Some features worked in Betaflight 4.3 but stopped working in 4.4: Check cloud build!

by Oscar

If you’ve just flashed your flight controller to Betaflight 4.4, you might have noticed that some features that worked fine in Betaflight 4.3 aren’t working anymore. The culprit could be the new cloud build feature in Betaflight 4.4. In this article I will show you how to check and fix these issues.

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What’s Betaflight 4.4 Cloud Build

Betaflight 4.4 Configurator 10.9.0 Firmware Flasher Cloud Build System

With Betaflight 4.4, the firmware flasher tab now includes a “build configuration” section that allows you to select which parts of Betaflight are included or excluded. This is because the code has become too large for some flight controllers’ program memory. Instead of dropping support for certain flight controllers, Betaflight developers have opted to allow users to customize their code size by including or excluding certain features. If some featurees are no longer working in BF4.4, this could be the cause.

Radio, Telemetry and Other Options

There are three main options related to radio and telemetry you can configure:

  1. Radio Protocol: Select the protocol that matches your receiver and module (e.g., Crossfire, Ghost, or SBus).
  2. Other Options: Enable or disable various features like GPS, LED strip, OSD, or analog VTX table.
  3. Telemetry Protocol: Choose a telemetry protocol if you’re using older SBus receivers or leave it set to “none” for modern protocols like Crossfire or Ghost.

Dealing with Missing Features

If some features stopped working in Betaflight 4.4, it might be because the cloud build configuration didn’t include the feature you want. You can try the following:

  1. Reflash your flight controller and double-check the cloud build options when flashing.
  2. Add custom defines to include the missing functions for your hardware.

Be Aware of Potential Issues

As you navigate the new features in Betaflight 4.4, be aware of potential issues like missing barometers or flash chip for bkackbox. You can work around these issues by using custom defines or waiting for manufacturers to update their board configurations.


Betaflight 4.4 brings many new features and improvements, but also some potential issues that you should be aware of. With the information provided in this article, you should now be better equipped to navigate the changes and get the most out of Betaflight 4.4.

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