Review – DYS SE2008 2550KV Motors

by Oscar

We recently received a set of these SE2008 2550KV motors from DYS. What’s interesting is the smaller stator diameter of 20mm instead of the common 22mm. I also run it on my thrust stand to see what size propellers perform well.

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Spec of SE2008 2550KV motor

The motors come in pair in a plastic box, along with some mounting screws, nylon nuts for propellers, and a M5 wrench for them.

  • Stator diameter: 20mm
  • Stator height: 8mm
  • Motor Dimensions: 25.5 × 20mm
  • Weight: 32.8g (including wires)
  • Poles 12N 14P
  • KV: 2550KV

Find out what these motor numbers mean.

The motor looks a bit smaller than the 2205 motors we normally use (in picture we are comparing the EMAX RS2205).

DYS SE2008 2550KV Motors size comparison emax rs2205 red bottom side by side DYS SE2008 2550KV Motors size comparison emax rs2205 red bottom top

Build quality is excellent. Shaft is fixed with a hex screw is like it’s brother SE2205, instead of C-clip.

DYS SE2008 2550KV Motors bottom

And its hollow shaft.

DYS SE2008 2550KV Motorstop hollow shaft

Stator Diameter/Height and Power

Although the SE2008 has smaller diameter, but it weights heavy than I thought at nearly 33g each. Not lighter than most 2205 class motors, and the weight mainly comes from the added motor height I would assume.

DYS SE2008 2550KV Motors weight

Increase in motor/stator width or height, means increase in torque and power, so this motor can actually match the performance of 2205/2206 size motors. But this also brings up an interesting discussion: Does increase in motor width or height give more torque/power?

Thrust Test

Test was done with the following setup:

  • Voltage: 4S – 16.2V
Props % Peak Thrust – g Peak Current – A Max Power – W Efficiency – g/W
DYS 4045BN 50 233 5.7 92.3 2.52
  100 717 24.1 390.4 1.84
GF 5030 50 350 4.3 69.7 5.02
  100 954 21.7 351.5 2.71
GF 5045 50 384 6.6 106.9 3.59
  100 1055 29.20 473.0 2.23
GF 5045 HBN 50 379 7.0 113.4 3.34
  100 1080 30.1 487.6 2.21
DAL 5040×3 50 401 7.1 115.0 3.49
  100 1095 32.0 518.4 2.11
GF 5045×3 50 406 7.3 118.3 3.43
  100 1125 34.7 562.1 2.00
KingKong 6040 50 582 9.4 152.3 3.82
  100 1397 40.2 651.2 2.15

From the thrust test, it seems to have less power than the Tornado T1 2205 we reviewed previously (it’s 2600KV after all), but being a lot more efficient. 5″ propellers seem to work best especially 5045 triblades. It also seems to be able to deliver enough torque to swing heavy propellers like the 6040, giving an impressive 1.4Kg. But I would not use this on a 180 running 4″ props. It just doesn’t make sense to use hevay, 33g motor on them.

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