. I use them instead of hot glue for building foam wings because it gives me more time to position the parts before it cures.

The official instruction suggest to use it on smooth surfaces, but this glue is so flexible it moves into cracks and irregular surface just fine. It sets semi-stiff with some degree of flexibility, great for foam joints as well as flexible plastic micro quad frames.

It takes about 15 to 20 mins to dry completely I’d say. For foam planes, I normally leave them overnight just in case.

When dealing with E6000, you might want to wear disposable gloves. They are not nice when you get it on your hands and hair. And avoid getting it on your clothes, it will most likely ruin your favourite t-shirt!

It works great for fixing household appliances :D My microwave door broke and I fixed it with some E6000. It’s been 3 months and holding up well.

9 thoughts on “E6000 Glue For Building and Repairing RC Models

  1. Burhan Jogezai

    Thanks for the reply, been asking here and there on rcgroups forums and noone helped, just ordered two tubes to build the skywalker x8, one more question, will the E6000 work to glue the motor on the x8 as well or will I have to use something like gorilla glue original, i ask because i bought a bottle of it when i was travelling to dubai

  2. Burhan Jogezai

    will this work on a large EPO wing like the Skywalker X8, and will it also work when joining the plastic wing joiner to the foam on the X8

  3. Sleebus

    Have you tried this: dollartree.com/super-glue-fix-all-adhesive-184ml-tubes/835919

    Recommended to me by a fellow on Reddit. Works great, sounds very similar to the E6000 and is $1/tube.

    1. Oscar Post author

      there are a lot of good glue in the US, but not enough choices for international buyers :) I like E6000 because it’s available worldwide :)


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