Review: Returner R4 2205 2700KV Motor

by Oscar

The Returner R4 2205 2700KV motor from BrotherHobby is a good option for light weight mini quads. In this review we will take a closer look at the motor and its features.

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I was looking for some light weight motors for my ultralight 5″ racer, and the Returner R4 2205 motor appears to be a really good choice.

Where to get the R4 2205 motors: Banggood

  • Weight: 25g with short wires, or 27g with 15cm wires
  • Motor wires are 20awg
  • EZO Bearing
  • Titamium Shaft

If you are familiar with the ZMX V3 motors, the R4 motors have a very similar physical appearance and feel.

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The Returner R4 2205 2700KV motor comes with four 7mm motor bolts, and an aluminium prop locknut.

Build quality is excellent, there is no vertical play in the shaft and bell. The hollow motor shaft is made of titanium alloy.

The R4 2205 motor has an “naked bottom” design, the removed material saves weight and makes it easier to get dirt out. It uses an circ-clip instead of a screw to hold the shaft in place.

The curved magnets (not very obvious from the picture) make the air gap even tighter, and perhaps that’s why, I can feel slightly more resistance spinning the motor by hand compared to other motors I have.

It has a very clean single-stranded motor windings, can’t complain at all :)

My plan is to pair these motors with either lighter props such as 5040×3 to get good efficiency and higher top speed, this should be pretty sweet for open fields and endurance flights. For racing in tricky courses I will use some heavier props to get higher low end resolution and better acceleration, such as 5045×3, or even DAL T5051C,

I am testing these motors on my Fury 5X Lite build.

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Charles B 4th February 2018 - 2:57 pm

I appreciate many of your articles even though the number of reviews that are box opening and “I’ll add more later” is growing tiresome. Your final comment, and I quote, “I will use some heavier props to get higher low end resolution and better acceleration” makes no sense. Your specifically saying that taking what is essentially a 5″ quad and putting what is essentially the 2nd smallest motor (very few cases with 2204) at the highest typical kv (anything above 2600 for said 22xx) and you think putting heavy, high pitched blades will allow for low end resolution and better acceleration.
Acceleration is relative to how fast the motor (and these are a low torque motor in comparison to the 2207 and 2306 offerings that are most common) can spin the prop.
So thanks for the pictures and unboxing. Can you explain how you came to your prop selection and expected outcome?

Oscar 5th February 2018 - 3:20 pm

These are way more than “box opening”, I always publish a short post to announce what I am reviewing, at the same time I spend time describing my first impression and analyse my observation. Every time I update the review with further info, I push the review back to the top of “latest posts” so everyone can check it out again.

It takes so much work and time to make one of these reviews, you wont’ believe it. It can take me days even weeks until a product review is complete, therefore the manufacturers will enjoy the early product exposure if we publish the “sneaky peak” first until the full review is finished. It also benefits you readers so you can get to know the latest products as soon as they are coming out.

I appreciate your criticism, it means you are expecting a higher standard from me, and my blog is important enough that we should do better.
But remember, this is only a one man show, and it’s just a hobby. I am not getting anything from you by writing this post, and you have access to all my work completely for free.

I want to be able to spend more time and do better, hopefully one day I can even turn this into a fulltime job, so please consider supporting me on Patreon:

JayMax 6th February 2018 - 12:34 am

Very nicely handled Oscar, you are a gentleman. Please don’t let the obvious self entitlement displayed by Charles B put you off what you do. Your reviews are balanced, informative and appreciated by many. Unfortunately we live in a world of immediate gratification and express delivery.

No need to post this reply. I just wanted to balance out Charles B’s negativity :)

Oscar 12th February 2018 - 1:29 pm

Thanks :p
Just wanted to post the link to my Patreon really lol :D