Review: BetaFPV Pavo35 6S Cinewhoop – Just A Bigger Pavo25?

by Oscar
Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Front

The BetaFPV Pavo35 is the biggest of the Pavo cinewhoop series. It’s a versatile 6S drone that stands out in the FPV market. With its robust build and larger propellers, it’s designed for more demanding cinematography tasks.

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Where to Buy?

Get the Pavo35 from these vendors:

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Unbox

Just a Bigger Pavo25 V2?

The Pavo35 and Pavo25 V2 share a lot of similarities in terms of hardware, but cater to different flying styles and needs.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Size Compare Pavo25 Pavo20

Left: Pavo25 V2; Mid: Pavo35; Right: Pavo20

The main difference is in the frame size, props size and motor size, the rest are almost the same. Note that the Pavo35 has the XT60 mounted in the front while the Pavo25 V2 has the XT30 mounted in the back.


  • FC: F722 35A AIO V2
  • Motor: LAVA Series 2006 Brushless Motors
  • Propellers: GemFan D90S 3-Blade Propellers(1.5mm Shaft)
  • Battery: LAVA Series 6S 1100mAh LiPo Battery
  • VTX: DJI O3 Air Unit, Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit, Caddx Vista Kit, RUNCAM Link, Analog

Specs comparison between Pavo35 and Pavo25 V2:

Pavo25 V2 Pavo35
Wheelbase 112mm 148mm
Motor 1505 4600KV 2006 2400KV
Props GF D63-3 GF D90S-3
Battery Connector Fixed XT30 Fixed XT60
Weight w/o O3 153g 238g
Weight with O3 190g 274g
Battery 4S 650-850mAh 6S 1050-1400mAh
Flight Time 6~8 mins 10~12 mins
Recommend Camera Naked GoPro, Insta Go3 GoPro12, DJI Action4
FC F722 35A AIO V2
Support VTX DJI O3, Walksnail, Runcam Link, Analog
Support Camera DJI O3, Any micro cameras (19mm width)
RX Version ELRS, TBS
Camera Mount GoPro Mount

PAVO25 v2: The Compact 4S Flyer

The PAVO25 v2 is smaller, designed for 4S batteries, and ideal for carrying lighter action cameras. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-carry drone. Its specifications include:

  • Wheelbase: 112 mm
  • Motors: 1505 4600 kv
  • Weight: 153g (without FPV battery)
  • Flight time: 6-8 minutes
  • Suitable cameras: Naked GoPro, Insta360 Go 2 and Go 3, Caddx Peanut, Runcam Thumb Pro

PAVO35: Power and Versatility

In contrast, the PAVO35 is built for more robust performance, running on 6S batteries. It’s capable of carrying full-size GoPros, making it perfect for more demanding filming tasks. Key features include:

  • Wheelbase: 148 mm
  • Motors: 2006 2400 kv
  • Weight: 238g (dry)
  • Flight time: 10-12 minutes
  • Compatible with full-size action cameras like GoPro Hero 12

Common Features

Both models feature:

  • F722 35A AIO flight controller
  • COB LED light strips
  • Options for ExpressLRS or TBS receivers
  • High thrust-to-weight ratio
  • Y-shaped CNC metal support for increased structural strength

Design and Build Quality

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Front

Weighing around 274g (with ELRS receiver and DJI O3), the Pavo35 is considerably lighter compared to the GepRC Cinelog35. It features a slimmer battery strap and low-profile antenna, contributing to its sleek design.

It comes with a mount for a full-size GoPro camera, and uses rubber grommets for camera vibration isolation, exact same parts used in the Cinelog25 V2.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Fpv Camera

The Pavo35 boasts a 3mm top plate and larger, more robust prop guards compared to the smaller Pavos. The aluminum standoffs add to its durability.

One concerning area is the XT60 connector soldering point, which is totally exposed. It’s right next to the propellers, any wet grass/leaf/debris could easily short the battery connection. I would strongly recommend conformal coating it before flying outside:

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Xt60 Connector


As mentioned, the Pavo35 uses the same FC/ESC board as the smaller Pavo25 V2. It’s powered by an F722 35A AIO V2 flight controller, which includes a 4-in-1 35A ESC, 6 UARTs, a connector for easily connecting a DJI or Walksnail digital FPV system, a micro USB connector, a 16MB Blackbox. It comes in versions without a radio receiver, with a 2.4GHz ExpressLRS or Crossfire Nano RX receiver.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Rx Receiver Vtx Antenna

It is equipped with 2006 2400KV motors and Gemfan D90S three-blade propellers, which according to BetaFPV provide power comparable to that of a 5-inch racer. It is ideal for carrying heavier loads like full-size GoPros.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Motor Propeller

While some cinewhoops this size are using 22xx sizes, I think 2006 is a great choice for a lighter setup. It’s intended for a smaller battery to keep the weight down. You might get less flight time, but it will give you the ability to fly more aggressively. 22xx motor size will allow for larger batteries and result in longer flight time, however it limits agility and the pilot would be forced to fly more smooth and steady.

One of my main complaint would be battery mounting. When carrying a heavy GoPro in the front, the battery strap location is fixed in the middle, which limits how much you can move the battery to the back. That results in a front heavy drone and impacts performance.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Gopro Hero 11

Installing DJI O3

The DJI O3 Air Unit is intended to be installed under the flight controller, inside the prop guard. No need to solder, just plug it in with the cable provided by BetaFPV. It easy to disassemble the Pavo35, there are 4 screws to remove the bottom plate where the O3 is installed.

Disconnect the camera module and antenna from the O3 Air Unit first. Install the camera and antenna in the quad.

Betafpv Pavo35 Pavo25 V2 Cinewhoop Install Dji O3 Air Unit Camera Mount

Unfortunately, the wires of the O3 antenna seem too short for the Pavo35. In the end I had to cut the plastic tube short so I can push the antenna down to allow the wires to reach the Air Unit.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Install Dji O3 Air Unit Antenna Wire Length

Then connect the camera and antenna to the O3, before mounting it to the bottom plate.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Install Dji O3 Air Unit Bottom

Installing the O3 is relatively straightforward, though accessing the micro SD card and USB-C port on the DJI O3 is tricky due to the design of the ducts.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Dji O3 Usb C Connector

Flying Experience

BetaFPV suggests 6S batteries from 1000 to 1500mAh with an XT60 connector, making it suitable for high-speed outdoor flying. With a 6S 1100mah LiPo, the quad weighs 465g.

With a 6S 1100mah LiPo and Gopro Hero 11, the Pavo35 weighs 620g, hovers at about 28% throttle, it feels very responsive and powerful. It also feels noticeably more powerful than the Speedybee Bee35 I recently tested, to the point that the Pavo35 with GoPro onboard feels like the Bee35 without GoPro. The light weight of the quad plays a big part.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Lipo Battery 6s 1100mah

However the Pavo is not as efficient as the Bee35, flight time is about 1 minute shorter, at around 4 minutes, it’s nowhere near the 8-minute mark claimed by BetaFPV. You might get longer flight time if you don’t do any flips and rolls and just cruise. But for most people it’s still plenty for some great cinematic shots. You can definitely use a larger battery for longer flight time, although that would make it heavier and less agile.

The PAVO35’s performance is commendable both indoors and outdoors. When flying indoors, it’s smooth though you might want to tilt the camera down because it’s a bit too powerful. Flying outdoor is where it truly shines, and I think it’s possible for chasing fast moving subjects like motorbikes.

How to Setup

The FC has a micro USB connector, which is hidden inside the frame. I can barely access it with a small cable without taking the drone apart.

Betafpv Pavo35 6s Cinewhoop Fc Micro Usb Connector

The firmware is Betaflight version 4.4.2. Board target is BETAFPVF722. Find original CLI dump here:

BetaFPV took care of most of the settings: the 2 UARTs for the DJI O3 Air Unit (or an Avatar VTX) and the ELRS receiver – so there are 4 UART’s left available. PIDs and rates are factory set.

The ExpressLRS receiver is easy to bind, follow one of these methods: If you need to flash RX firmware, the receiver is a BETAFPV 2.4GHz Nano RX. What’s slightly disappointing, is the fact that by plugging in the FC USB cable, it doesn’t power the receiver. So to bind or test receiver, you’d have to plug in the Lipo battery.

All that remains is to setup Modes tab in Betaflight Configurator – the switches for arming, the flight modes, the Flip Over After Crash, the beeper. Follow this guide to learn more:


The BetaFPV PAVO35 6S Cinewhoop is an excellent choice for those seeking a cinewhoop that’s powerful enough to carry a full size GoPro camera while still delivers impressive speed and agility. It’s well-suited for both indoor cinematic shots and outdoor high-speed pursuits, making it a versatile option in your FPV arsenal.

Get the Pavo35 from these vendors:

However, it seems BetaFPV’s approach to the Pavo35 differed from their usual meticulous design process seen in other models of the Pavo series. It appears more like a simple upscaled version of the Pavo25 V2, with larger motors and propellers. Despite its commendable flight performance, I believe there’s room for improvement in certain design aspects to boost the user experience and overall reliability. Nevertheless, for those in pursuit of a high-performance, lightweight, and agile 3.5″ cinewhoop, the Pavo35 emerges as a strong competitor, especially in terms of its flying capabilities.

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