RCX ZMR 1804 2400KV Motor

by Oscar

RCX 1804 2400KV Motor Designed for Mini Quad

This Outrunner Brushless motor is designed for mini multicopters. It was manufactured by RCX but also rebranded in ZMR. As of testing, full load of this motor demands between 6A – 8A current. So a >10A ESC is recommended, a 6A ESC might be too low if you need to drive it very hard.

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Note that the supplied screws are a bit short for 3mm arms. For other motors, check out the parts list.

This motor comes with clockwise and anti-clockwise versions. The idea is that with Clockwise motor is spinning with counter-clockwise thread to avoid the Nut (the top bullet head) loosing off from the motor. So in most case, you should purchase one with *R and another one without *R to make up one pair.

Motor Dimension

  • Motor Diameter: Approx. 23.6mm
  • Motor Shaft Diameter: 2mm


It’s best with 5030 prop. 5040 also works great. But 6045 props are just too large for the RCX1804 motors. They can run 6030 prop at the maximum. For a mini FPV quad weights 430g and the motors do not even get warm with GF5030, HQ5040.

Current Rating and ESC

This motor draws between 7.5 – 8.5A at 100% Throttle, so a 10A ESC is good enough. The temperature of a 10A ESC was only a little warm after a continuous full load after 5-6 minutes.

People on RCGroup reported that the motors work beautifully which he used 4S 2200mAh 25C with 12A ESC on 5030 Props. But we have not yet tried so it is not guaranteed but you are welcome to report.

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