Realacc HUBOSD PDB Overview

by Oscar

Just bought myself a PDB that has integrated OSD with current sensor – the HUBOSD PDB by Realacc.

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Why I bought it

I am going to test some batteries, and needed a setup that can show me the current draw.

I have seen some mixed reviews about this board: some say it just works and easy to use, while some say they “burned out 3 in a month”. Anyway I was tempted to get it because it has all the features that I was looking for:

  • integrated OSD, that isn’t minimOSD so I don’t have to mess with firmware hopefully (it uses STOSD)
  • integrated current sensor that is rated up to 140A, so I can see mah used
  • you can direct solder XT60 connector on the board


  • 3S-5S, supports 8V – 21V
  • Current rating: constant 120A, burst 140A
  • Regulated 5V and 12V outputs
  • Current Sensor 140A
  • Built-in STOSD8
  • Serial port (RX, TX, G) for firmware update
  • Dedicated pads for VTX/Camera
  • Dimensions: 51x36x4mm
  • Weight: 9g
  • Mounting holes – 30.5mm

Some photos

In the package, it comes with some hardware, XT60 connector, a 330uF capacitor and the PDB. The capacitor is used to reduce voltage spikes and noise, it should be soldered at Lipo input or Vcc/GND.

I am going to give this a try on a build in the future, but I am wondering if anyone’s had any experience with it?

By the way I got it from here.

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MishoIV 19th March 2017 - 11:18 am

I have this PDB sitting on my table for few months now. I plan to put it in my ZMR x210, just to see current consumption. I heard lot of problems with this PDB, so for new builds I will use betaflightF3.

Matt 16th March 2017 - 4:58 pm

Just finished my first build which utilizes this PDB/OSD. So far so good. I’m a new pilot and havent pushed my quad that hard, but I haven’t had much interference in the fpv video or any major dropouts. I used a pigtail instead of soldering the XT60 directly to the board to help against possible breakage. I’ve only been able to fly 6 packs so far, so cant speak to its longevity.