Forum Highlights #4 – Temperature vs LiPo Performance, ESC flashing “write error” issue, Votex 250 Review and more

by Oscar

In the latest “IntoFPV forum highlights” we discussed how temperature affects LiPo battery performance, build log, resolve “write error” issue when flashing ESC, Vortex 250 Review, Fatshark Headstrap Mod and more.

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What are these forum highlights?

IntoFPV forum is one of my favorite places to share and discuss multirotor and FPV related stuff. IntoFPV is getting more and more popular, some valuable and interesting threads/posts are easily buried in the ever growing discussion. So I decided to share some of the “gems” here to help our readers get to know more about what’s going on in the FPV hobby, and at the same time promoting our forum.

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Temperature Affects Battery’s power and max discharge rate!


Can LiPo Battery perform better when they are warmed up? Let’s find out.

DemonRC NOX5R build log


Very neat build of the DemonRC Nox5R with XRacer FC, RS2205-S motors and Racerstar 30A ESC.

Resolve “Failed to write to Flash” with BLHeli_S ESC


If you ever encounter “Failed to write to Flash” issues when flashing new BLHeli_S ESC, this guide might help you.

Vortex 250 UmmaGawd Edition


Carl bought the Vortex 250 Ummagawd edition as a FPV trainer mini quad. He reviewed it from the perspective of a beginner, from unboxing to flight performance. He also went through each components after some weeks of usage.

Fatshark headstrap mod


If you ever feel uncomfortable wearing the Fatshark FPV goggles, you might want to check out this DIY mod. By design the headstrap pulls the goggles toward your face, what campagnium did here is to add a vertical support that allows the goggles to rest on the head.

100mph Traxxas Rustler FPV mod


Ever wonder what FPV looks like on the ground? Drone0fPrey added a AIO VTX in his RC car that can reach up to 100mph :)


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