News: FPVModel HD FPV System

FPVModel is developing an HD FPV system similar to the Connex Prosight but hopefully cheaper. This HD FPV system would allow you to see high definition video flying FPV, which has better quality than the traditional 5.8GHz analogue system.

I believe it’s still at its early stage in development, spec and design of the product might change in the future.

Anyway, from the leaked images you can see the FPVModel HD PFV system consists of a camera module and a dual-stacked board which are connected by a ribbon cable. The boards handles the video processing and transmission, with two antennas for diversity.


At the moment it can do 480p, which is really SD and not HD strictly but it’s definitely a good step forward in the right direction! Hopefully resolution can improve as the technology gets better and cheaper to make.

We have been told the latency is around 40ms, which is slightly higher than the 5.8GHz analogue system we use but still within acceptable range for FPV flying.

It can actually do 720p now, but latency is too high and they are working hard to improve it.

The system operates on the 5.2GHz – 5.8GHz band, and range is about 400-500 meters on 200mW.

The system will come with the camera, transmitter and receiver. The VTX and camera together weigh in at 31g. The VRX will have HDMI output for the FPV goggles.

Release Date: October 2018

Price: To be confirmed

9 thoughts on “News: FPVModel HD FPV System

  1. Hypurr

    I bet the latency comes from a DAC at the transmitting and receiving ends. If the signal is transmitted digitally then when it gets weak it will pixilate and freeze where an analog signal would just get glitchy with snow but not freeze. I would rather have a signal get static and snow yet still not freeze than one that just suddenly freezes on me.

  2. Ludo

    If that 480p is crystal clear, crisp and fast I’ll take it. I don’t need HD, I need clear uninterupted video that allows me to fly with more than 4 or 8 people simultaneously without interference. That alone would already justify weight and price.

  3. David

    Seriously has anybody looked at DJI Ocusync Air? With the DJI RE goggles it’s a match made in heaven! 720p all day long with 7km range!

  4. Mark Pfeifer

    Inch by inch, we creep closer and closer……

    Does it have an on board HD recorder, like a runcam split? We need to justify the extra weight somehow, if it could eliminate the gopro, that would be great.


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