News: Achilles Diversity Receiver Module for Fatshark FPV Goggles

My favorite FPV Goggles receiver firmware, Achilles, is finally making their own diversity RX module! I really like the performance of the firmware, and now there are some really exciting new features in this module so I am really looking forward to testing it.

If you don’t know what the Achilles firmware is, check out my review of the Eachine Pro58 module flashed with Achilles. In my testing it outperformed the true-D.

Make sure to checkout our FPV Goggles Buyer’s guide.

UPDATE (Nov 2018): this module is now available at

Spec and Features of the Achilles Module

  1. OSD overlay, which enables a lot of features, for example
    • Shows total RSSI percentage, as well as RSSI for each antenna
    • Real-time lap timer
    • Goggles Battery status
  2. High quality RX5808 receiver module
  3. Multi-directional button (I am really not a fan of the flimsy “scrolling wheel” button on the Pro58)
  4. Microphone
  5. Loud speaker
  6. USB port for firmware upgrade
  7. Red PCB
  8. Plastic molded cover

Release date is in June or July.

What else do we know?

It’s interesting to know that the Achilles module is manufactured by FuriousFPV.

Using the same STM32 chip in the Pro58, a more powerful processor than the ones used on the True-D or Laforge modules.

There is a speaker on-board which is not difficult to understand, it plays warnings. But there is also a mic, and I am not 100% sure what it does. Maybe you can record your own voice with it in the DVR, like a commentary perhaps? :D

Review and Testing

I will update this post with more info once the module arrives and gets tested.

26 thoughts on “News: Achilles Diversity Receiver Module for Fatshark FPV Goggles

  1. Oli

    Hi Oscar!
    Since you haven’t been not updating this article for a really long time now.. Can I assume, that you are as disappointed of it as I am?
    Except for the osd, I really don’t see any improvement compared to the stock eachine pro58!
    Hype for the bin ^^

    Thank you for all your great work for us!

    1. Oscar Post author

      They promised to send me a unit to review but I’ve never received it. Guess they lost confidence in their own product.

  2. Kobus Prinsloo

    Hi Oscar,
    a quick question please….
    It seems the Achilles module is newer than the true-d..?
    Do you think it’s possible to flash my true-d module with the achilles firmware…and will it be worth it…?
    I’m enjoying my true-d, but would love to have OSD for the UI.


  3. Chilternflyer

    I have a licensed Achilles Pro58 module with the OSD mod and I also added a pit mic to it.
    However, I really hated that scroll button so I’ve bought myself a Furious module for Christmas.
    The furious OSD a great (better than the eachine version). I’m really loving this module.
    However, the pit Mic doesn’t work :-( Furious support suggested upgrading to v3.5 firmware (it was already on 3.5 but I followed their instructions anyway!) The pit mic is still not working :-(.

    My only concern at the moment is that my module gets VERY hot (it runs at 70c) This can’t be right, can it?

  4. Jon

    I finally bought mine from a local retailer. Unfortunatelly, the module arrived with an OSD issue and the image inside mi fatshark T2 was not clear enougth for been usable.
    I already have the replacement on the way.
    10/10 For the FuriousFPV support, they took care of the situation inmediatelly even if the module was bought through local retailer :D

    1. Waldy

      I had/have the same issue and like you I agree their costumer service is 10/10 but I did get my replacement unit and still having the same issue so please keep us updated and see if your issue is resolved


    Why the New Module Furious / Achilles is not better than the proin, because the last is more cheap and I wait for a module more better like rapid fire for example

  6. Jon

    So excited to see the update of this post. I already see some online shops selling the final version of this module. Would like to see your review prior to buy it :D
    Thank in advance.

  7. Tamas

    Hi, Do you know de exact release date of this or any news? I thought I will buy the Rapidfire but now I am not sure that it is worth the extra money:)

  8. fl0PPsy

    I’d like to see a comparison between the Achilles firmware and WPro58.

    I’ve been reading lots of comments saying that WPro58 is pretty much the same in terms of performance but the interface is much simpler and nicer to use out in the field. It would be interesting to see if the performance truly is the same.

    1. FlyWing76

      Agree! Tested wpro58 and PirxThePilot so far. What I found out in terms of performance, I like the Pirx firmware most. It has the ability to fine tune manually in one Mhz steps. That can result in a better image quality and additional range. IOn comparison Achilles does have multiple options for this kind of fine tuning, manual tuning, automatic tuning (during ultra search) and Kerveros mode (on the fly tuning). So in terms of picture quality and range, i guess Achilles is in the pole position, followed by Pirx and then wpro58 (no tuning).

      1. Gc9n

        hi All those features that Pirx and Wpro58 have , are all legasy of achilles , everything was from achilles , for example
        the fine tuning tecknique achilles have it 2 full years , back in the realacc module !

  9. Peter Marshall

    Really interesting, just bought another pro58 module so classic timing on my part, but i’m with you on the scroll button.

    Depends on the pricing to a certain extent, but no more fiddling with STLinks would be nice

  10. Cyrano

    wooow so exciting Oscar! i love the project achillez, been there since the first modded modules until now, happy to see this guy evolving. so any news yet?


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