RapidFire vs. TBS Fusion – Which Receiver Module Should You Buy?

by Oscar

In today’s post, we’ll compare two leading analog receiver modules, ImmersionRC Rapidfire and TBS Fusion, to help you decide which Fatshark module is the best choice for your needs.

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Where to Buy?


TBS Fusion

Compatibility and Power Consumption

Both modules are compatible with most of Fatshark’s latest FPV goggles, including HDO, HDO2, and even DJI FPV goggles with an analog receiver mount. Their power consumption is quite similar, drawing around 350mA to 380mA of current during operation.

Signal Reception and Performance

When it comes to signal reception, the Rapidfire and Fusion are currently the top contenders in the industry. Their performance is incredibly close, making it difficult to declare a clear winner.


Both receiver modules offer standard features like auto-search, frequency usage scanning, and lost model finder. RapidFire stands out with its unique channel lock feature, preventing accidental changes due to button bumps. In contrast, the TBS Fusion boasts a lap timer and WiFi capability, allowing it to communicate with other TBS devices, synchronize VTX and VRX channels, and display settings through your FPV goggles.

Ease of Use

Personally, I find the RapidFIRE’s menu navigation slightly more user-friendly. However, the Fusion’s interface simply requires a bit of familiarization and remains fully functional.

The Deciding Factor – Cost

While the performance and features of both modules are strikingly similar, the deciding factor may be the price. The Rapidfire module is priced at $160, while the TBS Fusion comes in at a more affordable $120. Considering their nearly identical performance, the Fusion’s lower price and additional WiFi capability make it a compelling choice for many users.

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