Fixing Frsky Taranis Radio Transmitter Buzzing Noise

by Oscar

I’ll explain how to fix the issue with buzzing coming from the Taranis radio speaker. This hack seems to work on the original X9D+ but doesn’t work for the 2019 version.

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If you open the Taranis X9D+ housing, you will find there is a ferrite clamp on the wire harness from the mainboard to the speaker. If you are getting buzzing from the speak, I guess the ferrite clamp is not good enough.

Basically a ferrite clamp can reduce high frequency noise in the wire and therefore suppresses the buzzing. We talked about Ferrite Rings in ESC before, the principle is the same.

Therefore we can try to add more/bigger ferrite clamps to the speaker cable. I tried these with good result: Clip-on Ferrite Bead Cable Clip (5mm Inner Diameter). Size is important, if they are too big they won’t fit.

These should work:

  1. Unplug the cable between the speaker PCB and the main board
  2. Remove the existing ferrite clamp and the zip ties
  3. Added as many ferrite clamps as you can
  4. Plug the back in

Now test it again, hopefully the noise should be gone.

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