What is CRSF Shot? TBS Crossfire’s New Protocol

CRSF Shot (Crossfire Shot) is the new protocol for the TBS Crossfire, which hugely reduces variable latency between OpenTX and Crossfire Module, and improves synchronization consistency, results in lower latency overall.

There is a synchronization problem between OpenTX and external module. RC commands (stick and switch positions) from OpenTX are regularly being sent out by the external module (in this case, the Crossfire module), when they are synchronized, everything is fine. However when they are not synchronized, e.g. if the data packet arrives slightly too late it will have to wait for the next window, and that causes extra delay.

To sum it up, CRSF Shot has the following benefits:

  • Lower latency let you as a pilot feel more connected to your drone
  • Smaller RC command stepping, results in smoother PID controller performance cooler motors
  • Improves flight performance overall

If you use OpenTX and Crossfire, CRSF Shot is definitely worth trying when it comes out of Beta in the near future. You will need to update both your Crossfire and OpenTX firmware to have this feature.

4 thoughts on “What is CRSF Shot? TBS Crossfire’s New Protocol

  1. Gregory

    Hi all, can anyone point me to set up guide for VRSFshot for Tango2. I cant for the love of god figure out how to get this protocol.

    btw big up Oscar for all you do for the community.


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