Review: Radiomaster AG01 Mini Gimbals

by Oscar
Radiomaster Ag01 Mini Gimbals

Are you looking to upgrade the gimbals on your Zorro radio? Look no further, check out these new Radiomaster AG01 Mini Gimbals. The are absolutely some of the smoothest gimbals I have used, with top notch build quality and CNC faceplate.

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Where to Buy?

You can buy just one gimbal, but you get a discount when buying two.

In the box you get a manual, hex Allen key, spare screws and springs.

Radiomaster Ag01 Mini Gimbals Unbox Accessories

What’s Special About the AG01 Mini Gimbals?

The AG01 Mini Gimbals are more expensive than the Radiomaster Zorro (ELRS version). Yes, it’s ridiculous I know. Obviously they are not for everyone, but if you have the budget and are willing to spend extra to get the best possible stick feel, these are for you. Compared to the stock hall gimbals, they are superior and the difference in smoothness is noticeable.

They come with the latest “Sticky360” stickends.

Radiomaster Ag01 Mini Gimbals Close Up

They are basically the same as the AG01 gimbals I recently reviewed, just smaller. The AG01 Mini gimbals support both Radiomaster Zorro and TX12.

Radiomaster Ag01 Mini Gimbals Back Closeup

However, due to the compact size, they don’t offer the same spring tension adjustment as the full size version. Spring tension can only be adjusted from the back, not from the front of the gimbals. However you still have the stick travel adjustment on the front which is nice. The travel range is between 38 to 54 degrees. Personally I would just leave it at full travel to get the most resolution out of them. If you have smaller hands or for whatever reason you can’t reach full deflection then limit stick travel would help.

Here are the screws for adjusting spring tensions and throttle friction on the AG01 Mini gimbal.

Radiomaster Ag01 Mini Gimbals Stick Spring Tension Adjustmenet Throttle Self Centering

Note that there is no ratchet on the AG01 Mini gimbals, so that’s something to beware of if you prefer to have ratchet on your throttle stick. But using ratchet is really rare for flying multirotors to be honest because it reduces your throttle resolution.

They don’t come with damping grease and lubricant oil like the full version, but these were applied on the gimbals in factory.

Here’s the manual.

Radiomaster Ag01 Mini Gimbals Manual

Installing AG01 Mini Gimbals in the Zorro

It’s not the easiest job to install these gimbals in the Zorro, but it’s doable with a little patience and planning. Here I will walk you through the process.

First of all, make one of the gimbals your throttle stick by disabling self centering. To do this, simply insert this black screw at the corner. This is how you switch between Mode 1 and Mode 2 as well.

Radiomaster Ag01 Mini Gimbals Stick Throttle Self Centering Disable Screw

Take the screws out on the back of the radio. There are 8 screws as circled in the following picture.

Radiomaster Zorro Tear Down Take Part Back Housing Screw

Gently remove the back housing, beware of the two ribbon cables connected to the PCB, you need to unplug them first.

Radiomaster Zorro Tear Down Take Part Battery Compartment Ribbon Cables After taking the back housing off, take some pictures of how the cables are connected to the PCB, because you will be disconnecting all of them.

Radiomaster Zorro Tear Down Take Part Pcb Ribbon Cables

One trick I used was to mark them with written stickers with words like “Top Left”, “Bottom Right” etc. according to which connector they were connected to.

Radiomaster Zorro Tear Down Take Part Cable Markers

Then unplug all the ribbon cables, there are 14 of them! You also need to remove the four screws on the PCB before you can pull the PCB away from the radio. There’s an extra ribbon cable on the back of the PCB that needs unplugging as you lift it up.

With the PCB removed, you now have access to the gimbals. Each gimbal is held in place by 4 screws.

Radiomaster Zorro Tear Down Take Part Gimbals

Remove the stock gimbals, but leave the original metal plate in place.

Radiomaster Zorro Tear Down Remove Gimbals

Install the new AG01 mini gimbals, and put the PCB back in place and plug in all the ribbon cables. Put the back housing back on.

Radiomaster Zorro Tear Down Install Ag01 Mini Gimbals

Once you are done, the first thing to do is to calibrate the gimbals by holding down the “SYS” key, press “Page >” a few times until you get to the “Hardware” page, and you should see “Calibration”.

Radiomaster Zorro Calibrate Gimbals Sliders


The AG01 Mini gimbals feel just as smooth as the full size AG01 gimbals, but smaller. But are they worth it? It really depends. For most people, the stock gimbals are “good enough” and get the job done. But if you are willing to pay extra for the increased smoothness and accuracy of these gimbals, now you have an option.

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Roland 5th January 2023 - 5:01 pm

Would these mini’s fit in the dji remote 2?
I’ve upgraded the dji fpv remote (black box) with the full size AG01’s and I love it!
Can’t find a YTvideo about this.
BRGRDS Roland van Helden.

Alex 9th December 2022 - 1:46 pm

Hi Oscar
I’ve just installed the AG01 mini inside my Zorro but the throttle gimbal seems to not let’s say “fully lose” the self centering functionality – it tends to come back just slightly; if I do the calibration it sits in the range of -80 to -90 if I don’t touch it. What could be the issue here? I didn’t change anything on the gimbals before I put them inside and no cables are pinched/pulled.

Oscar 9th December 2022 - 1:55 pm

there’s a piece of metal behind the gimbal that gives the throttle friction. Try loosen it completely and see if that works? If not try tighten it slightly so it grips the throttle stick just enough to prevent it from moving on its own?

Alex 17th May 2022 - 8:30 am

Hi Oscar,
Will these fit in the jumper T-pro?

QuickFlash 22nd April 2022 - 2:39 am

You think you could make these fit into the jumper t-lite radio?