Cannot Connect to Naze32 – Brick Fix

It’s possible that you can brick your Naze32 flight controller due to human error (where Naze doesn’t talk to computer anymore, just timeout or says connection fail). You might still fly the multicopter as normal, but there is no way you can connect the board to Cleanflight/Baseflight configurator.

Causes I can think of are

  • Flashed wrong firmware on the Naze32, e.g. flash CC3D rather than Naze.
  • Disabled MSP Data on UART1 in Cleanflight Port Tab by mistake

Solution is simple, short the bootloader pins and re-flash firmware again. If it was a Data port settings that causes Naze unable to talk to Cleanflight, you will have to erase all settings on the board too while re-flashing.

Here are the pins you need to short, next to the label “Boot”.


And here are the settings in Cleanflight Firmware Flasher. Here are the stpes:

  • Load the correct firmware online.
  • With “Flash on Connect” checked, your Naze32 board will be flashed automatically when you connect it to your computer.


After the flash you should be able to connect it to the configurator again.

9 thoughts on “Cannot Connect to Naze32 – Brick Fix

  1. George

    Hi i have a tarrot
    130 i am a newbie and i have disabled the communications port so my board will not talk to clean flight i would be grateful if you have any ideas about the bootloader pins for the button because i can’t find one hope you can help thanks george

  2. yann

    hi , i have the same issue with the change of MSP port … but now when i try to flash . my board is not detected by my computer and there is no com port for it.
    need help :(

    1. [email protected]

      Hi Oscar

      I had to do this today. There is a special order to make it work.

      Firstly, disconnect the USB from your PC but leave connected to the Naze32. Then short the bootloader pins.

      Whilst keeping the pins shorted, plug the USB into the PC.

      Still with the bootloader pins shorted, in Cleanflight,
      Check the box for no reboot sequence and full chip erase.

      Hold the short on the pins until it has flashed. After, remove the short and disconnect the Naxe32.

      The connect and your board will be OK.

      II had to do this after trying for hours following the incorrect instructions of just shorting the bootloader pins on startup.

      1. Matt Hauer

        I did the same on a Naze32 board (Eachine) and it flashed successfully after about 50 tries. In the one “lucky” try, it was when I pulled the USB cable from one physical port to another. It didn’t work (wouldn’t connect) anyway, and I tried for another hour.

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