FPV News in October 2022

by Oscar
Fpv Firmware Updates Releases

On the first day of every month, I will post FPV related news from the past month including some interesting product releases and firmware updates. If I miss any important news please kindly remind me in the comment.

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WTFOS v0.1.7-r2

09 Oct 2022


DJI FPV System V01.00.06.08

10 Oct 2022

Review: Runcam Wasp Camera (120FPS Low Latency for DJI FPV System)

To add support for the Runcam Wasp camera, nothing changed if you are not using the Wasp camera, so it’s up to you if you want to update or not. You can still root the Vista / Air Unit / Goggles in the 06.08 firmware.

EdgeTX “Flying Dutchman” v2.8.0-RC3

13 Oct 2022


Skyzone Steadyview / Rapidmix VRX Module V3.3

15 Oct 2022

Skyzone have released a new V3.3 version of their Steadyview / Rapidmix module that is used on their SKY04X, SKY04L, CobraS, and CobraX goggles. The new version has hardware changes which reportedly fix the dark/rolling image issues so that it is now stable and clear. It’s not free and existing customers will still have to pay for a new version to replace their original module which has a faulty hardware design.

Learn more here: https://intofpv.com/t-skyzone-steadyview-rapidmix-vrx-module-v3-3

Gyroflow v1.3.0

17 Oct 2022

New updates include support for the GoPro Hero11 Black and CLI support (command line).


Walksnail Avatar 28.32.10

20 Oct 2022

Optimized RF performance, Image quality, Smoothing, Bitrate display, Misc bug fixes


ExpressLRS V3.0.1

21 Oct 2022


All receivers based on the STM32 MCU, and the SIYI FM30 2.4GHz TX that are on V3.0.0 should update to V3.0.1:

  • All SIYI Receivers
  • All FrSky Receivers
  • All ImmersionRC Receivers
  • Jumper 900 Mini RX
  • SIYI FM30 2.4GHz TX
  • HappyModel PP and ES915 RX
  • NamimnoRC Voyager 900MHz and Flash 2.4GHz RX

INAV 6 “Horizon Hawk” Feature Preview 1

22 Oct 2022


PIDtoolbox v0.58 & v0.59

25 Oct 2022



  • several important bug fixes
  • For Mac users there is a new ‘Reset main directory’ button (see below for details)
  • Restructured the Motor % and Throttle % raw traces in their own sub-panel in the log-viewer, to remove the redundancy of having it plotted on each axis
  • New PID phase shift estimator, estimates the filter phase delay in deg at one specific frequency, i.e., the fastest response latency of the copter, to give a ‘worst case’ estimate of the impact of your filtering on the latency of the PID terms in deg. More to say about this another time.
  • Added a link to the pidtoolbox.com website for users that want direct face-to-face tuning consultation
  • Added user control over fonts

KissUltra 2.0.1-B41

29 Oct 2022


Walksnail Avatar VRX Module

31 Oct 2022

Basically like the HDZero VRX module, you can connect it to most FPV goggles with HDMI input. It saves you from buying a whole new goggles to just use the Avatar HD system. You can pre-order it now for only $189, $199 including a 1S Mini VTX and Nano Camera combo:

Learn more here: https://intofpv.com/t-walksnail-avatar-hd-vrx-module

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