IntoFPV Forum Account Suspended Error

by Oscar

Some forum users are getting the Account Suspended Error, this has nothing to do with the forum, it seems to be an error generated from local internet provider. Even myself is getting this error with my home network (UK), but I can still access the site using 4G on my phone.

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I’ve talked to the hosting company and they have no idea why this is happening, as it seems to work fine from their end.

I have absolute no idea why this is happening either, but I am looking into this. If you have any idea please get in touch with me as well.

Update (19 Dec 2020): This error seems to just go away after some time (a few hours to a day). You might also want to flush DNS just in case: if you are running on Windows, then shut down all browsers and open a Windows Command Prompt (Windows Key + R, then type CMD). Then run the command IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS. I am not sure how to do that on a Mac but if you Google it I’m sure you will find out how.

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Zolon 29th December 2020 - 2:26 pm

I had something like this when I used to use GoDaddy for my host. It turned out the issue was their Ajax security shutting down whole IP ranges, like verizon wireless which I use. If I went to a different IP range, say an at&t phone, I had no issues.

I ended up switching providers in the long run, because they refused to accept the issue was on their servers. Even a text based website would do this, because the block could be caused by any website being attacked on the cluster in question.