Review: FrSky XSR-M Radio Receiver RX

by Oscar

FrSky XSR-M is a smallest SBUS/CPPM Radio Receiver offering full range and Smart Port telemetry recently released.

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Thanks to FrSky for supplying the gear. This review is written by Artur Banach. Check out this post for a list of Frsky Receivers.

The XSR-M RX is available at:

XSR-M Receiver Specs

  • 20x20mm dimensions, 15mm Mounting holes spacing
  • 2.7g in weight
  • Supports 16 channels SBUS or 8 channels CPPM
  • Compatible with X-Series module in D16 mode
  • Supports Smart Port telemetry

Small But Powerful

XSR-M is the smallest FrSky receiver that offers the same features on the bigger XSR and X4R RX. This is great for micro builds given the size and how convenient it is to install, as it can be stacked on top of the FC or PDB.

Package contains:

  • XSR-M radio Receiver
  • Wires for connection
  • Instruction Manual

Unlike the bigger XSR that has the antenna soldered directly to the RX, the XSR-M radio receiver uses U.FL connector for easy replacement. The exposed antenna element is just under 33mm long and the total antenna length is 145mm.

XSR-M has a mounting holes pattern of 15mm spacing allowing for installation in many micro builds. Currently the most popular receivers for small quadcopter builds are the XM+ and XM, but both do not have Telemetry capability, the XM doesn’t even have diversity antennas. It’s great we finally have Smart Port available to micro drones.

Instruction manual


XSR-M doesn’t bring any new features to the table apart from the smaller form factor and stack-able design. But it fulfils the demands for S.Port on micro quads. There are actually some other advantages to using the XSR-M than the ordinary XSR on larger builds such as 5″:

  • XSR-M is smaller and lighter
  • $4 cheaper than the XSR
  • It has U.FL connectors for easier antenna replacement (some might prefer direct soldering as it’s tougher)
  • XSR-M has mounting holes for stacking on top of FC

Firmware Update

If you have any issue with the RX such as SmartPort, please try to update the firmware first. Download:

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Draysonfpv 18th March 2018 - 10:50 pm

V – Voltage +
G – Ground
A1 – the is no A1 I don’t have it on my Rx
C – unknown
D- unknown
GDO – unknown

Jeremy 13th November 2017 - 10:46 pm

Hey Szper, thanks for your reply.
i am running a 3s setup so connecting the lipo directly is not an option. Still wondering if one of these pins could be used to connect a voltage divider.


Jeremy 20th September 2017 - 7:23 pm

Hi Oscar, thanks for your greta Page, i am visiting it quite often!

I just received a XSR-M Receiver and was able to flash it to EU LBT Firmware.

Then i bound it to my Qx7 and checked for telemetry data.

I get:

and A2 with a strange voltage.

Do you know if there is a A2 Pin somewhere on the XSR-M (Except on the Chip itself) to connect a Voltage Divider and get Lipovoltage via this telemetry.

I dont have a free UART on my FC so SmartPort is not an option.

Thanks and happy flying,


Szper 2nd November 2017 - 1:07 pm

A2 – not confirmed. Colleague connected + pin to lipo 2s. There is range 4-10v and he receiving correct voltage measurement – need some scale adjustment on Tx.

Somebody has any clue for what are following pads?
V – near Bind – external voltage divider for A1?
G – near Bind
C –
D –
GDO – or 5DO?

ReviewD 23rd January 2024 - 12:10 am

Does anyone know what the connector plug on the XSR-M is called? Trying to find a replacement harness wire for it. Also just for reference, there was also XSR-E receiver — an official FrSky product distributed by Eachine. Not sure what the difference was however.