DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles

by Oscar

DM Motel, an Italian based firm, have created new diversity module for Fatshark Dominator FPV Goggles. The configurable nature of the module really appeals to me. I have been lucky enough to have got one for testing. There are a few changes on the way including a cleaner power regulator that will make the unit even better.

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You can get the DM Model Diversity Receiver from This review is written by Ben Joslin.

What’s in the box?

The module fits the standard module bays of the Fatshark Dominator V2, V3 and HD V2. It comes with a power splitter cable, as to not overload the internal BEC of the goggles. This allows the unit to draw more current without risking the internal ribbon cable overheating.

DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles-top

The module comes with a 3d printed clip and the splitter jack cable. The module has two antenna ports, and both antennas are on the same side of the goggles. It lends itself to a patch and omni antenna very well and it’s a nice fit.

It takes just 10 seconds to clip the module in and you are ready to go. Oscar has covered diversity a few times so i won’t go into much detail.

DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles-powered

The module performs very well, and even better when you have the switching method tuned for your antennas. I would say the performs just as well possibly even slightly better than other diversity receivers on the market due to being able to tune the RSSI levels of the antenna switching algorithm.

The module also comes with an app, which is configurable via Android devices. You don’t need to use the app, because the channel and band info is displayed on the LED display of the receiver module.

A long press of the button starts the auto search function. An up or down press chooses band and up and down chooses channel. The frequency of your chosen channel is displayed on the screen. Changing parameters can also be done in the P menu.

DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles-side-pcb-layer

Now, the interesting bit. What can the app do?

The app allows you to change between indoor and outdoor modes.

Indoor mode is designed to switch more frequently dependent on video noise and RSSI values. As the name suggests it greatly improves car park and other indoor flying.

Outdoor mode is similar, but allows a little less switching and fly through a bit more interference. You can also set the trigger level for the switch on the two sliders.

DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles-usb cable connected to tablet phone app


DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles-app-Menu

The app also includes:

An antenna tester, a spectrum and channel analyzer, a race wizard and antenna test function. The antenna test function gives you the approximate DBi of the antennas you are currently using.

DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles-app-all

DM Model Diversity Receiver Module for Dominator Goggles-app-channel

Is it worth getting?

Now this module may not be the prettiest on the market, and it does not have a screen like the Furious True-D. But it is the most configurable i have seen. It really appeals to the tinkerer in me to get it just right.

Diversity modules won’t beat a ground station rig, but they are considerably smaller and easier to carry. I have used other modules and the signal strength indoors and when flying around trees is the best i have experienced yet.

If you never fly in “busy” areas and only in open spaces, you might not benefit from diversity but if you are in the market for a module and want to spend a few extra dollars then this module retails for €85 and is a worthy investment.

Author : Ben Joslin

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Eric Jan van den Bogaard 28th July 2016 - 3:22 pm

This looks like a full featured, easy to install, operate, and compact module for diversity on the Fatshark goggle ! Better than others sofar !