Arduino Yun Tutorial Book Review

by Oscar

If you get bored of the Arduino Uno, Arduino Yun might be your next upgrade. With the ability of utilizing the Internet, it opens up great application possibility. Imagine doing what the Raspberry Pi can do, but with your familiar Arduino development environment.

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I recently received a book called Internet of Things with the Arduino Yún. This book covers some really interesting projects using the Arduino Yun. I am currently going through this book, some of the ideas are great inspirations to me.

For example the first project is to build a weather station that connects to the internet. It shows you step by step how to set up the hardware, to measure and record the weather data, which then will be sent and saved on the cloud. Finally the data is published on twitter automatically. How cool is that?

This book gives you clear pictures how the circuits are connected, and what components are required. Also the coding is provided as well which allows you to customize easily what the program does. Not only teaching you about Arduino, it also teaches you about basic networking and how the internet works.

Generally the book is easy to follow, and I can definitely make use of it for future projects and experiments. However the book assumes you have experience with programming and Arduino, so if you are a complete beginners, you might find some parts of this book a little difficult to digest. Anyway, it’s a good book to keep as one of the electronic book collections.

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