Complete Mini Quad Parts List – FPV Quadcopter Component Choice

by Oscar

This article provides an extensive list of brands and components for FPV mini quadcopters and racing drones. It’s an ever growing resource to keep you updated on all the new and exciting parts available for mini quad running 5″ and 6″ propellers.


Update (2018): I have started using spreadsheet to document new products so I have stopped updating this post:

The “Almost Complete” 250 Mini Quad Parts List

Are you new to mini quad? Make sure to check out our drone racing beginner’s guide first.

FPV Drone Racing is a fast growing industry, making it difficult to keep track of all the products that get released every day. This guide is here to help you stay up to date with the latest in the hobby. For Brushed Micro quad: brushed micro quad parts list

New products are added to the top of the lists in each category on a monthly basis, make sure to come back and check the list regularly. I will endeaver to keep the lists up to date, but if you spot any missing products please drop me a product URL link on our forum thread.

Update History

  • Dec 2014 – Article created
  • May 2015 – Edited
  • Nov 2015 – Edited
  • Mar 2016 – Added 20+ new products
  • Aug 2016 – Added 100+ new products; Removed 30+ obsolete products
  • Feb 2017 – Added 70+ new products; Removed 10+ obsolete products
  • Aug 2017 – Added 60+ new products; Removed 30+ obsolete products
  • Dec 2017 – Edited; Added 70+ new products; Removed 70+ obsolete products (BLHeli 1st gen, board FPV cameras, 1st gen motors, etc)

RC Transmitter and Receiver

One of the first items to get before flying a mini quad would probably be an RC transmitter. We have already compiled a list of popular RC transmitters for racing drones, and the considerations when selecting one for your specific needs.

At the moment, the most popular TX is the Frsky Taranis QX7 (Purchase | Our Review) and the Taranis X9D (Purchase | Our Review).

Frame – Mini Quad Parts List

A good frame should be crash-resistant, rigid and have a well thought-out design. Choosing a reliable frame can give you an enjoyable building experience, keep your downtime to a minimum, and save money on replacement parts.

In addition to protecting your electronics, the frame plays a key role in the flight characteristics and performance of your quadcopter.

Here is a beginners guide to help you understand the basics of mini quad frames.

Name/Purchase Image Price Material/Arm Thickness Weight Review URL Builds
Diatone GT-M200 $47 CF + Aluminium / 6mm 108g Oscar
Armattan Rooster $95 CF + Titanium / 4mm TBC IntoFPV
Ummagawd Remix $100 CF / 4mm 109g
HyperLite Floss $45 CF / 4mm 59g
XHover Stingy $115 CF / 4mm 110g
3B-R 211 $52 CF / 5mm 72g
CT SuperLight 5″ $60 CF + 3D print / 3mm 56g
CT Meriac 5″ $56 CF + 3D print / 5mm 62g
BlackPearl Pro $120 CF / 4mm 93g
Tribute True X $93 CF / 3.5mm 77g
AstroX TrueXS Switch $95 CF / 4mm TBC
Martian II 220 MartianⅡ 220 mini quad frame $26 4mm CF 120g
ZMR250 carbon_fibre_250_mini_quad_frame_side $31 Carbon Fiber 145g Oscar, RCG Oscar
Realacc X210 Pro $34 4mm CF 96g
Rotoracer RR210 Rotoracer RR210 mini quad Frame assembled side $57 carbon fiber 98g
Tweaker 5″ 220 tweaker-5-mini quad frame $65 4mm CF 136g
Mixuko 5 shendrones-mixuko-mitsuko-mini quad frame $70 Carbon Fiber 79g
Ragg-E WBX 205 RaGG-e WBX 5 Mini Quad build fpv camera cage top $72 HDPE 152g Oscar
Lumenier QAV210 CHARPU Lumenier QAV210 CHARPU mini quad frame $75 Carbon Fiber 91g
Mako 225 mako mini quad frame $75 4mm CF 101g
DemonRC Fury $80 4mm CF 80g
EpiQuad 210X EpiQuad 210X mini quad frame $83 4mm CF unknown
Krieger 200 mini-quad-krieger-225 X Quadcopter $90 Carbon Fiber 104g
Lumenier QAV250 frame - Luminier QAV250 mini quad $90 G10 145g YT sanderw
QAV-X 214 QAV-X mini quad frame $90 4mm CF 93g Artur
Skitzo Dark Matter $90 4mm CF 96g Oscar
Armadillo 223 Armadillo Armattan mini quad frame $92 4mm CF 109g Biggles
Chameleon $95 4mm CF 118g
Dquad Obsession $100 4mm CF 94g
DemonRC NOX5 DEMON NOX5 FPV Mini Quad FRAME $105 Carbon Fiber 83g Oscar
Orca 215 orca shendrone mini quad frame $100 4mm CF 99g
MQC Fusion 210 MQC-FUSION mini quad frame $100 3mm CF 124g
ImpulseRC Alien impulserc-alien-mini-quad-frame-5-210 $109 Carbon Fiber 125g
QAV-R 210 QAV-R mini quad frame $115 4mm CF 99g
Stigg 195 stigg mini quad frame $145 CF & Aluminium 120g
Helix ZX5 200 helix zx5 mini quad frame $199 4mm CF 58g Oscar
Sloop 220 €75 CF(4mm) 108g
TSX200 £60 CF(3mm) 78g
Sparrow Knight R220 $170 CF(3mm) 149g Oscar
Hyperlite Evo HD 5″ $60 CF(3mm) 77g
GepRC LSX5 $50 CF(4mm) 109g Oscar
TransTEC Frog 5″ $28 CF(4mm) 95g
Realacc Purple215 $25 CF(4mm) 106g

Flight Controller

The standard size of a racing mini quad flight controllers is 36x36mm (with 30.5×30.5mm spaced M3 mounting holes).

Smaller boards (with 20x20mm spaced mounting holes) are becoming available, which save weight and space by sacrificing certain features. Most 5″ and 6″ frames currently are designed for 30.5×30.5mm mounting holes, so you might need adapters to use these smaller FC’s.

Further Readings


You will most likely to only use one of the 3 major firmware that are developed specifically for FPV mini quad.

The majority of FC’s run the open-sourced Betaflight firmware these days, which is compatible with all F1, F3, F4 and F7 flight controllers. Both KISS and Raceflight are close source firmware and only compatible with their own flight controllers.

Further Reading: FC Firmware Overview

(Dec 2017) – Betaflight has recently announced to end update of F1 FC due to the lack of resource, also neither KISS nor Raceflight support F1 FC, therefore we have excluded all F1 FC in our list.

I compiled the specifications of all FC’s for mini quad in this spreadsheet so you can compare them more closely.

** “AIO” in the features column means integrated PDB and 5V voltage regulator.

Name / MCU Picture Price Features & comment Review/Discussion
Betaflight F4 $45 AIO + OSD Oscar
KISS FC V2 F7 $77 KISS firmware only IntoFPV
Omnibus AIO F7 V2 $60 Two soft mounted gyros, OSD
CL Racing F4S $35 AIO IntoFPV
Matek F405 AIO $40 Built-in PDB, OSD Oscar
Kakute F4 $40 AIO + OSD + soft-mounted Gyro Oscar
Emax Magnum Stack $110 FC + VTX + PDB + ESC + RX
XRacer F4 $27 Oscar
Lumenier F4 AIO $45 built-in OSD and PDB
HGLRC F4 V5 $46 Integrated OSD, PDB and VTX
FrSky XSRF4PO $60 built-in PDB, OSD and Frsky XSR RX Oscar
Asgard AIO V2 $88 AIO with Integrated OSD and ESC
Serious Pro Racing SPRacing F3 seriously-pro-racing-f3-flight-controller-spracing-fc-top $65 Designed by Cleanflight Developer
Motolab Tornado F3 motolab-tornado-fc-flight-controller $29
RMRC Seriously Dodo F3 RMRC-DODO-FC-flight-controller-f3 $50
Revo F4 cc3d-revo-revolution-f4-flight-controller-fc $57
Sparky V2 F4 sparky_v2_flight-controller-fc n/a
KISS FC F3 KISS FC - 32bit Flight Controller mini quad $35 Runs ustom FC firmware by Flyduino Oscar
SPRacing F3 Mini SPRACINGF3 MINI FC - seriously pro racing f3 flight controller $60
Skyline32+OSD FC EMAX Skyline32+OSD Flight controller FC $30 integrated OSD Oscar
XRacer XRacer F3 FC $30 MPU6000 with SPI IntoFPV
TBS Powercube F3 TBS Powercube F3 FC $140+ ESC/PDB integrated stack
Motolab Cyclone F3 Motolab Cyclone F3 FC $37
Singularity F3 Singularity F3 FC $69 Built-in VTX
SPRacing EVO F3 SPRacing EVO F3 FC $37 Oscar
Piko BLX F3 Piko BLX FC top $39 Integrated PDB, small size – 26x26mm Oscar
Kombini Kombini F3 FC $49 Integrated PDB Oscar
BrainFPV RE1 F4 BrainFPV RE1 F4 FC $79 Integrated OSD, only support dRonin software
DTFc F3 DTFc F3 FC $45 Integrated PDB
Sirin FC F3 sirin-fc-flight-controller $99 Built-in VTX, OSD, MicroSD
Motolab Tempest F3 MOTOLAB TEMPEST FC $40 Integrated PDB
Rotoracer Racebase F3 rotoracer_f3-fc_racebase $55 Integrated OSD, BEC, video filter
BG AIO v1.1 F3 $23 Integrated OSD, SD card logger
Racecube F3 $66 Integrated OSD, RX, ESC, PDB, logger, Buzzer
BG AIO v4 F3 $53 One board, integrated VTX, OSD, PDB
Radiance F3 $30 5V/12V output Oscar
Betaflight F3 $43 Integrated PDB, OSD, designed by Boris B Oscar
Raceflight Revolt F4 $40 Official Raceflight FC Jimmy
Omnibus F4 $40 MPU6000, SD card logger, designed for BF
Soul F4 $44
Rotorgeeks SSD F3 $33 SD logger
LUX V2 F3 $40 MPU6000, SD logger
Flytower F4 PRO $100 OSD, PDB, ESC, VTX in 2 boards
DYS F4 Pro $36 Integrated PDB, OSD Oscar
Matek F405 OSD $27 Built-in OSD
Fortini F4 $40
CL Racing F4 $30 Integrated PDB and OSD
TBS Colibri F3 $30
Hyperlite F4 $27
BrainFPV RE1 F4 $65 Integrated OSD Oscar
HGLRC F4 Flame $35 AIO with built-in OSD


Choosing a motor is a major decision when building a mini quad, it is one of the the main factors determining the speed, flight time and performance of your quadcopter. There are just as many options for motors as there are for mini quad frames.

Motor Name /Size KV Picture Weight Max.Thrust/g(cell:[email protected]) Input Voltage Price
T-Motor F60III 2207 2750kv 34.5g 1436 (4S : 5040×3 @ 36.4A) 3S-5S $25
T-Motor F40 Pro II 1600KV
29.5g TBC 3S-6S $27
Emax LS2207 Lite 2400KV 30g TBC 3S-5S $23
DYS Wei 2207 2300KV
34.7g TBC 3S-4S $9.9
DYS Shu 2306 2250KV
33.6g TBC 3S-4S $9.9
DYS Wu 2206 2400KV
31g TBC 3S-4S $9.9
Returner R3 2207 2550kv 30.8g 1450 (4S : 5040×3 @ 33.5A) 4S-5S $26
AOKFly FR2205 2650KV 28.4 1350 (4S : 5040×3 @ 31.7A) $14
Returner R5 2306 2450kv
28.7g 1469 (4S : 5040×3 @ 34.7A) 4S-5S $26
RotorRiot Hyper Train 2450KV 30g 1342 (4S : 5040×3 @ 39.8A) 3S-5S $26
3B-R 2407 2600KV 33.7g TBC 2S-5S $23
3B-R 2207 2650KV 30.5g TBC 2S-4S $19
MB Primo 2207 2450kv
30g 1533 (4S : 5040×3 @ 37.2A) 3S-6S $23
ZMX FinX30 2207 2640kv 30.8g 1571 (4S : 5040×3 @ 39.6A) 4S $26
ZMX FinX23 2205 2600kv 24.6g 1405 (4S : 5040×3 @ 36.1A) 4S $21
Sonic Pro SP2205 2600KV 28.5g TBC $45
MAD 2306 2400KV
31g 1504 (4S : 5040×3 @ 37.1A) $23
Tornado T3 2306 2450kv 31.6g 1385 (4S : 5040×3 @ 31.7A) TBC
T-Motor F40III 2306 2400KV
32.6g 1450 (4S : 5040×3 @ 35.2A) $25
Garila J2506 2750kv 38.3g 1536 (4S : 5040×3 @ 36.3A) TBC
Tattu 2305 2450kv 29.7g 1256 (4S : 5040×3 @ 27.7A) $18
Cobra 2204 2300 KV cobra-2204-1960 25g 436 (3S : 5030 @ 8.6A)
559 (3S : 6030 @ 11.0A)
Cobra 2204 1960 KV cobra-2204 23g 330 (3S : 5030 @ 5.7A)
533 (4S : 5030 @ 8.1A)
587 (4S : 5040 @ 11.2A)
Cobra 2206 2100KV cobra 37g Pending $26
Xnova 2204 2300KV Xnova 29g 1090 (4S : 5045BN @ 22.8A)
1134 (4S : 5040×3 @ 24.7A)
Xnova 2206 2000KV Xnova 36g Pending $27
EMAX RS2205 2300KV EMAX 30g 1069 (4S : 5045BN @ 22.7A)
1167 (4S : 5045×3 @ 25.4A)
EMAX RS2205 2600KV emax rs2205 2600kv motor review 30g 1282 (4S : 5045BN @ 28.8A)
1357 (4S : 5040×3 @ 32.4A)
Lumenier RB2204 SKITZO 2500KV Lumenier 22g 989 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.4A)
991 (4S : 5040×3 @ 25.3A)
Scorpion M-2205 2350KV Scorpion 31g Pending $25
DYS SE2205 2300KV dys 30g 1066 (4S : 5045BN @ 22.5A)
1164 (4S : 5040×3 @ 25.7A)
ZMX 2205 V2 2300KV ZMX n/a 1109 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.5A)
1167 (4S : 5040×3 @ 25.7A)
Cobra Champion 2205 2300KV cobra champion 2205 motor 30g 1161 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.8A)
1229 (4S : 5040×3 @ 27.4A)
DYS SE2008 2300KV DYS-SE2008-2550KV-Motors 33g 1255 (4S : 5045BN @ 27.4A)
1328 (4S : 5040×3 @ 31.2A)
Edge R2204 2300KV Edge R2204 2300kv motor 26.5g 994 (4S : 5045BN @ 20.4A)
1031 (4S : 5040×3 @ 23.1A)
Gemfan RT2205 2300KV Gemfan RT2205 motor 31.5g 1150 (4S : 5045BN @ 24.6A)
1218 (4S : 5040×3 @ 27.9A)
LDPower 2206 2200KV LDPower FR2206 2200kv motor 30g 1108 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.4A)
1179 (4S : 5040×3 @ 26.4A)
Lumenier RX2205 2400KV Lumenier RX2205 motor 24g 1013 (4S : 5045BN @ 21.2A)
1037 (4S : 5040×3 @ 24.4A)
RCINPower GT2205 2300KV RCINPower GT2205 motor 30g 1097 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.6A)
1169 (4S : 5040×3 @ 26.1A)
RCTimer FR2205 2300KV RCTimer FR2205 motor 29g 1134 (4S : 5045BN @ 22.8A)
1190 (4S : 5040×3 @ 25.0A)
RCX SE2205 2400KV 40g 1050 (4S : 5045BN @ 22.6A)
1091 (4S : 5040×3 @ 25.1A)
Rebel Pro 2206 2600kv Rebel Pro 2206 motor pending 1168 (4S : 5045BN @ 24.1A)
1257 (4S : 5040×3 @ 27.6A)
Storm M2205 2350KV Storm M2205 motor 25g 1096 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.3A)
1127 (4S : 5040×3 @ 25.8A)
T-Motor F40 V2 2300KV T-Motor F40 II motor 27g 1041 (4S : 5045BN @ 21.1A)
1088 (4S : 5040×3 @ 21.8A)
T-Motor F40 V2 2500KV T-Motor F40 II motor 27g 1117 (4S : 5045BN @ 25.1A)
1165(4S : 5040×3 @ 27A)
T-Motor F60 V2 2450KV T-Motor F60 II motor 33g 1230 (4S : 5045BN @ 25.8A)
1400 (4S : 5040×3 @ 32.0A)
T-Motor F40 II 2400KV
t-motor f40ii-2400kv motor 28g Pending $25
XNova Hypersonic 2300KV
XNova Hypersonic motor 2205 30g 1153 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.9A)
1208 (4S : 5040×3 @ 29.4A)
Tornado T1 2205 2300KV brotherhobby-tornado-t1-2205-2600kv-motor-feature 29.5g 1152 (4S : 5045BN @ 23.8A)
1223 (4S : 5040×3 @ 27.7A)
Lumenier RX2206 2350KV lumenier-rx2206-13-2000kv-motor 27g 986 (4S : 5045BN @ 19.1A)
1050(4S : 5040×3 @ 21.6A)
EMAX TS2306 2300KV emax ts2306 motor 34g 1200 (4S : 5045BN @ 25.4A)
1295 (4S : 5040×3 @ 30.0A)
1500 (4S : 6040 @ 36A)
ZMX Fusion 2206 2300KV
30.5g 1250 (4S : 5045BN @ 26.1A)
1300 (4S : 5040×3 @ 30.0A)
Tornado T2 2206 2300KV
30g 1213 (4S : 5045BN @ 25.7A)
1300 (4S : 5040×3 @ 29.8A)
Multicopter Builders 2207 2400KV
30g 1250 (4S : 5045BN @ 27.1A)
1335 (4S : 5040×3 @ 31.5A)
DYS Fire 2206 2100KV
32g 1099 (4S : 5045BN @ 22.0A)
1157 (4S : 5040×3 @ 25.5A)
Hyperlite V4 2206 2300KV
28.6g 1209 (4S : 5045BN @ 25.2A)
1271 (4S : 5040×3 @ 28.9A)
Emax RS2205S 2300KV
28.8g 1251 (4S : 5045BN @ 31.7A)
1232 (4S : 5040×3 @ 28.8A)
RMRC Rifle 2206 2300KV
30.5g 1180 (4S : 5045BN @ 24.3A)
1256 (4S : 5040×3 @ 28.0A)
TBS Steele 2306 2345KV 28.5g 1141 (4S : 5045BN @ 24.3A)
1194 (4S : 5040×3 @ 28.2A)
Lumenier RB2205 2400KV 24g Pending $35
T-Motor F40 Pro 2305 2400KV
30g 1349 (4S : 5045BN @ 29.8A)
1441 (4S : 5040×3 @ 35.4A)
T-Motor F60 Pro 2207 2200KV
34g 1232 (4S : 5045BN @ 25.5A)
1325 (4S : 5040×3 @ 29.4A)
1711 (4S : 6040 @ 36.4A)
DYS Storm 2207 2300KV
33.7g $22
T-motor AIR 40 2205 2450KV 24.5g $14
Sunnysky R2305 2300KV
32g N/A
RCX RS2206 V3 2400KV 33g $14
ZMX Fusion X30 2207 2300KV 33g $21
Emax RS2306 2400KV
34g $23
Racerstar BR2306 2400KV
33.5g $8
Returner R4 2206 2300KV
29g $25
Cobra VEK CP2207 2450KV 36g $26
DYS Mars 2306 2400KV
34g $25
DYS Thor 2408 2200KV
37g $25

You might see varying thrust test results for the same motors online, this is because of the different testing equipment and environment. Some thrust data shown here were obtained in my own testing, while the rest was pulled from

Thrust is not everything! :) There are many other factors to consider when selecting the ideal motors for your build. Remember that the quality, responsiveness (how quickly can RPM changes), and efficiency of your motors, as well as performance under different throttle levels are just as important as peak thrust.

Here is our guide to highlights some of the important things to consider when choosing quadcopter motor.

Propellers (Prop)

You should check out my article to learn about the basics or quadcopter propellers.

Get plenty of spare props

Propellers should be considered the “consumable” in this hobby, especially so for flying mini quad because we crash… A LOT!

Breaking or bending props are inevitable, how many you break depends on how much you fly and how much fun you are having :)

Propellers are generally fairly cheap ($1 to $2 a pair), therefore it’s a good idea to get a bunch of them, so you can order more before running out.

Always get “durable props”

When I started flying mini quad back in 2013, mini quad props were mainly made of ABS or some other brittle plastic, and were extremely easy to break. Luckily new material was introduced in propellers, and these are commonly referred to as “durable” or “indestructible” props.

These durable props are slightly flexible, but extremely hard to break, they will also save you money in the long run. However there are downsides to “indestructible” props though

  • Durable props often bend in a crash and if incorrectly straightened, they can cause vibration in flights later on
  • When a propeller maintains its integrity in a crash, more of the force from the impact is transferred to the motor bearing which can result in shorter motor life

The number of blades in a propeller

Theoretically, the more blades a propeller has, the more thrust it’s capable of delivering at the same RPM, but it will also increase current draw dramatically because more energy is required to spin it.

Fewer blades equates lighter props, which means that the motors don’t have to work as hard to spin or stop them, making them run more efficiently and can response (change of RPM) more quickly.

Bi-blade and Tri-blades propellers are both excellent options: bi-blade is more efficient while tri-blade has better “grip” in the air. However in my opinion, Quad- and Hex-bladed props are designed for very specific motors and applications, so unless you know what you are doing it’s best to avoid these props.

My Favourite Props

Popular brands of propellers are:

  • DAL (or DALProps)
  • HQ
  • Gemfan
  • Kingkong
  • Racerstar

If you are a just getting started flying a mini quad, I would recommend Racerstar, Kingkong and DAL props. These are cheapest and yet perform very well.

Propeller Name Image/Material Price/Pair
DAL Cyclone T5045C  Durable $1.5
DAL Cyclone T5040C  Durable $1.5
DAL Cyclone 5050C $1.5
Gemfan Flash 5152×3 Durable $1.5
Gemfan Flash 5152×2  Durable $1.5
Emax Avon Durable $1.5
Azure Power
Kingkong Props Durable $0.6
RacerStar Props Durable $0.7
Butter Cutter Props 5x5x3 $2
Racekraft 5051/5038/5046  Durable $2
HQ 5x4x3 CF Reinforced Plastic $1.7
HQ 5x4x3 Skitzo Durable $1.75
HQ Quad Blade Prop hq-quad-blade-props-4-propellers $3
HQ Hex Blade Prop hq-hex-blade-props-6-propellers $3
HQ 6045 Glass Fiber Composite $3.5

ESC – Electronic Speed Controller

After making the choice of motor and prop combination, you should now be able to estimate the amount of current your mini quad will draw. If your motors draw more current than your ESC’s can handle, the ESC’s will eventually fail.

To find out the maximum current draw of your motor, check motor thrust data provided by the manufacturer or online reviewers. One excellent resource for that is MiniQuadTestBench.

For more detail, check out my tutorial on How to choose ESC for racing drones.

ESC Firmware

Nearly all the newest ESC’s are running BLHeli firmware, except KISS ESC’s, who has their own close-sourced firmware.

Further Reading: ESC firmware and Protocols

These ESC’s can be running either BLHeli_S or BLHeli_32 depending on what their hardware can support.

In a nutshell, BLHeli_32 is the latest ESC firmware and it allows you to run DShot1200 protocol, and has many other new features such as higher throttle resolution, ESC telemetry and current limiting.

I’ve personally found that ESC’s these days mostly perform similarly well, so it’s hard to go wrong with any latest ESC’s from a brand name (except a very few that might have terrible noise issues,anyway you will hear that from my blog or from the community).

I compiled the specification of all ESC’s for mini quad in this spreadsheet so you can compare them more closely.
Name Current Rating (Burst) Picture Price Cell Allowed Weight Firmware / Fastest Protocol
Gemfan Maverick 30A (40A) $12 2-6S 2.3g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
KISS ESC 32A 32A (40A) $34 2S-6S 5g KISS – DShot2400
DALRC Engine 40A 4in1 ESC 40A (50A) $60 3S-5S 16g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Hobbywing XRotor Micro 30A (50A) $16 2S-6S 6g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Typhoon32 4in1 35A $60 3S-4S TBC BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Wraith32 V2 35A $17 2S-6S TBC BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Aikon AK32 ESC 35A (45A) $17 2S-4S 9g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
T-Motor FPV F30A 30A $16 2S-4S 5.6g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Spedix GS30 30A (40A) $13 2S-4S 5g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
UFOFPV 30A 30A (35A) $13 2S-4S 6g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Airbot Ori32 4in1 25A $45 2S-4S TBC BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Hakrc 40A 4-In-1 ESC 40A (50A) $46 2S-6S 9.6g BLHeli_S – DShot600
Racerstar Tattoo_S Mini 4-In-1 25A (30A) $40 2S-4S 8g BLHeli_32 – DShot1200
Betaflight BLHeli_32 35A (45A) $19 2S-6S 6g BLHeli_32 / DShot1200
Littlebee Summer 35A (40A) $15 2S-4S 8g BLHeli_32 / DShot1200
Quadrant BLHeli_32 35A (50A) $19 2S-6S 3.3g BLHeli_32 / DShot1200
KISS 24A ESC 24A (30A) KISS ESC 2-5S 24A race edition - 32bit ESC $26 2S-5S 3.6g KISS Custom – 32bit DShot
TBS PowerCube 20A (45A) Team BlackSheep PowerCube $150 2S-6S 70g SimonK/BLheli
Castle Quadpack 25A Castle Creations Quadpack 25 ESC PCB front $23 2S-6S 6.5g Custom
Littlebee Pro 20A littlebee-pro-20a-esc-mini-quad $14 2S-4S 6g BLHeli, F396
Littlebee Pro 4in1 20A littlebee-pro-4-in-1-esc-20a-mini-quad $53 2S-4S 20g BLHeli, with 5V BEC
Aikon SEFM 20A 20A (30A) aikon sefm20-blehli_s esc $14 2S-4S 6g BLHeli_S
Aikon SEFM V2 30A 30A (40A) Aikon SEFM 30A ESC top mcu processor $16 2S-4S 9g BLHeli_S DShot
ZTW Flash 30A 30A ZTW flash 30A esc $16 2S-4S 11g BLHeli_S
DYS XS20 20A dys xs20a blehli_s esc $13 3S-4S 4.5g BLHeli_S
DYS XS30 30A dys xs30a esc feature $17 3S-6S 8.7g BLHeli_S
Littlebee 20A-S 20A littlebee-20a-s-esc-blheli-s $15 2S-4S 4g BLHeli_S
Littlebee 30A-S 30A littlebee-30a-s-esc-blheli_s $16 2S-6S 9g BLHeli_S
Sunrise Cicada 30A sunrise-cicada-30a-blheli-s-esc $18 2S-4S 9g BLHeli_S DShot
Racerstar RS20A 20A (25A) racestar v2 20a blehli_s esc $11 2S-4S 5.7g BLHeli_S DShot
Racerstar RS30A 30A (35A) racestar v2 30a blehli_s esc $13 2S-4S 6.3g BLHeli_S DShot
DALRC BS25A 20A DALRC BS25A esc $14 2S-4S 5.8g BLHeli_S
V-Good FireFly 18A v-good firefly 18a esc $17 2S-4S 5.7g Custom – 32-bit
Gemfan Maverick 25A Gemfan Maverick esc pending pending pending Custom – 32-bit
TBS Bulletproof 25A $17 2S-4S 3g BLHeli-S DShot
Emax Bullet 30A $13 2S-4S pending BLHeli-S DShot
T-Motor F30A 30A $15 2S-4S 4.3g BLHeli-S DShot
DYS XSD 30A $17 3S-5S 7.2g BLHeli-S DShot
Armattan DShot 30A $13.5 3S-6S 7.8g BLHeli-S DShot
XRacer Quadrant 25A $13 3S-6S 2.5g BLHeli-S DShot
Spedix HV 30A $12 3S-6S 5.5g BLHeli-S DShot
Foxeer F25A 25A (40) $11 2S-4S 4.5g BLHeli_S DShot
Racer33 33A (36A) $11.4 2S-4S 9g BLHeli_32
DYS Aria 35A (40A) $16 3S-6S 4.5g BLHeli_32
Tattu BLHeli_S 30A (40A) $17 2S-5S 6.5g BLHeli_S
Sunnysky R30A 30A (40A) ? 2S-4S 6.8g BLHeli_S
KISS 24A Ultralite 24A $30 3S-4S WEIGHT KISS


LiPo Battery

Once you have determined what motor, props and ESC you are going to put on your mini quad, you can now look at choosing LiPo batteries. The decisions you need to make revolve around:

  • Cell count
  • Capacity
  • C rating – max discharge rate

Further Reading: the basics of LiPo batteries.

Cell Count – 3S or 4S?

Manufacturers of motors and ESC’s state how many cells LiPo you should use with their products. Motors can run faster (higher RPM) with higher voltage, and that’s why 4S is preferred over 3S for racing and freestyle flying.

Now 5S and 6S are also getting popular, but it’s so new there aren’t a lot of hardware can support voltages that high yet. We will recommend some 5S and 6S gears when technology becomes more mature.

For beginners, I would recommend 4S because it’s the most widely supported battery voltage, and yet it’s a lot more powerful and fun to fly than 3S.

Further reading:


The most popular capacity range for mini quad is between 1300mAh and 1800mAh for both 3S and 4S setups. You will need to find a good balance between flight time and battery weight.

Larger capacity batteries give you more time in the air, but are also heavier. When it gets too heavy, the aircraft starts to feel sluggish and flies like a tank. For serious racers and free-style pilots, you want the aircraft to be as light as possible, making 1300mAh and 1500mAh the most popular packs to pick.

C Rating

Safe peak current draw = C-rating * capacity

For example, if a mini quad draws 48A in total at 100% throttle (12A per motor), any 1300mah battery that has a C rating higher than 37C should suffice.

Some people believe batteries of lower C rating work just as well, so why bother? That’s because if the C rating is below requirement, the quad will have no punch due to voltage sag under load.

Drawing current faster than your battery is capable of safely supplying it, can cause a battery to overheat and “puff”, eventually it can permanently damage the pack. Extreme cases can even result in fire!

Note that higher C rating batteries tend to be slightly heavier as well.

Popular LiPo Brand Names
Turnigy Nano-Tech
Drone Lab
Tattu (Gens Ace)


There is a new type of battery called HVLi (or sometimes LiHV), which stands for High Voltage Lipo battery. These batteries have higher energy density, and allow you to charge up to 4.35V per cell, giving you a higher initial voltage. Check out this post for all the pros and cons about LiHV batteries.

However, it’s been reported that HVLi has issue with longevity, and their performance and capacity degrade faster than regular LiPo batteries after the same amount of usage.

Fo special racing events the HVLi can still be considered because it gives you an advantage of higher initial voltage, but for everyday practice it’s still better to use regular LiPo batteries.

FPV Goggle / Monitor Display

To get a basic understanding on how FPV system work, please check out my FPV guide.

You can’t fly FPV without display equipment!

FPV Goggles give a better flying experience, but a cheap alternative such as a small LCD monitor can also work and doubles to show others what you see while flying.

I started with a 7″ monitor, it’s great for people who wear glasses. It also allows you to switch between line of sight and FPV quickly. However, I quickly grew out of it, not to mention it was hard to see what’s on the screen in bright conditions. I moved onto a pair of FPV goggles and have never looked back.

For a full list of FPV Goggles, check out this shopping guide for FPV goggles.

FPV Goggles List

If you prefer monitors, here are some good choices.

FPV Goggle/Monitor Name Picture Price
4.3 inch LCD Monitor $14
5 inch LCD Monitor $29
7 inch LCD Monitor 7-LCD-Monitor-Screen-fpv-stand $30
Eachine 5802 7″ Display with Built-in VRX $86
Skyzone HD02 7″ Display with Built-in VRX $115
Aomway HD588 10″ Display with Built-in VRX $186

It’s worth knowing that some FPV goggles come with great features, such as built-in video receiver, DVR (digital video recorder), head tracking, etc, which you don’t get on a monitor. Some box goggles even have a removable screen to double as goggles and monitor.

FPV Camera

Originally, CCD security board cameras like the PZ0420 was used on quadcopters, but nowadays everyone is turning towards well protected cameras that are design specifically for FPV, like the Runcam Swift or Foxeer Arrow.

Modern FPV cameras are easy to install in a mini quad frame, and have similar if not better performance than those board cameras.

Further Reading:

For day time flying, my current favorite is the Runcam Eagle 2. It’s also a really good all around camera that works well at night too.

For night and extremely low light FPV flying, check out the Night Eagle 2.

I compiled the specifications of all FPV cameras for mini quad in this spreadsheet so you can compare them more closely.

All the cameras on this list have a 4:3 aspect ratio unless specified otherwise. I try to point out the FOV of the lens whenever I can, otherwise I will state the focal length of the lens.

Camera Name Picture TVL Price Spec/Feature Input Voltage
Rotor Riot Swift 2 600TVL $45 CCD, 4:3, 140° FOV, OSD 5V-36V
Caddx Turbo Micro SDR1 1200TVL $35 CMOS, 16:9 & 4:3, 2.1mm 5V-40V
Caddx Turbo Micro F1 1200TVL $20 CMOS, 16:9, 2.1mm, OSD 4.5V-40V
Caddx Micro Turbo S1 600TVL $29 CCD, 4:3, 2.1/2.3mm, OSD 5V-40V
Caddx Turbo S1 600TVL $29 CCD, 4:3, 130° FOV, OSD 5V-40V
Foxeer Predator Mini 1000TVL $42 CMOS, 4:3, 112° FOV, OSD 5V-40V
RunCam Nano 650TVL $20 CMOS, 4:3, 160° FOV 3.3V-5.5V
Eachine 1000TVL 1200TVL $13 CMOS, 4:3, 112° FOV 5V-20V
RunCam Night Eagle 2 800TVL $80 CMOS, 4:3, 140° FOV 5V-36V
RunCam Sparrow 700TVL $30 CMOS, 16:9, 150° FOV 5V-36V
RunCam Micro Sparrow 700TVL $30 CMOS, 16:9, 145° FOV 5V-36V
Runcam Eagle 2 runcam eagle fpv camera 800TVL $45 CMOS 16:9 (170° FOV) & 4:3 (140° FOV) 5V-36V
Micro Swift 2 600TVL $35 CCD, 2.1mm/2.3mm, OSD 5V-36V
Runcam Swift runcam swift fpv camera front lens logo 600TVL $40 2.8mm 5V-17V
HS1177 runcam swift fpv camera hs1177 comparison size 600TVL $40 2.8mm 5V-17V
Owl Plus RunCam Owl Plus FPV camera lens front 700TVL $50 150° 5-22V
Foxeer Night Wolf V2 night wolf foxeer fpv camera 700TVL $43 For low light flying 5-40V
Runcam Swift 2 600TVL $45 Built-in OSD 5-36V
Runcam Night Eagle 800TVL $80 Night Vision / B&W 5-17V
Runcam Swift Mini 600TVL $35 Smaller Swift 5-36V
Foxeer Monster V2 1200TVL $39 Low latency CMOS 16:9 5-40V
Foxeer Arrow V3 foxeer arrow hs1199 fpv camera 600TVL $39 2.5mm, built-in OSD 5-35V
Arrow mini 600TVL $39 2.1mm, OSD 5-40V
Arrow Micro 2 600TVL $32 150 FOV, OSD 5-40V
HS1177 V2 600TVL $35 2.5mm/2.8mm 5-40V

Video Transmitter / Receiver

There are many choices for video transmitter (vTX) and video receiver (vRX). There are even different frequencies for FPV such as 1.2GHz, 1.3GHz and 2.4GHz (but some frequencies are restricted in some countries, so check your local regulations). The reason we prefer 5.8Ghz for a mini quad and micro quad is mainly because of the tiny antenna and VTX unit. A mini quad isn’t usually designed for long range either, so 5.8Ghz is enough for most people.

Here is a more detailed guide on how to choose a video transmitter.

I compiled the specifications of all 5.8GHz VTX for mini quad in this spreadsheet so you can compare them more closely.

It’s important to know that there are 5 common frequency bands used in 5.8Ghz video transmission for FPV, they are known as the A, B, E, F and Raceband bands. Some new VTX supports even up to 80 channels across 10 different bands

Here is a 5.8Ghz Frequency band table that explains what the frequencies (channels) are in each band. Beware there might be frequencies in certain bands that are illegal to use in your country, make sure you check your local regulation before broadcasting.

Video Transmitter Power Picture Price Input Voltage Channels Review
Matek VTX HV 5mW, 200mW, 500mW $30 7V-27V 40ch
RDQ Mach 2 25mW/200mW/500mW/800mW $30 7V-24V 37ch
AKK FX2 25mW/200mW/500mW/800mW $20 7V-24V 40ch Oscar
AKK X2 25mW/200mW/500mW/800mW $17 7V-24V 40ch
Runcam TX200 25mW/200mW $15 3.3V-5.5V 48ch Oscar
FuriousFPV Steath 25mW/200mW $30 2S-6S 40ch
Eachine TX526 25mW/200mW/600mW $18 7V-24V 40ch
Eachine VTX03 25mW/50mW/200mW $15 3.2V-5.5V 72ch
Atas Raceband 600mW atas-raceband-600mw-video-transmitter-vtx-top $45 7V-20V 40 ch Oscar
Foxeer TM25 Switcher 25mW/200mW/600mW Adjustable Foxeer TM25 Switcher vtx $33 7-24V 40ch
Immersionrc Tramp HV 1mW – 600mW linear power control ImmersionRC Tramp HV VTX pending 2S-6S (HV) 48ch
TBS unify pro  25mW – 800mW Adjustable TBS unify pro vtx $50 2S-6S (HV) 40ch
DIATONE SP3 25/200/600mW, integrated OSD $40 10-25V 48ch Grisha
FT48X 0.25-600mW adjustable $28 6.5-25V 48ch

You rarely have to buy the video receiver separately these days, it’s usually built into the FPV Goggles, or comes with it as a module. Even on some FPV monitors there is integrated video receivers.

But when it comes to selecting an external, standalone VRX, make sure it’s compatible with your choice of video transmitter (uses the same frequency band).

Video Receiver Picture Price US$ Support Bands Input Voltage Review
Eachine RC832 $15 48 channels 12V
Boscam FR632 Diversity $50 40 channels 6V-28V
Quanum RC540R Diversity ProDrone FullSet Antennah helical cloverleaf quanum diversity receiver $73 40 channels 6V-18V Oscar

FPV Antenna

VTX and VRX normally come with dipole antennas. They work fine, but to get better range and penetration it’s always advised to replace them with some circular polarized antennas.

Here is a tutorial on how to choose the best FPV antenna, and my recommendation.

To further improve range, directional antennas like helical and patch are used on the video receiver. These antennas can give you longer range, but they also have a narrower beam of reception. That means you will get weaker signal on your left and right, even worse behind. They come with different gains, the higher gain, the more directional it is.

Here is a guide about how antenna gain affects range in FPV.

Antenna Name TX/RX Image Type Price Gain
Realacc Triple Feed Patch VRX CP $13 9.4dBi
Lumenier AXII MMCX VTX CP $20 1.6dbic
Foxeer Pagoda Both CP $10 2dbi
Foxeer Thor Both CP $8 3dbi
Menace Invader VRX CP $14 6.5dbi
Realacc Pagoda Both CP $8 5 dbi
Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit Both boscam cloud spirit 5.8 antenna Clover-Leaf $26 TX1.1dbi,RX1.4dbi
ImmersionRC Spironet Both ImmersionRC 5.8GHz SpiroNet Antenna Skew Planar Wheel $40 na
IBCrazy Bluebeam Both IBCrazy 5.8 GHz Bluebeam Ultra Antenna TX – 3 lobe Airscrew5 lobe Mad Mushorrom $65 na
Aomway 7 Turn Helical RX Aomway 11dbi 7 Turn 5.8GHz Helical Antenna Helical $14 11dbi
Fatshark SpiroNET Patch RX Immersion Fatshark SpiroNET CP Patch 5.8GHz Antenna Patch $68 13dbi
TBS Triumph Both tbs-triumph-antenna Circular Polarized $40 1.26 dbic
Foxeer Antenna Both foxeer-antenna Circular Polarized $10 3dBi
ProDrone Diversity VTX/VRX ProDrone FullSet Antennah helical cloverleaf diversity out Omni & Directional $43 Helical=8dBi
TrueRC X-Air Crosshair VRX TrueRC X-Air crosshair antenna Directional $30 10dbi
Menace Raptor Both CP $16 1.09dbi
VAS DuraSpec Both CP $25
Lumenier AXII Both CP $40 1.6dbi
BeeRotor HoneyDrop Both CP $16 3dbi
DYS 5.8Ghz Both CP $4 4dbi
Aomway 5.8Ghz Both CP $15 3dbi
BG Whip Both Whip $4 2.8dbi

Lastly, when choosing antennas for video transmitter and receiver, make sure the type of connectors are compatible. To learn the difference, check out the guide on SMA and PR-SMA connectors.

Converters are also available if you do get the wrong type, but you will lose some signal strength for every adapter you use.

OSD – On Screen Display

OSD is an optional device that displays flight information on your screen. For most mini quad pilots, we only need the basics like battery voltage and a timer. Of course you can also use Telemetry for the same purpose, but it’s useful to have the information on your FPV screen.

On many latest flight controllers and FPV cameras, even on some VTX, there is integrated OSD that works out of the box. This saves the users time and effort to wire and configure external OSD modules.

Check out this OSD Guide.

OSD Name Picture Price Display Data Support Voltage Monitor
Hobbyking E-OSD hobbyking-e-osd $14 voltage, timer 7.2V-12V (2S – 3S)
Super Simple Mini OSD hobbyking-super-simple-osd $9 voltage, timer 5V-26V (2S – 6S)
Micro MinimOSD micro-minimosd-bottom $15 Voltage, timer, GPS, etc 2S-4S

Out of all these external OSD module, my favourite is the Micro MinimOSD. It’s cheap (only $7), small, light weight, and powerful. It allows you to display many types of data such as voltage, RSSI, current, GPS info etc. With MWOSD firmware you can even change your PID/Rate settings on your quad. However some find it easy to break, and it’s known to be vulnerable to voltage spikes in the power system, so additional power filtering is required.

PDB and Voltage Regulator

A PDB is used to distribute power to all the electrical components, inclduing the FC, ESC’s and FPV gear. I would recommend getting a good PDB (power distribution board) that comes with power filters and regulated 5V & 12V outputs.

But many FC these days have PDB and BEC integrated so you might not need to purchase a PDB separately.

It might also be beneficial to know about LC Filters, which are used to reduce noise in the power when there is interference in the your FPV feed. You can buy them or make one yourself.

Voltage Regulator Image Input Range Output Price
3A Mini Voltage Regulator 3A-mini2 4.5V-28V 0.8V-20V @ 3A $3
Atas Mini PDB Atas_Mini_PDB_Pro_power_distribution_board 3S-6S 5V, 12V @ 3A $25
Matek Mini PDB Matek Mini PDB-power-distribution-board-mini-quad 2S-6S 5V, 12V @ 2A-3A $5
RMRC 12V Step-Up RMRC 12V Step-Up voltage regulator 2.5V-12V 12V @ 1.4A $3.5
DemonRC Core Demon-Core-v2.3 pdb 3S-8S 5V @ 0.6A
12V @ 1.0A
Matek 5in1  Matek 5in1 v3 pdb 3S-6S 5V @ 3A
12V @ 0.5A
RROSD Pro Mini RROSD PRO MINI PDB 3S – 6S $35 $35

HD Camera For FPV

Check out this HD Action cameras buyer’s guide for mini quad.

There are usually two cameras used on the same mini quad. One is the FPV camera, which is used for the real-time, onboard view while flying. The other camera is used to record your flight footage in HD (e.g. 1080p 60fps). Most high quality drone videos you see on Youtube/Vimeo are filmed using one of the HD cameras listed below.

The best known camera here is probably the GoPro. The Runcam 2 and Xiaomi Yi are also popular due to their affordibility. Compared to the GoPro, they are only a fraction of the cost, lighter, and yet still capable of capturing decent footage.

FPV Recording Camera Picture Price Weight Max Resolution
GoPro Session 5 $300 73g [email protected]
[email protected]
GoPro Hero 4+ Black $300 88g [email protected]
[email protected]
Runcam Split 2 $75 21g [email protected]
Foxeer Box $170 73g [email protected]
[email protected]
Foxeer Legend 3 $150 67g [email protected]
[email protected]
Xiaomi Yi xiaomi-yi-action-camera-feature $100 72g [email protected]
Runcam 2 runcam2-camera-fpv $99 49g [email protected]
GoPro Hero5 $400 117g [email protected]
[email protected]
Mobius 2 $89 45g [email protected]
Mobius Mini $69 27g [email protected]
[email protected]
Runcam 3 HD $99 66g [email protected]

Miscellaneous Items

There are many other parts and tools you might consider adding to your shopping list.

LiPo Battery Charger

Soldering Iron and Equipment

In this article I will suggest what soldering equipment you should get, and show you how to solder.

Battery Straps

Where to buy: Amazon | Banggood


Electrical wires and XT60 connectors

In this tutorial I will explain how to select the correct wire size and what type of wire and battery connector you should use in a quadcopter.

Loctite glue

Loctite glue is used to secure the motor screws in your quadcopter, for more detail and what options to buy, check out this article.

Liquid electrical tape

Where to buy: Amazon –

LED Light

Buzzer (lost model alarm)

There are so many types of buzzer, it takes a whole article to explain! :) Check our my tutorial on buzzers and learn about where you can buy them.

Mini Quad Kit | RTF | BNF | ARTF

Some mini quads are pre-built with the majority of the parts that you need, e.g. motors, ESCs, FC, etc. Although i do recommend you to research each part and build the quad yourself, some beginners might still prefer RTF (Ready to Fly) option. Here are some nice RTF/ARTF Mini Quads:

You’ve Made It!

I hope this post gave you some insights into what components are involved in a mini quad, and all the popular options out there. If you still have questions, don’t worry! Join our forum:, we have a great community who are always there to help.

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Really great work. Thank you

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i have a F330 frame, 2200mah 3s battery, total weight of drone about 650 gm, so which motor should be the best..??

db 1st December 2017 - 1:52 pm

Mode 2 Ghost Frame. It’s excellent:

Vincent Offenbeck 6th August 2017 - 7:06 am

Hey Oscar,

Great list as usual, unfortunately none of of our EGODRIFT products (Sonic Pro motors, Blackpearl and Tributeframes, #hellhound escs, …) are in the list. Would be nice if you added them. You can find all the info on, let me know if you need anything else and

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Thanks for the detailed list that at least helped me to sort things out for my latest purchase…

I was trying to make a lightweight setup, here are a few findings: GEPRC GEP210 is closer to 150g in terms of weight. The specs on banggood are misleading when they specify 98g. That’s a very good frame, but this not the one to be selected for a lightweight setup. Speed Addict 210-R quoted weight is also wrong.

Colin Wheat 4th September 2016 - 9:58 pm

Great listings, thanks.

Don’t forget ZTW ESC’s.

Also; BoltRC’s BlackOps and Race frames (Sex on a Stick); and for beginners their Bolt250 Stealth is light weight and bullet proof – well, almost crash proof :). A seriously tough frame for starting out and learning – also damn quick with the right running gear.

I see you already listed the Kracken and the just releasing (ImpulseRC) Helix.

Also the (SliverDrone) ZMX v2 & v3 motors are now retired, with a new Fusion line about to release. The v3’s were probably in the top three well, couple months back – things move quickly in this business :).

Ben Portman 3rd September 2016 - 12:53 am

ooo ,I’m a DYS fan, never had any problems with motors or ESC’s unless I’ve abused them IE installed them wrong and fried them!!. I used Emax in the past, a couple of years ago and have been totally put off by the better quality and performance of the DYS alternative, this is 2 years ago and Emax seem to be doing some better stuff now.

Ben Portman 3rd September 2016 - 12:44 am

Hey Oscar, just got some racerstar 2205 2600kv’s, £22 for 4, and I’ve not got the quad flying as somehow an ESC has blown, but they sound and feel worth alot more, also have picked up a racerstar 4 in 1 20 amp esc with bls for about the same money… not put it on anything as I’ll be stacking it on the RotorX atom 2 frame I’ve pre ordered ( have just finished a v1 transplanted from my very breakable Sputnik 117 and it’s good in doors at least!)
Maybe you could get some racerstar stuff to test? I’ve been impressed so far.
Also, maybe you could add afro naze mini and some tarot frames to your list? I’ve never brought a bad Tarot frame…
Keep up the good work m8, hope to catch up soon.

Dane 20th July 2016 - 1:22 pm

Hello Oscar I am very new to the quad-copter scene and would like some advice on the build i have chosen

fpv250 + cage – frame
flip32 – flight controller
EMAX Cooling 2204 – motor
gemfan 5040 – props
XM20A – esc
Turnigy nano-tech 1300mAh 4S 45~90C Lipo Pack – battery
Song 960H CCD effio-V – fpv camera
FX796T – video transmitter
RC832 32Ch – video reciever
Boscam 5.8GHZ Cloud Spirit – FPV antenna
mimimOSD with KV Mod – OSD
3A mini Volage regulator


Oscar 24th July 2016 - 2:20 pm

it looks fine to me

William 13th October 2016 - 10:20 am

Hiya I’m doing my first build but I don’t know what size of wire should be used to wire up the motors to the esc its emax mt2204 2300kv and racestar 4in1 blHeli 20A esc can anyone help me on this please

Oscar 13th October 2016 - 3:50 pm

20AWG wires should be good :)

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Super nice list! :D But you really need the Epiquad 210x on that frame list xD It’s such a good frame.

Oscar 5th June 2016 - 9:38 pm

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Oscar 6th January 2016 - 10:32 am

still best to come back and check, there will be constant updates :)

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Thank you for taking the time to write this super in depth post. I just spent a week researching parts and unfortunately just this morning I already ordered everything before finding this.

Although, I’ll definitely be back here for FPV Quad V2!!

Oscar 30th November 2015 - 1:45 pm

Cool :) good luck with your first build!

Oscar 10th September 2015 - 10:40 am

thank you Jake!

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“Hi Oscar” THANK U for one of (if not the best), comprehensive 250 guides to date. Your work has provided all of us with a well written repository of links and guides. Thanks

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i can put them together in a playlist if there is demand :)

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Keep being awesome :)

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Hehe Yande, glad you enjoyed it :)

Oscar 27th August 2015 - 4:41 pm

HI Mike, thanks for the message.
i will look into the Xhover frame and add to the list shortly :)

Thom 25th August 2015 - 6:11 pm

Hi Oscar
Cheers for the reply. The esc came as a combo pack from HK “Afro esc + motor combo by multi star” 10A draw max 120w. so is that 120w/11.1v=10.8A each x4= 43.2A draw in total? right? sorry still learning. I know the lipo is around 12.4v -12.6v when full. was not sure if you went with that value.
I went with multi star as I upgraded my Blade 350 QX to the same brand and found no issue with them.
I’ll have a wee look into the Naze32 for an upgrade! I’ll also keep going with the MultiWii just now as its always good to learn new things plus no point in wasting it.

Oscar 26th August 2015 - 3:32 pm

okay if max current is 11A… then these ESC should be fine!
Total current around 44A, now you need to look at battery… for 1300mah battery … you can figure out what C rating you need: 44/1.3 = 34C
34 is the peak value you need, but you normally don’t stay on this peak current for too long, so 30C should be okay!

Magma6 3rd August 2015 - 1:38 pm

Hi Oscar
Beginner myself, I am so happy I found your site. I am slowly processing the ton of data you give us here and compare it with my own (small) list.
Doing so, I just found a small correction: the Eachine (I guess a clone of Boscam) AV Receiver RC832 price went recently down to 25$ at Banggood (see )

Thanks again!

Oscar 6th August 2015 - 12:39 am

thank you Magma6! :D

simpfa 23rd July 2015 - 2:42 pm

Hi Oscar (get a better captcha!)

You should adjust the price of the Xiaomi Yi, I got it for about the same as mobius on banggood

Georg Hartmann 11th July 2015 - 10:38 pm

Hello I have a little question about the measures of the quads … 250 means it has 250mm diagonally between the motors. What are the distances horizontally/vertically between the motors .. i calculated with the 6 inch props it would be quit small when i need some space for the 36mm controll board ..

Best regards from germany

Oscar 13th July 2015 - 10:10 am

The width and length vary from frame to frame, but as long as the diagonal distance is 250mm then it’s classified as a 250 frame.

Bryce Greene 6th July 2015 - 4:08 am

Amazing guide! By the way you also can add the Bolt250 frame. It’s amazing!

James 4th July 2015 - 1:28 pm

Excellent parts list and great help.Thanks.

Tom Sayer 18th May 2015 - 1:26 pm

This is a great llist! helped me a lot when choosing parts for my mini quad!
Thank you so much Oscar!

Romeo Barrara aka Massive Overkill 6th January 2015 - 4:52 pm

Just want to say that I love your stuff Oscar and to keep up the good work. It’s really hard to find unbiased reviewersbloggers nowadays.

Oscar 6th January 2015 - 10:09 pm

Thank you MO! I enjoy reading your posts on RCG as well :) good job!