Vortex Mini Quad by ImmersionRC

by Oscar

ImmersionRC is about to release the Vorex! It’s a RTF (ready to fly) Racing Quadcopter, and it looks like a normal 250 mini quad for FPV but with a few tweaks, explained by Co-founder of ImmersionRC Anthony Cake in his recently interview with Tested.

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ImmersionRC is well known for the 600mW video transmitter that is widely used in those popular mini quads, now they are making this Vortex Mini Quad which has video transmitter, OSD, flight controller and ESC all packaged into this quadcopter. It has the video transmitter integrated into the main base board.


Features of Vortex Mini Quad

Flight Controller: you can run cleanflight or baseflight on it. But it will comes loaded with Cleanflight.

ESCs are inside arms, they are 12A, 9mm wide. Motor rotate direction can be changed by flipping the prop direction after power up, and it will remember it. This is a new feature in the brushless world, so there will be no soldering or programming work when swapping arms / motors. ESCs are capable of 4S Lipo. It will also support Oneshot, but not sure if it will to Active Braking (damping light).


It has built-in voltage regulator and LC filter, so you can power your Mobius or Gopro.

It has an OSD built in and it goes beyond what traditional OSDs can do in terms of features and interaction with the onboard systems. It can do RSSI and some other flight data. It also has a current sensor which is integrated into the design.

The frame is foldable so it’s very portable as well.

There is a anti-jello frame where you can mount your GoPro camera or Mobius for recording.

Another cool feature is the LED lights at the back of the quadcopter. It’s great for people who fly racing in the wood for example. You can change the the colour of the light by just pressing a button. They are 24bit RGB LEDs, so you can have different colours for different pilots. They can also be used as speed / braking indicator.

Price is not confirmed yet, but might be around $350 – $380. All you need is a radio receiver/transmitter, battery, VRX and goggle to get flying.


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