Review: ToolkitRC M4 Pocket LiPo Charger – Best Travel Charger?

by Oscar
Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Screen

The ToolkitRC M4 Pocket is one of the most portable LiPo chargers on the market. It might be small, but it has a high output power up to 80W.

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Where to Buy?

Features and Specs

Here’s a list of features of the ToolkitRC M4 Pocket:

  • Two DC Power Input Options: USB Type C and XT-60
  • USB-C Input and Output
  • Bright and Wide-View-Angle Color IPS Display
  • Fast Charging Support
  • Max 80 Watts Output Power
  • Palm size, light weight and portable, fits in your pocket


  • Input Voltage: XT60 7.0-25.0V MAX 5.0A, USB-C 7.0-20.0V
  • USB-C protocols: QC,PD,AFC,FCP
  • Supported battery types: LiPo LiHv LiFe Lipo
  • Supported Lipo cell count: 1-4S
  • Charging power: 1.0-5.0A@MAX 80W
  • Balance current: 400mA @4.20V
  • Balance accuracy: <0.005V @ 4.2V
  • USB-C output: 1.0A @5.0V
  • Screen: IPS 1.54inch LCD 240*240 Pixel
  • Dimensions: 80x40x30
  • Weight: 75g

Is the M4 Pocket Charger Good?

Yes, I really do like this charger, but it’s only useful for a certain group of people.

You can use a wall adapter (USB-C output that supports QC,PD,AFC,FCP) to power it, which means you can bring it with you while travelling because it’s so portable.

Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Usb C Input

To get the most out of it (to use the max 80W power), you will need a more powerful power supply like the P200, or a large battery, by using to the XT60 input connector.

Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Xt60 Input It has both XT30 and XT60 outputs, so no need for adapter which is handy. It can only charge one battery at a time, and it only support 2S to 4S batteries.

Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Xt30 Output Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Xt60 Output

It has a balance lead connector on the side of the charger for balance charging.

Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Balance Charge

I also like the auto charging feature: as soon as you selected the end voltage and charge current, it will automatically start charging. If you get a bunch of these small chargers (since it’s pretty cheap), you can charge multiple batteries of different kind in the field, and it will considerably speed up your charging time.

Available end voltages are: 4.20V (LiPo), 4.35V (LiHV), 3.85V (storage) and 3.60V (discharge)

Available charge currents are: 1A, 2A, 3A 5A.

Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Screen

There is only one button on the ToolkitRC M4 Pocket charger, and it makes operation super simple. Overall a well designed and user friendly device. The screen is bright and easy to see even under the sun. Here’s the manual on how to use it:

Toolkitrc M4pocket Lipo Charger Manual Instructions

However, it’s not for everyone. I only recommend the M4 Pocket to people who want the most portable charger available, and for those who has a special need for the simplest charger possible. If you want a versatile LiPo charger at home, I’d recommend these ones instead.

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Alex 26th May 2022 - 3:19 am

I don’t weather this problem persists on M4-pocket, but on my new M6-v2 there’s pecular problem: when I do charge for storage LiHV batteries it does it for 4V vs recommended 3.8V. And it’s not clear how to change it.

Zack Lothamer 21st March 2022 - 3:22 am

Hey Oscar I am thinking about picking this up for charging my transmitter pack currently then flight batteries when I move up from whoops. I. Wondering if this could be used with a parallel board such as the luminear xt30 board for 3 inch quad batteries sinch in general they are 4s and less than 1000mah you could I. Theory charge 6 850mah 4s batteries at just under 1c with this little charger what I didn’t know is if the balance connector is full size and whether the auto start function is a bad idea for parallel charging

Oscar 22nd March 2022 - 3:53 pm

Yes it works with parallel charging boards, but you will need a board that has 4S balance cable. The Lumenier one has 6S one as i understand so it won’t work.

Dmitriy 24th February 2022 - 12:16 am

Hello Oscar,
I use ToolkitRC M7. The manual says it requires 7-28V to charge. What do you recommend to provide this voltage (regular usb output is just 5v)? Thank you.

Andreas 15th December 2022 - 8:23 am

maybe too late: my charger only works with one of my usb- pd wallplugs, all other plugs keep delivering 5v, preventing it from starting.

Ken 7th January 2022 - 7:10 pm

If this could do 6S, I would immediately buy 4 of them.