How to Calibrate iSDT LiPo Charger

by Oscar

iSDT LiPo chargers are great and I’ve been recommending them a lot, but they aren’t the most accurate when it comes to voltage reading. The error is usually quite small and shouldn’t be something to worry about. But it’s always good to check and here is how you can calibrate a iSDT LiPo Charger.

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If the LiPo charger is reading the voltage wrong, it can under-charge or worse, over-charge your batteries.

How to Calibrate iSDT LiPo Charger

Take a LiPo battery, check the voltage of each individual cell with an accurate multimeter. You will need a multimeter that can read voltage at least in the precision to the 1000th of a volt.

If you are not sure if your multimeter is accurate, you can get a voltage reference to check (buy:, and calibrate your multimeter first. Here I will assume my multimeter is accurate enough.

Don’t mess with calibration if you don’t have an accurate device to measure voltage.

  • Connect a battery pack with both discharge lead and balance lead
  • go to system setting menu
  • system information
  • Long press the menu/enter button 3 times, you will enter “Factory Parameter” menu
  • Go to calibration, you will need to enter the unlock key shown on the screen, this is to prevent you from accidentally change the settings, or screw up – For SC-620 and SC-608 chargers you need to email iSDT to get the serial number in order to proceed
  • Change the voltage for each cell to the measured values from your multimeter

Note that you can also calibrate the input voltage on the menu, same method applies. This is not at all important if the voltage is a tiny bit off when you are using a DC input. This might cause a slight problem if you are using a battery as input voltage as you can over-discharge or under-discharge the battery slightly than expected.

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Amin 25th October 2023 - 4:48 pm

Hi oscar. I have two isdt charger
K2air and p20
I think P20 show wrong IR lipo battery
A new battery with 2~3 IR , but on P20 it shown 9 ~ 11 IR