Review: Egodrift Jetstream 2407 Motors

I was looking for some bigger motors for my 7″ build, because 22XX motors just don’t seem to have enough  torque to drive those bigger props. The Jetstream 2407 1500KV seems like a good choice, many thanks to Egodrift for sending these in for testing!

Where to Buy

Nice packaging by Egodrift.

Each Jetstream motor comes with a blue prop nut, and a set of 6mm and 8mm M3 steel bolts.

Features and Specs

The Egodrift Jetstream motors are available in both 1500KV and 2300KV, both rated for 4S, 5S and 6S LiPo.

I particularly like versatility of the 1500KV!

You can power them on 6S batteries to drive 5″ or even light 6″ props. And you can also run 7 inch propellers on 4S (or even 8 inch), which is becoming a popular configuration for long range flying!

The label on the motor bell says “FREERANGE”, implying that it’s designed for long range and freestyle.

I have been eyeing on 24XX motors for my 7” quadcopter, because I was previously running 2207 motors and the response is quite mushy, to a point it just feels lack of power. The bigger stator of the Jetstream should provide better torque and power.

However, it’s quite a heavy motor, weighs 42.5g with 15cm of 18AWG silicone wires. Therefore I am also interested in testing them on a 6S rig, to see if the increase in torque could overweight the added weight, since I normally run 22XX motors on 6S that are under 32g.

The bell has a unique snowflake design. The top of the motor is textured to prevent slipping propeller, and we have a steel hollow-core prop shaft.

Notice the multi-stranded motor windings that lets you pack the smaller wires more tightly around the stator than single-stranded winding. You can get better performance out of that in the expense of current and heat handling. I would say that’s a great motor feature for a drone that is aimed for efficiency and long range.

And it’s nice to see the shaft is held in place by screw for easy self-service – not the cumbersome c-clip. There are some similarity to the ABB 2306 motors we recently checked out.

Here is my 7″ build with these motors.

6 thoughts on “Review: Egodrift Jetstream 2407 Motors

  1. Jimmy

    Oscar can you please update on how you feel the motors compare to something like a 2408 t-motor or 2408.5 hyperlite? If given the choice, would you choose the Egodrift motors again?

  2. Atk

    Are their no motors that can handle 6s with 7″ props? What would happen if I ran 6s 7″ on these motors would they burn out?

  3. Mark Pfeifer

    I love you are doing the 7″ long range stuff. I’m having good success using the brotherhobby avenger v2 2507/1200kv on on a 2200mah 6S lipo.


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