How to Update Zorro Internal ELRS Module Firmware

by Oscar
Radiomaster Zorro Radio Transmitter Elrs Expresslrs Configure Settings

This is a guide to show you how to update the internal ELRS TX module firmware in the Radiomaster Zorro radio.

Check out my review of the Radiomaster Zorro, it’s a great radio. This tutorial only applies to Zorro ELRS version.

Download ExpressLRS Configurator

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest ExpressLRS configurator, get it here and install it on your computer:

Compiling Firmware

Open ExpressLRS configurator:

  • In Releases, select the latest version.
  • In Device category, select Radiomaster 2.4GHz
  • In Device, select Radiomaster Zorro 2400 TX
  • Flashing method, EdgeTXPassthrough

Choose your preferred Device options, if not sure what they mean, check out my ELRS tutorial here. Here’re a few important ones:

  • Regulatory domains, choose ISM_2400
  • Binding phrase

Flashing ELRS Firmware

Turn on the Zorro radio, and plug in the USB cable (to the top connector, NOT the bottom one). On the radio, you should be prompted 3 options, choose USB serial (debug).

Back to the ELRS configurator, hit Build and Flash.

If this is your first time, it can take a few minutes.

Updating LUA Script

After successful flashing, hit the DOWNLOAD LUA SCRIPT button, and save the file somewhere.

Close the configurator and unplug USB cable.

Reconnect the radio’s USB cable, this time select USB Storage (SD). You should see two newly added external drives. Open the one with lots of folders.

Go to the \SCRIPTS\TOOLS folder, delete the old LUA scripts (with the same name as the one you just downloaded), there should be two files, .lua and .luac, delete both. Copy the downloaded file to the TOOLS folder.

Eject the external drive safely and unplug USB cable.

Verifying Firmware Update

In Model Setup, scroll down to Internal RF, and make sure Mode is set to CRSF.

Hold down the SYS button and go to TOOLS, find ExpressLRS. At the very bottom, you can see the current firmware version number (e.g. 2.3.0), make sure it’s the version you just flashed to confirm successful firmware update.

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Bokononist 15th April 2022 - 3:58 am

For people having issues with Windows “spliting” the serial port. Search for the STSW-STM32102 STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver. This fixed it for me.

matt GD 20th May 2022 - 2:43 am

I’m having that trouble – the device is detected as the zorro and also an unknown device connected to (COM Port 7) in my case.
Will I need to download the driver – if so have any suggestions for a reputable source?

Straw 3rd April 2022 - 5:07 pm

Do I need to flash the zorro what firmware does it come with

Oscar 4th April 2022 - 10:58 am

You don’t have to flash it right now, but keep an eye on the new release of ELRS firmware, if you see a bug fix or new feature you want only then flash it.
The Zorro comes with ELRS V2 firmware.