Adding Correct Timestamp to Betaflight Blackbox Logs

by Oscar
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It’s annoying that Blackbox logs have random timestamps. Here’s how to add real date and time stamps to your blackbox logs in 1 simple step.

If you have a GPS module connected to the FC, get a lock before starting your blackbox log, the correct timestamp will be used. However not everyone uses a GPS and this is how you do it.

All you need is a transmitter loaded with OpenTX.

Most radios have a Real Time Clock, and with a LUA script we can send the time to Betaflight which will be added to your blackbox logs.

Go to the Global Functions in your radio, and enter this line: GF1 ON Lua Script bfbkgd

“bfbkgd” is a lua script that runs in the background, it updates Betaflight with the current date and time from the radio. So make sure you set the correct date and time in your radio to make this work.

That’s it.

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Steve FPVCrash 11th November 2021 - 1:41 pm

Is there any way to get the date and time updated, even manually for the FPV dvrs, so the videos are not dated in 2018?