Fatshark Goggles Fan Controller Upgrade

The Anti-fog fan in Fatshark’s FPV goggles is primitive, so I decided to upgrade mine. You’d be able to switch on and off the fan whenever you want, and it supports higher voltage input and adjustable fan speed.

The Fatshark HDO is at the moment the best FPV goggles from Fatshark, however the fan system isn’t as sophisticated as the one in the Skyzone 03O. Luckily we can upgrade it fairly cheaply.

Where to Buy the Upgraded Fan Controller?

Banggood: http://bit.ly/2BGJs9s (only $4)

Why Upgrade Fatshark Fan Controller?

The built-in fan in the Fatshark goggles is not great:

  • very weak airflow
  • you can’t change speed level
  • you have to wait until the fan stops, or unplug the battery

By upgrading the fan controller solves all these problems:

  • more powerful
  • a simple button press turns on/off the fan whenever you want
  • 3 speed levels
  • supports 2S Lipo as well as up to 12V (or 3S) for the ultimate speed

This fan controller should work on any Fatshark FPV goggles with a faceplate fan, such as the dominator V2, V3, HD2, HD3 and HDO.

How to Replace Fan Controller

The fan in the Fatshark goggles is built into the face-plate. There is no electrical connection to the main board, that’s why you have to power it separately with the balance lead.

You don’t have to remove the faceplate, simply lift the velcro off the plastic on the right side. Use a hot air gun or hair dryer will help.

Remove the only screw under the velcro, the piece of plastic that is covering the fan controller will fall off.

The original fan controller is extremely simple, notice there is a big yellow capacitor, which is what I believe acts as a timer that turns the fan off.

Solder the two wires to the upgrade fan controller, watch out for polarity.

And test it by plugging in the battery, then put the cover, screw, velcro back on.

Here is how it works:

  • short press button to turn on/off the fan, red LED also turns on when the fan is on
  • double press button to change fan speed (three speed levels available)
  • speed level is saved after power off
  • fan is always on when you plug in the battery, it doesn’t stop automatically, and has to be turned off manually

Remember to unplug battery when you are not using the fan to avoid over-discharging the battery.

14 thoughts on “Fatshark Goggles Fan Controller Upgrade

  1. Arnold De Groot

    Nice and safe for the fan when using higher voltages. Now we need a good voltage converter that stops the “empty” beeping while the 18650 cells (most used) are only depleted by 2/3 capacity. And not just a voltage regulator with the danger of protection kicking in and leaving you staring in a black screen 😲

  2. InspiroFPV

    Just modded mine. The best mod in years for goggles. Takes a minute and works like a charm. Works with both FatShark LiPo, battery case, 2S, 3S you name it.

  3. Markus

    If it is supposed to work work 3S, how is the wiring then because the connector is still a 2S connector?
    I am asking because I want to wire the connector internally.


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