Review: FPV Goggles Straps from Banggood – Actually Good!

by Oscar

I love using wide headstraps on FPV goggles, they are more secure and don’t slide, and it’s more comfy as the pressure is more spread out. I tried some cheap goggles straps from banggood and they are actually quite decent!

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Where to Buy?

Update: These are no longer available on Banggood, but you can find similar on AliExpress:

If you get the 3-piece bundle, the price drop to $5 each piece! It’s great value if you group buy with friends!

The width of the strap is about 1.5 inches (38mm), which is a lot wider than the ones that come with fatshark goggles and more comfortable to wear.

Compatible Goggles

The mounting strap width is around 1inch (25mm), and so these headstraps work on most FPV Goggles, including Fatshark, Skyzone, and DJI FPV Goggles V1 and V2.

It’s a straightforward installation, except for the DJI goggles, you need adapters for them, such as these 3D printed adapters:

If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can pay a bit more to get the iFlight straps that come with custom buckles for the DJI goggles, they are basically the same strap as the green BG ones, just a bit more colorful and with their logo on it:

My Favourite FPV Goggles Strap

My favourite strap is still the Skyzone’s which they use in all of their goggles. You can buy the strap here:

They have similar material and quality to the Banggood one we just looked at, but they are longer and more stretchy, and I feel they are a bit more comfortable to use. If the BG ones gets an 9 for comfort level, I’d give the Skyzone’s a 10.

More Expensive = Higher Quality?

There are other branded FPV goggles straps that have insane markup, they all have similar quality and possibly made in the same factory (hence they all look kind of similar).

Unless you are a die-hard fan of these brands, I don’t think they are worth the price, they should be paying you for wearing their straps because you are basically a walking advertisement for them! LMAO!

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Mike Burrows 20th April 2021 - 4:58 pm

That looks exactly like the Ethix straps, and they are almost $20. Can you confirm the width of these straps?

Oscar 20th April 2021 - 5:26 pm

The width is around 38/39mm, not quite 40mm.
Yes they look suspiciously similar to those ones, my friend has them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made in the same factory though.